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Transfer to Westmeath.
Hi folks. I'm going to college in Athlone IT.
I want to know what are all the clubs in the town?
For a e.g is it possible to train with a club at the end of September just to get know the lads and settling before transferring for the start of next season.
Thank you.

footie16 (Mayo) - Posts: 173 - 25/08/2014 14:44:41    1641750


The club most likely to be challenging for honours next year would be Athlone itself. They should be there or thereabouts for the intermediate championship.

notsoyounglad (Westmeath) - Posts: 2 - 25/08/2014 14:53:11    1641752


Southern Gaels for hurling. Athlone or Garrycastle for football. Best of luck.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1734 - 25/08/2014 15:33:46    1641798


For hurling Southern Gaels are only club close for football you have athlone/ garrycasle for football in the town but both have big enough picks you also have castlefaly they are just outside athlone 5-10 miniute drive from the collage

iarmhi919 (Westmeath) - Posts: 216 - 25/08/2014 17:45:32    1641909


It's football folks. So Garrycastle & Athlone I believe it would be them two.
What the season time frame.
Feb to Sept?
How many competitions league/championship?
Do the 2clubs have big pick of players?

footie16 (Mayo) - Posts: 173 - 25/08/2014 18:15:48    1641932


Athlone,Garycastle,Caulry and Tubberclare are all year nearest bets.

sharpshooter23 (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 25/08/2014 21:55:26    1642056


Athlone would probably be your best bet

sharpshooter23 (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 25/08/2014 21:57:07    1642058


Did research on Westmeath GAA all the clubs you have suggested have 2teams except Garrycastle 3teams.
Take Garrycastle for e.g they play 8League, 5Championship a possible 8, FEIS Cup??? Is this a pre-season comp?
Do clubs play Championship on midweek?

footie16 (Mayo) - Posts: 173 - 26/08/2014 10:33:52    1642113


Garrycastle have a senior, senior B, junior, and a junior B team but as you can imagine, a lot of players play with numerous teams. I know Athlone didn't field a junior team this year and they might not be a senior team for much longer. A lot of teams around Athlone will not be training after another couple of weeks. Teams on the outside of the town are going pretty well at intermediate level, such as Caulry and Tubberclair.

daboru (Westmeath) - Posts: 50 - 26/08/2014 11:53:20    1642164


Footie, if you`re good enough you`ll get the games.

jfd (Westmeath) - Posts: 181 - 26/08/2014 12:35:09    1642190


Footie like the lads mentioned Garrycastle have a wide variety of teams senior, junior,junior b.The pitch is located 5 minutes walk from the A.I.T. Garrycastle are still in senior championship and will hopefully be training in September.Alternatively the new season usually kicks off in early February. Here is the link to the club website


Feel free to contact the club secretary.You will find his number under contact us on website.New members always welcome!

westmeathgael (Westmeath) - Posts: 4 - 26/08/2014 13:19:15    1642231


The club is also into the knockout stages of junior a and b competitions. All teams train together.Yes the feis cup is played at the start of the year.The usual format is the majority of the league/feis cup is played between feb and June.The championship starts then in June.Senior and Junior champ games for most part at weekends.Their is a good relationship between the college and the club.

westmeathgael (Westmeath) - Posts: 4 - 26/08/2014 13:29:08    1642243


Garrycastle have Senior, senior b, junior a, junior b teams and play in Div1(Senior team), Div2(Senior B/Junior A players) and Div 6 (Junior A / Junior B players)so plenty of ball for everyone and easy way to work up the ladder.Both teams train regulary. Athlone have a senior b team but pulled out of Junior. Garrycastle located very near AIT , other clubs are then Caulry and Tubberclair (intermediate) outside the town.

sean1916westmea (Westmeath) - Posts: 14 - 26/08/2014 13:34:21    1642250


The club use the college facilities throughout the year.What course are you doing footie? 3 club members are lecturers in the college also.

westmeathgael (Westmeath) - Posts: 4 - 26/08/2014 13:37:42    1642253


That's great folks got plenty of info now.
Thank you for all your help. ;)

footie16 (Mayo) - Posts: 173 - 26/08/2014 15:25:05    1642355