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Why Clare will never regain Liam

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Clare hurling has no players coming up through the underage system, Clare stick to old tactis such as lift and strike and hope for the best. This is not a biased view but jus being brutaly honest.

Does any body else share this view?

undrine (Westmeath) - Posts: 53 - 02/01/2009 18:06:12    172151


Did you see any of the Minor or u21 games this year
hopefully some of the 21 team can make the step up this year
it is a small bit unfair to say there is no underage coming through

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 03/01/2009 23:38:45    172527



That is a bit harsh. I saw Clare's minors beat Cork in this year's championship. I saw Clare under 21s absolutely destroy Cork in the under 21 and their seniors beat Waterford and Limerick in the championship (and were unlucky against Cork (very) and Tipperary). I think overall, this was a good year for Clare and they have some really good hurlers in Cyril Donnellan, Pat Vaughan, Brendan Bugler and Brian O Connell (I am not convinced about Mark O Flaherty yet). If you add these guys, a few more under 21s in the next few years to lads like Tony Griffen, Conor Plunkett, Tony Carmody etc then I believe that Clare will be definetly contending for an All-Ireland in two or three years time.

I think that the signs are there that the hurling resurgence that was great for the game in the 1990s (with strong Offaly, Clare, Wexford and Limerick teams) is on the way back. We are about two years away I believe. To me, Kilkenny are unbackable favourites to win this year (I doubt anyone can disagree) but a lot of counties are making progress. Chief among them are Offaly, Clare, Tipp and Dublin.

bennybunny (Cork) - Posts: 3855 - 04/01/2009 16:04:22    172621


re: benny

unlucky against tipp in the munster final were 8 points and totally out hurled.

But agree with you that there are in fact young players now comming threw in the last few years and yes indeed they were unlucky in the u-21 munster final against tipp (DON'T MENTION THE WAR)!!

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 06/01/2009 18:29:14    174265


Benny Bunny, your points are very interesting the more i read the more i totally agree with you.

WTones (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 06/01/2009 20:05:19    174335


Ok in the Munster final the best team won without doubt. However, they did make a strong comeback and were looking good for a while.

Clare, though I knew it would never happen, looked like they were heading back to the bad old days under Tony Considine. To be fair though, they pulled it around big time in the last year. 2009 is a new year now though. I am sure Mike Mc realizes that 2008 now means nothing (you can be sure Brian Cody thinks like that anyway).

bennybunny (Cork) - Posts: 3855 - 07/01/2009 15:18:44    175044


any of the clonlara lads get called up to the county team for training for 09

shanks (Limerick) - Posts: 40 - 07/01/2009 15:57:29    175084


Harsh, but fair.

blueandgold (Tipperary) - Posts: 138 - 01/05/2009 17:45:39    273489


Its funny to go back through past threads!!!!!!!!! Ha

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 10/11/2013 12:28:38    1511445


Famous last words...Never say Never!!!!

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1647 - 02/01/2014 16:34:40    1526910


Cork / Dublin allireland final 2014 if they keep avoiding but Clare will be back in 2015 roll on championship and leagues until we get going again

madforspeed (Cork) - Posts: 87 - 02/01/2014 21:53:55    1527078