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Well Done Kilmurry-Ibrickane 2009 Munster Champs

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Well done to Kilmurry-Ibrickane on bring the Munster Club Cup back to Clare once again. Its always fanststic to beat a Kerry crowd....just like Doonbeg before ye have done Clare proud..

NOW MAKE SURE YOU BEAT THE TCG LONDON was said they would fancy their chances of a break through win against Clare them Clare lads are no push over.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 06/12/2009 21:26:49    505315


Well done to kilmurry,real passion and pride in their club,did the heart good today to see that win and no little skill,I think ye could get to croker yet.

fredrickwood (Roscommon) - Posts: 2871 - 07/12/2009 00:00:26    505509


Don't be talking about Croke Park yet. Tir Chonnail Gaels should win that game in London!

DANSEAN (Dublin) - Posts: 72 - 07/12/2009 11:39:46    505700


Well done KIB, good to see a provincial football title back in Clare.

Celtic_StPauli (Clare) - Posts: 26 - 07/12/2009 12:49:44    505788


Well done Kilmurray Ibrickane in winning two munster titles decade 2004 and now 2009. Not been greedy
but with right frame of mind last year would have won that one too! Should have 2 in a row now and 3 titles
but no complaining a great result! Its not often a clare team beats a kerry team in finals! Ok in semi finals
and first rounds but not in finals and certainly not in that fashion in the dying minutes! Priceless a very sweet
one! That with Doonbegs munster club breakthrough and in 1998 has been great for club football.

However be like clare now in hurling dont be content with a munster title go for the all ireland stay composed
over the xmas keep off the booze. This is yer second time round so make a go of it for the all ireland.


steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 07/12/2009 13:04:34    505812


Well done yesterday, it must give Clare football a massive boost. Lads TCG's arent an easy proposition especially in London. Last year Corofin of Galway went over there and but for 2 sloppy goals they may have come home with their tails between their legs. They shouldnt be under estimated. They are a fair outfit. Heres hoping ye do the business!!

Joe Joe (Galway) - Posts: 253 - 07/12/2009 15:27:57    505992


As i said fantastic win for Kilmurry-Ibrickane yesterday in the Munster Championship...YOU DID THE WHOLE OF CLARE PROUD.....I was watching the game in London and a bar full of TCG london players and supporters and they honestly think they have it handy against as they called it weak Clare oposition.........LET THEM HAVE IT WITH FULL FORCE LADS........SHOW THEM CLARE BOYS ARE NOT A PUSH OVER....THEY WILL NOT HAVE THEIR BREAK THROUGH AGAINST CLARE BOYS.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 07/12/2009 15:33:59    506002


Im so proud of the Lads you done us all proud.
I know TCG think they have it easy but so did the Kerry Mob and you showed them whos Boss.
Tere will be plenty of Clare men and others who will be down in Ryslip supporting you on the 24th so will be like a home game!

banner_roar (Clare) - Posts: 88 - 07/12/2009 17:31:15    506219


Well done lads, the scenes on the pitch after, the celebration it showed the pride in the parish.

Ye are a great inspiraton.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1823 - 07/12/2009 18:40:52    506323


well done to the kilmurry- ibrickane boys from all your cu's friend's in new york special congrats to the Rabbit and Evan Talty.

richiescats (USA) - Posts: 420 - 08/12/2009 01:47:49    506828


Well done Kilmurray, great win and a great win for Clare football.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 08/12/2009 13:11:09    507088


well done lads im sure ye will have a great weekend in the brght lights of london

jailhouse.usa (Galway) - Posts: 1155 - 09/12/2009 00:18:07    508053


Well to you Kilmurry- Ibrickane Lads make sure you prepare now and be on top of your game when you come over to London.....they are very arrogant all of a sudden because its a Clare team they are playing....they think you will be over and not know what hit you, and be beaten....over on a drinking session one fella the UK form and be motivated to prove a point when you come over.....SHOW THEM THAT CLARE BOYS ARE NOT A PUSH OVER.........SHOW THEM WHY YOU ARE MUNSTER CHAMPIONS AND A TOP SIDE

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 10/12/2009 16:20:01    509819


Well done KIB. Great performance.

Keep the heads & the discipline & ye can go all the way.

Mc Dermot a class act & the future could be on the up for the big ball game in Clare.

dingle1 (Clare) - Posts: 805 - 13/12/2009 18:57:07    512690


Well done KIB however dont fall into the Tir Connells Trap. An all ireland final apperance is at least not neyond KIB
provided they play aswell and better and dont take the foot of the pedal for the xmas! Clare teams in football who come
out of munster in football have a tendency to do that more so than clare hurling teams from Clare!
When Clare won the munster u21 this year for the first time they proved as clare hurlers do that they also could win the
all ireland at the first attempt even against kilkenny cats! The same in 1995 when Clare Senior Hurlers won the
munster final they won the all ireland in the first go! The same with Sixmilebridge and Doorabarefield hurlers
in the nineties they won munster but also the all irelands!

So KIB come on now this is the second time ye won the munster so no excuses like 2004! Ye have to try to at least
get to the all ireland club final to prove that clare football at least at club level is up there with the best in ireland
not just munster! And if ye get to the final well then anything can happen as its a final and both will go for it!
At least if ye get to the all ireland final ye will prove ye are just not a great football club from clare who can win an odd
munster but ye are even better!

Were ye to win the all ireland well then that would be fairytale stuff and I hope ye do.
However to get to an all ireland football final even at club level would be one step better than even 1992 when
Clare got to the all ireland semifinal!

The epectation must be now to get to the final at least which would be a dream for clare football probably better
than 1992 as a final!, and then who knows win it out!

Then we could say we had great footballers in Clare aswell as hurlers! Let that be the challenge now KIB to do it!
If ye fail at least ye have won 2 munsters but if ye win betters still and mighty for Clare football in general!

The second time around ye should be trying to give the all ireland a right go and not just be content with a munster title!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 15/12/2009 15:23:18    514510


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NL_Shamrocks (UK) - Posts: 95 - 04/01/2010 10:40:28    523813


With your star player Odhran O'Dwyer out could this be the shock of the year already?

DANSEAN (Dublin) - Posts: 72 - 05/01/2010 14:32:17    524836


Clare in football won in 1992 in munster but then didnt go on to win the all ireland like the clare hurlers did at first ask in 1995.
Clare Clubs like Doonbeg won the Munster Club in 1998 but underperformed in the all ireland semifinal as did Kilmurray in 2004
and also underperformed and lost the all ireland club semifinal.

I would like to think this time having won their second Munster Club title in 5 years and having won the final against a club from
a traditional football county of kerry that this time more than 2004 kilmurray are there on real merit and should be anxious
to prove that they are real contenders for the all ireland club football title.

However that said its Clare football and yes I would be cautious and not over optimistic against Tir Conail and even
at that it may be hard to win it. So Yes I wouldnt be surprised what would happen and a defeat maybe not as much a shock
as one thinks it maybe now that it has been flagged that it could happen! At the end of the day Clare Intercounty team is not
much ahead of London in the intercounty ranks if at all, but Clare has great potential if only the clubs pulled together and had ambition.

I will be brave here though if kilmurray wins the banana skin game against Tir Conail, they will have great chance in my view of doing
what no previous clare county team or clare club that came out of munster previously failed to do, i.e winning the all ireland semifinal
against portlaoise and causing a huge surprise by qualifying for Clares first senior football final in club or county.
If they just qualify for the final I think that could be a bigger turning point for Clare football as a whole than in 1992 when Clare lost
the all ireland semifinal to Dublin in a great game of football.


steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 06/01/2010 14:35:19    525848


kilmurrayibrickane were so poor against tirconail, if they dont improve they will get a hammering from portlaoise!
How did they win the munster final at all they have gone so poor since christmas!
I predict unless they improve rapidly they will be hammered in the all ireland semifinal just like 2004!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 26/01/2010 09:56:16    542556