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A few games already completed in the minor championship. Who will be expected to take the title this year? Seems fairly competitive

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 09/07/2015 11:28:27    1750362


Looking at results looks like Rathvilly and Eire Og will be in the shake up
Any thoughts ??

Bluegrass.area (Carlow) - Posts: 2 - 02/09/2015 12:59:27    1780584


Seems that a walkover has put MLR in the semi ahead of Tinryland.

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 08/09/2015 09:55:49    1784353


Right.. like the intermediate hurling so! Some good games and differing results in that all year. So its mlr, eire og, rathvilly and pal in semis I take it?

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 08/09/2015 16:06:00    1784709


yeah that seems to be the case. EO v MLR and Rath v Pal. Still up for grabs, but Eire Og the standout team

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 09/09/2015 10:55:29    1785009


I feel like Oisín i ndiaidh na Féinne since nobody seems to be active on this page! MY problem - are the mentors (includes Manager)for next year's Minor team appointed yet?
I watched the Minor Final and was delighted with the standard of play by both teams. It seems to me that Éire Óg have about six players aged 17 on the team while Pal have about 12.Should we expect most of these players to be better next year and giving a good start to the County Minor team?I know Rathvilly and MLR were in semis and Tinryland have good players too.
Is it time to get the lads together for next year? it appears to me that we should have a fair team. Any views

No1realist (Carlow) - Posts: 125 - 22/10/2015 21:15:37    1801396


Realist- I too was at the minor final and both games showed some players as looking good for a minor team for next year. Some players are overage also. But, you are right, looking at the ages then quite a few on show are underage.
The question has been bandied about for some years whether these players should be brought together and coached so that they can mount a serious challenge the following year.

We also have to balance the fact that many medics are talking about the burnout with our young players.
Many of the players we might like to be part of a minor county panel are also doing the leaving cert and this is another factor. The last factor is that quite a few players are in school and have football teams there also.
So a lot of factors that need to be taken into account.

However it must be noted that the experience of young lads in recent years has not always been positive when it comes to training with our county. What has been asked of them with very very early training sessions before school did not go down well with either parents or with the lads themselves.

I believe that there has been a lot of hassle over the years with county and school. Should young fellas be brought together up to 6 months before their championship for training?

I think what counties have been doing to their minors has been crazy and has turned many away from playing the game. The length of the sessions, the quality of coaching has not been great and lads get totally fed up and are very stale by the time the championship game comes around.

Look at Kilkenny and how they operate in hurling at minor level. They play with their schools and come together in the spring. That seems like the best option to me. You have lads that are then fresh, have continued to play with their school and can get their required amount of study done so parents are kept sweet!

We need to look after lads and not burn them out. The ratio of games to sessions needs to be looked at and there has been an imbalance in this area for years.

You don't need to be training the whole time. How would we as adults feel or react if we were brought together 6 months BEFORE a championship game?

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1533 - 23/10/2015 19:44:08    1801646


Excellent post carlowman. Hit a lot of same sentiments that I d have. I think they are entitled to a break. We forget the have huge pressure on them in terms of exams, the study involved but also the length of their day. I see it myself with what it has taken out of chaps. Sometimes a break is a great tonic. The gaa has gone mental in what it is asking lads. While there has been a massive improvement in howe train lads, in a small county like ours we need to not overburden lads with demands. Young lads dont buy ito the philosophy of if its not hurting then its not worthwhile. Sport is there to be enjoyed not endured. I think as a sport we need to rethink what we ask of our players, the demands on them, and have realistic expectations.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 24/10/2015 10:03:11    1801685


Thanks for the valuable comments from Carlowman and Old Yellar. Burn-out is a definite factor and I saw it this year in my club where a dual player who had competed well on adult teams was a poor minor at year's end. I think the idea of training before school is a non-runner and there's no doubt but that the Leaving Cert exams have to get priority which makes the proposal/suggestion to have an under 19 competition all the more credible.
A co-ordinated approach is obviously vital between the Co manager and the Schools' trainers but a get-together for non college players might keep the limbs active.

No1realist (Carlow) - Posts: 125 - 24/10/2015 10:52:04    1801695