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U21 County football team 2013

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Fair points there Dual. Two teams with differet abilities. The weaker team puts in poor preparation. The stronger team prepares professionally. There could only be one outcome.

Benekerry (Cavan) - Posts: 258 - 21/02/2013 11:24:48    1337072


Out of interest lads how many of that U-21 team 2 years ago have graduated to senior team, apart from Brendan Murphy?
Ourselves (Louth) played Dublin that year and lost in extra time and also should/could have beaten them before they won the all ireland.
5-6 of that team have become improtant members of our panel.

AC (None) - Posts: 314 - 21/02/2013 11:56:05    1337102


Not being a man of words I often struggle to put together a post that seems reasonable enough to send, and more often than not I didn't succeed or it was misread, this time I find it almost impossible for two reasons, (1) I am absolutely gutted with that result the other night and (2) I feel emotional and saddened for the panel of players that made up that U/21 team but I also applaud them for seeing it through to the final whistle, in hind sight that in itself deserves a special mention.
I'm a Carlow man working and living out side the county, I support and am involved in my adopted county but Carlow will always be my #1 and I wouldn't change that for all the silver in Mozambique.
Any criticism I make in my posts about teams and performances are always intended to be constructive and not personalised, this game is different as there is no criticism of the team or players warranted or justified, full stop.
If I was to put pen to paper so to speak and put into words where I thought the problem(s) lie, it wouldn't get past the admin, instead I'll ask you to read "dual supporters" recent post and keep in mind how economical he was with his criticism, but how he got his point across, thanks for that dual supporter, you saved me the bother.
I said it before, the people that matter are prepared to sit back, take the soft options along with the credit when it's going, but let the players take the blame, and hope the turn stiles stay clicking.
I'm not sure where we go from here, so in the mean time, - dual supporter and Barrowsider keep up the good work.
PS - That was an unbelievable statement released from the CB.
Slan, ----- Ceatharlach Abu.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2109 - 21/02/2013 12:16:40    1337125


Coaching and games activity in Carlow

Facebook page:


Fishmoyne (Carlow) - Posts: 1 - 21/02/2013 12:18:24    1337127


Benekerry - you are spot on - we have all read the saying mostly in dressings room 'failure to prepare, prepare to fail'! Obviously the system we have at present for football is not working so perhaps its time to try something new. There is no point in blaming lads who arent in instead we should be trying to find out why - i think its because they see no future with Carlow football when they look to the senior sides down the years - alot of hard work for basically no return. What happened on Tuesday night was the sort of thing we would expect from Kilkenny football - except we are supposed to be a footballing county.!

AC - I think we have Brendan Murphy, and Barry John Molloy from that u21 team on the senior panel at present. Cant find the list of players from 2010 but as far as i know we had more of them on last years' panel. Perhaps someone has the exact number?

Thanks Fishmoyne for those links - i see there seems to be lots of coaching courses available to clubs - i wonder do many take up the chance?

Supersub - you are well able to state your points on here. and one thing is obvious from all your posts is your passion for Carlow that they would do well. Same as us all on here - we may go at it in different ways but we all want the same outcome!

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 21/02/2013 13:10:09    1337181


Ac - there was Murphy, Molloy, Foley and St ledger from that panel now on the seniors.

Some of the u21s are hurlers and play senior for the county, Eddie Byrne and Denis Murphy.

That was a good carlow team and deserved to beat dublin in normal time but the dubs got an
equaliser just before ft.

carlovia (None) - Posts: 1147 - 21/02/2013 15:00:54    1337266


Cheers Lads, thats not a bad return from an U-21 team.

AC (None) - Posts: 314 - 21/02/2013 15:27:08    1337301


Old McDonald has hit the nail on the head re clubs attitude at underage level with very few doing the spadework. From what I can see there are only a handful of clubs (Mostly around Carlow town and suburbs )doing anything with underage football. The rest of the clubs then complain about being asked to compete in an A championship with the result that these competitions are largely uncompetitive. There are large pockets of Carlow not promoting football at all with some of the larger towns like Tullow, Borris leaving a lot to be desired. Gaelic football at underage level needs a radical overhaul right throughout the county.

Chips (Carlow) - Posts: 141 - 21/02/2013 15:52:24    1337328


alot of doom and gloom comments and i know it was probavly the worst result ever for carlow in footballing terms. But this should be the final straw weve been talking as county about improving for as long as we all can remember weve been to 1 leinster minor final that team or most of got to 3 out of 4 leinster semi finals but thats all weve done save for a final apearance in the 80's Longford a county similar to ours sizewise has on a couple of minor championship and are more than competitive now. My heart goes out to them players who put the jersey on and gave everything only to run into a very very impressive Dublin team and Carlow won be the only team they will beat by double scores his year. Dublins undeage structure is finally paying off they walkd a minor championship last year aswell remember been to numerous finals in all grdes last few years. Hopefully this defeat can lead to something good the county board are now under presure and have to stand up and be counted for, We need answers as to how this an happen when weve been fancying ourselves to win this grade for last couple year making semi finals i think there needs to serious thought put into this defeat and it gotten to botom off cant just be swept under the carpet like normal.

ITSCHOLAR (Carlow) - Posts: 244 - 21/02/2013 17:54:48    1337464


Shane Redmond was also on that u21 team.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 21/02/2013 18:41:41    1337497


Chips , it's a bit like the attitude that football clubs around Carlow town show for hurling and the effort they put into promoting hurling. Mlr are successfully at hurling but if they wanted to they could be as good at the football but the players rather hurling. Feel sorry for the players who wore the jersey the other night. Maybe it's time we concentrated on hurling for a while,with only 6 senior clubs(seeing that Carlow town are looking to go back intermediate again) they have shown that all you need is 25 or 26 dedicated players to be successful.

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 21/02/2013 20:13:14    1337548


Lads feel for ye and the players, these scorelines are not nice,
I had to watch last year in the rain as kilkenny hammered our senior hurlers in portlaois. Though our underage are now beating kilkenny in hurling after a long time, ye have to hope that this scoreline makes a few people take their head out of the sand and start putting structures in place.

AthCliath (Dublin) - Posts: 4347 - 21/02/2013 20:28:20    1337553


Very disappointed and surprised to be honest with those comments from the county chairman. Very poorly judged comments which smack of desperation and do not at all reflect the views of the cast majority of Carlow supporters. We are in trouble if this the leadership our county board are showing and been shown from the top table.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 21/02/2013 20:28:38    1337554


Agree totally with you Onion breath but I must say Iam not surprised. The same gentleman's club didnt exactly show a great interest for last few years either.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 22/02/2013 12:37:42    1337749


Longford beat Dublin tonight!!

So much for the views of our county Chairman. Longford have little more than than half our population. Fair play to them.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 06/03/2013 21:14:48    1344409


Ditto that Onionbreath! Well done Longford!

Bosco (Carlow) - Posts: 664 - 06/03/2013 21:28:06    1344428


Thank f**k we didnt play Longford.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 468 - 06/03/2013 21:32:02    1344432


CB Chairman doesnt half look stupid now. I wonder what his excuse will be now?

THE BOSS (Carlow) - Posts: 475 - 06/03/2013 21:37:57    1344442


I'd love to see what the Dublin CB has to say (if anything) about being defeated by Longford, a county more or less the same size as Carlow and with much, much less of a population to pick from, or may be the Longford CB might tell us what brought them victory against all the odds, or better still may be our own CB might fill us in.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2109 - 07/03/2013 09:47:11    1344521