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What do our friends in the banner think of the appontment of Sparrow? Is he the man that the supporters wanted?

fullback81 (Limerick) - Posts: 91 - 18/12/2009 15:24:55    517706


Well he was a great hurler for clare but having said that managing Adare to win 3 county titles in limerick is something any man could nearly do given how poor limerick hurling is! There is no competition in limerick so easy for Adare to win it and god knows there is so much hype down in adare one would think they won an all ireland club or something! Its a farce the amount of red and black thats all over the village, one would ask where will they get the room to put up their christmas trees! If the sparrow has got used to the Adare and Limerick overhype then he wont have much to offer Clare only failure! However if he remembers his roots of the banner, makes the hard decisions like Mike Mac was going to continue to do by getting rid of the troublemakers and bring on WINNERS who have at least all ireland like the u21s and develop them, then the future is very bright. The backdoor kinda made wrongfully household names out of them! They got hammering year after year for the front door ie munster title and all ireland title! However he must drop these troublemakers now not in a years time as they will look for his head by then also like they did with winners like Cyril Lyons, Tony considine, Mike Mac. Cyril Lyons got to them to the all ireland in 2002 the only senior all ireland clare lost, Tony was successful with Ger Loughnane, Mike Mac was successful with Ger Loughnane and with clare monors also in 1989 and Clare Juniors in 1993. So as far as I can see these troublemakers who are not up to the standard of training required have used player power to bully the rest of the team to oust managers with a winning record and mentality! Unless the Sparrow does what he says he will, forget about the over hyped Adare club success in poor Limerick, and drops these troublemakers who wrongfully ousted Mike Mac, then Clare are going no where only down the road Limerick are nationally known for getting rid of managers every year or two at the expense of player power and a poor limerick county board. The Sparrow has to drop these lads that caused the trouble in a year when Clare did actually well by winning the u21 all ireland against the cats. If he doesnt drop them now they will grind him down too over time and the Sparrow will walk aswell!!! STEEL is what's wanted, I wouldnt hold my breath with the sparrow with what adare achieved! but if he gets the results for clare he got as a player then clare will be all ireland champions yet again, but this could be a dream! I dont know. To me anything one achieves in Limerick is worth nothing for CLARE, as limericks standard is built on embarrassing failure at worst like this year! or over hype most of the other times like 2007, 1994, 1996! Club hurling is so poor in Limerick that one wouldnt wnat to rely on Adares success by the Sparrow to get Clare back to winning ways!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 21/12/2009 15:08:08    519634


STEEL that is some post.

The question fullback81 asked was
"What do our friends in the banner think of the appontment of Sparrow? Is he the man that the supporters wanted?"

Why you had to go on a rant about the state of Limerick hurling is beyond me.
Sparrow managed Adare to 3 Limerick titles in a row and were unlucky to lose a Munster title. Club hurling in Limerick may not be great but it's not exactly fantastic stuff in Clare either.
Personally I think he is as deserving as anyone else to get the job. He has tasted success with Clarecastle, Flannans, Clare & Adare and who's to say that he won't do a good job with Clare.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 22/12/2009 13:43:48    520563


Roashter, I accept your view and actually kinda agree with your view on Sparrow.
But all I am trying to get at also is these small minority of troublemakers of players
in the Clare Team who are also the poor players got rid of great men since Ger Loughnane
finished with Clare in 2000. For instance, they got rid of Cyril Lyons who got them to the
All Ireland and I think would have got one out of a clare senior team now had he not been
removed by these small bunch of players with other agendas and interests!Cyril proved himself this
year when he was a winning selector with the U21 Clare Team so he cant have been bad either.

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 23/12/2009 12:48:51    521321


Then Anthony Daly ah well he is a good man a great player and really making strides with Dublin more than he did with Clare as he found it hard to drop his teammates he played with and therefore all was happy! They didnt get rid og him the you see! That said I have great time fro Daly. Then they got rid of Tony Considine again because he wanted success and was prepared to make hard decisions on discipline and training to get them winning all irelands or munster titles not just being backdoor contenders every year since Ger Loughnane left and achieving nothing only a trip to Croke Park! Again the players couldnt handle the pressure at all and looked for his head! oK Maybe he should have handled the Davy Fitz situation better but that said Davy lost the All Ireland semifinal with puckouts against Cork in Anthony Dalys last year in charge when Clare should have held on to beat Cork in a shock win and then would most likely have beaten Galway in the All Ireland final in 2005 as it turned out. Therefore you could say the great Davy Fitz our goalie who admired very much as a player was even getting rusty or maybe pleased with second best if I dare say so as I know Davy generally is always a winner and wants to be! But its just perhaps the time had come for Tony Considine to even wakenen up Davy a bit and alas it went bad between the two of them. Now roll on to Mike Mac, another great man with success with Clare minors in 89, clare juniors in 93, and then most of all with Ger Loughnane in 95,97,98 not to mention he getting galway to an all ireland final beating kilkenny along the way in the semifinal! Galway should have beaten Tip in the final after beating Kilkenny. Now roll on to the Sparrow yes he is a good man was a great player the best forward Clare had for poaching goals thats for sure! But as I said should it have come to this? I am sure the sparrow is a bit akward taking on this role as he would have had great respect I am sure for Mike Mac and won under him his two all irelands! Its like sacking Ger Loughnane out of the Clare Managers job had he managed Clare again after managing two all irelands for Clare! The same with Mike Mac and Tony Considine the players with the loosing mentality and the ones causing trouble have got rid of the best ever winning all ireland winningsenior selectors Tony Considine and Mike Mac and the u21 All Ireland winning selector Cyril Lyons!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 23/12/2009 12:49:50    521323


So the Sparrow for me will be a success if he drops the troublemakers now not in a year or two time when they will have softened him and look for his resignation! The Sparrow if he is the man he is in management shouldnt have to be told that there are a few boyos in the Clare Team who has ruined it since 2000 since Ger left! The criticism I would have is Tony, Cyril, Mike should have dropped these lads sooner and they wouldnt have had to resign as managers in the first place. These bad players over too much time became figureheads and premadonas wrongfully and they took over power! So yes if Sparrow makes the hard decisions now he may get results and ggod luck to him. I have great time for him but its a pity its now he had to take the job when I feel fro other great men like him that were shafted by player power. At least in Cork the player power that existed came from an all ireland winning cork team! That cant be said from Clare since 2000! Why I was critical of limerick is because for decades they have allowed player power and co board power to shaft great men too like Tom Ryan, Eamon Cregan, Dave keane, etc. Its unstability that has upset limerick getting success! While Clare in the last 9 years since 2000 has had unstability, I dont want them going down the same road for any longer like limerick has had since 1996! Thats all. Managers in Clare and Limerick shouldnt be shafted over player power especially when these players under different managements havent won anything like a munster title even never mind an all ireland! Thats the difference between player power in Cork and what exists in limerick and Clare! Not that I agreed with it in Cork either! Geral Mc Carthy was wronged and now hae has walked completely from the GAA. Its the GAA's loss. Happy xmas. Talk in 2010

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 23/12/2009 12:50:34    521324


Jaysus Steel. Why you so long winded & round about in making your point. Mind you I agree with you when I have digested all you say.

Clare have had very good men for the last ten years or so but they never recognised that fact.

Cyril Lyons & Anthony Daly were excellent if given the proper chance & Copnsidine & Mike Mac have been good too (working with a very limited calibre panel of players) and all the forementioned should have been given more time & support within the county.

I hope Sparrow gets a free run & the time to bring on Clare hurling again but I genuinely fear the worst for him as the local media & the county board have shown no respect for any Clare incumbent of recent times & the man on the street also has been to quick to believe all that he has seen, read or heard in the local press. It took over 70 years to land the Holy Grail in 1995 so Clare people should be patient and give their managers a chance to seriously develop a team that can challenge again.

What has happened to Lyons, Considine & McNamara is no way forward. Daly saw the light & removed himself before he was pushed (to better things now with Dublin where he is proving himself as a top class manager) but I expect him back in charge of Clare at some future date.

Meanwhile all Clare should now give Sparrow a chance. Forget about the short term & let the man heal wounds & develop a team over the next three years or so that can again genuinely challenge for Munster and/or All Ireland honours.

The hurlers should look out .... McDermot might steal their thunder with the footballers as the team of '92 did.

dingle1 (Clare) - Posts: 805 - 29/12/2009 01:48:53    521816