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Lads after the loss of Niall Gilligan and Tony Griffin this must be a hammerblow for ye it leaves you a bit short up front and youll be really depending on the 21s to produce in their first season. I would have thaught that with these guys in the team along with the likes of Conlan Honan and Ryan it would have helped them get used to senior level withthese guys around as they have a lot of expierience.What are your guys view on Carmody not being available. I know people were saying he was off form but surely after loosing Griffen and Gilly this is a big blow

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3121 - 08/01/2010 16:06:37    528108


Cant understand why he would call it a day....he is a great hurler and one of our best players.....he should thorw his shoulder to the wheel....having him around would help the younger lads come though.....i am gutted about Tony Carmondy calling it a day....he would have been an important member of the forward line.

He should cope himself only get one career and he is going to early.....same with Griffin at 28....what planet are they on???? all fairness i love the two lads but wish they would give a bit more...

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 10/01/2010 17:42:11    529434


He's a huge loss. Pity. But has had a very tough year. Best of luck to him

badabing (Clare) - Posts: 28 - 04/02/2010 21:21:14    552240


I don't know why he called it a day. It did seem a bit peculiar that he waited until the Sparrow became manager before announcing his retirement, but maybe that's just coincidence.

I'm not sure how big a loss he is though. I don't deny that he is a very good hurler, but I always felt that he failed to deliver when the heat came on. He always managed to score 2 or 3 great points usually in the 1st half but then fade out of the game. I can particulary remember 2 games against Cork were he was flying and then Ronan Curran stepped up and cleaned him out.
Plus that oak tree he used as a hurl, how many times did he get hooked.

Anyways, he is still a loss as he is a natural scorer, so it is disappointing to see him retire

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 05/02/2010 13:21:44    552602