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Should Westmeath V Dublin Be In Mullingar? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Home All-Irelands are like something null and void. There is simply no respect for it. If we can try and get this topic back on topic, Leinster footballers have to go on strike for venue equity. If they are unable to do that, there can be no sympathy for them."
Null and Void eh......then so is winning an All Ireland after only playing 3 games or winning through the back door mate...

Fionn (National) - 22/10/2019 12:26:40

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 5 Like(s)
Basing this on current form, this year and right through into club championship at the minute. Noone doing the business like David Clifford, the best footballer in the country by a country mile for me, nobody even comes close to close.

boman11 (National) - 22/10/2019 13:51:51

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 4 Like(s)
Nah he's currently in top 10 Had a good championship but didn't overly shine I've seen Kerry posters saying he suffered a bit from 2nd season syndrome, he did fine but performed better in 2018. He has potential but defenders figured him out a fair bit in 2019. He didn't offer much of a goal threat Club football is club football.. I remember Connolly single handily win AI's at club level only to read comments degrading his efforts "Sure it's only club players" An awful lot of hype around Clifford and going on 2019's performance at the highest level it's a little OTT Con O'Callaghan was far more explosive and dynamic. Far more of a goal threat and his scoring/assists tell the story.

jimbodub (National) - 22/10/2019 15:34:52

Should Westmeath V Dublin Be In Mullingar? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "In a Hurling province - well done guys"
Leinster is a hurling province now too.

Jack_Goff (National) - 22/10/2019 19:11:23

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "Definitely not the best footballers in the country. I would have Con O'Callaghan any day. And a great Hurler also."
Me too Con can score just as freely but is far more direct and now one of the best ball winners and I've lost count of his direct assists Better tackler and works far more effectively for the team in doing the dirty hard work compared to Clifford Then at a flick of a switch can do outstanding acts of skill at pace Get back to me on Clifford when he's scored the type of goals that Con has in huge games Imagine if Clifford had scored the same sorts of goals... Tsunami of jizz time! Poems would be written.. Unreal moments of skill that resulted in goals That's what separates the best from the rest And that's what Con is all about... If it wasn't for Cluxtons ridiculously good performances in both finals, Con would be a shoe in for POTY Last time I looked the "best player in the country" wasn't even story listed and his Kerry team mate deserves YPOTY after a far more impressive showing

jimbodub (National) - 22/10/2019 20:26:10

MONEY - 3 Like(s)

Replying To keithlemon:  " Wow, an increase of 250k in catering costs in just 2 years Doubt it s bacon and cabbage they're putting away for that money"
Poor aul Dubs having to live off a couple of bowls of coddle and a sliced pan from aul Mr Brennan each day. Seriously though, €250K is a lot of bread, pun intended!

Joxer (National) - 22/10/2019 15:59:52

Tier 2 Media Coverage - 3 Like(s)

Replying To wexico15:  "Do division 3 and 4 teams get much coverage as it stands?"
I agree it's being made a bigger consideration than it should be. The core aim of the improved structures should be about getting more meaningful games for teams. That's where the new system fails more than anything.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/10/2019 18:06:24

Should Westmeath V Dublin Be In Mullingar? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "Leinster is a hurling province now too."
True enough, Hurling is where it's at in Leinster now. Some Dublin footballers are so bored competing at football in Leinster they take up winning All Ireland Hurling Championships in their spare time. ;)

TheUsername (National) - 22/10/2019 21:12:24

Kennelly Salutes Egoless Dubs - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Donegalman:  "Why would anyone feel the need to fly a thread like this? It is an absolutely nothing thread."
Agreed truly pathetic.

greysoil (National) - 22/10/2019 10:36:08

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 2 Like(s)

Replying To wicklowsupport:  "The reason this competition got the go ahead was the president of the GAA wanted to leave a legacy before departing; is this competition all they could come up with? A number of years ago, the GAA decided to have multiple layers in the hurling competition so that everyone could play at their own level and in theory, help teams progress up through the ranks like at club level where a team can go from junior to intermediate to senior except not one hurling team has made any progress. These competitions are played out with no coverage, results aren't even given, never mind footage and as was evidence this year, Carlow were relegated from Leinster having put in some good performances whereas Waterford who were abject were not relegated in Munster. This second tier competition is to ensure more games amongst the elite which has its super 8 except there aren't 8 super teams, only Dublin and 2-3 who may run them close on a good day. The GAA have no plans to make the playing fields a bit more level with regard to weaker counties; helping them to becomes stronger. If I was an inter county player in a weaker county, I wouldn't sign up to this format, a competition that has failed numerous times just to help a president with his legacy."
Very hard to argue against any of that.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/10/2019 12:24:34

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 2 Like(s)
Choose Life, Choose the League, Choose emigrating for the summer, Choose playing for your club, Choose delegates 40 years removed from playing, Choose capitalism over community, Choose no media coverage, Choose not playing championship games at home, Choose a future professional game in all but name, Choose John Horan's need for a legacy, Choose Tier 2

Darragh (National) - 22/10/2019 12:57:15

Should Westmeath V Dublin Be In Mullingar? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "That's right legend, the Kerry minors won a 5 in a row by playing 30 games and only 4/5 of those games were played at home. Not that's an achievement to be proud of."
And zero U21s and zero U20 with many of same players, had to fast track the better players into senior quick fast wha.. Still not enough. Lots of losing outside of minor for same players Plenty in 2019 :)

jimbodub (National) - 22/10/2019 15:49:14

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To boman11:  "Going to go with Clifford ton shine on Saturday. As you can tell by now huge fan of his but based on the last day he has the potential to really grasp this game and hes the type of fella that is needed to beat Dublin in my opinion. He has a real killer instinct and the ability to take a team by the throat. Noone has been able to really capatlize on Dublin when they are showing a slight sign of weakness. I think He is the man for the job. If not for an off day (shooting wise) in the drawn game then he would have racked up 5 or 6 from play and maybe a goal too. I expect him to be better but lets hope I can come back here in a few days and say I was right lol"
So basically his poor shooting cost Kerry the final Hardly the basis for such praise

jimbodub (National) - 22/10/2019 16:06:19

Kennelly Salutes Egoless Dubs - 2 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "Agreed truly pathetic."
Look at who started it and you'll get your answer. Now that he hasn't got the reaction he wants he's no where to be seen

oneoff (National) - 22/10/2019 16:47:37

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 2 Like(s)

Replying To wexico15:  "I don't get the lack of media coverage argument, as things stand division 3 & 4 get little media coverage so there not losing something they already hold, literally every section of gaa has tiered structures bar senior intercounty football weather its clubs, college competitions, ladies football etc. I get the whole argument of the fixtures review committee possibly been undermined and the horan seem hellbend on pushing something through for his own self importance but the current championship structure was broken as far as I'm concerned so keeping that would have been the worst option in my view, alot of complaining for the sake of it and little solution to the problems been argued"
My problem is that it's an opportunity for meaningful change lost. I'm not against a second tier championship structures correctly. This isn't it. A good improvement to the season would be for their to be more competitive fixtures added to the height of the season. This doesn't do that. There's 1 game less a season now. Even if it gets honest buy in, the best 3rd division teams that reach the tier 2 final will get a maximum of 4 games in this competition. The teams are going to be the likes of Armagh, Tipp, Clare, Westmeath, Laois. These teams are just as capable as getting to the super 8s as they are of winning a tier 2. 1 division 3/4 team on average has reached the last 8 per year since the qualifiers began. A big reason to bring in tiered competition is that more games can be facilitated in the top championship and it could become a better tournament and could also have competitive relegation games in it. They completely neglected to improve the top tier competition. Any meaning to be generated in the second tier would come from the reward of being promoted to the top tier. If the top tier is rubbish (which it still is, with teams only guaranteed one game) where is the reward for winning tier 2. The process has stunk. John Horan wanted a tier 2. This system really seems to have been put in place because it was the easiest tier 2 to be implemented. That's not the order in which this should work. It should be what is the best way to organise our competitions, if that structure then involves a tiered championship then so be it. It shouldn't be a case of deciding on 2 tiers purely from ideological reasons.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/10/2019 17:20:31

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "So basically his poor shooting cost Kerry the final Hardly the basis for such praise"
I would hardly say its fair to say that an off day by one player cost their county a final? there were plenty of factors that contribute to 'costing' the game. to single handily pick out one player for that is very unfair, besides bar his shooting not being on point that day he was probably one of Kerrys better performers. Yes he missed a few chances but he never stopped showing for the ball ( the sign of a good forward) he absolutely roasted Cooper that day aswell, was far too much of a handful and Cooper clearly couldn't cope. He came good towards the end of the game with 2 nice scores, when the game was neck and neck. And lets not forget that in the replay he put it all right, fantastic performance and more than made up for the few missed the last day. Another sign of a classy forward. But to say that if he had of been on top form the first day they would have won is a fair statement as he still racked up a couple of nice scores and maybe on a different day the ones he missed would have gone over which on that day would have won the game. I don't think its fair to say any one player cost their team an AI, its an AI final so you will be playing against the best of the best. There should never be all that pressure on one lad, after all, Paul Geaney another super player but didn't play his best, did he cost them final or just Clifford? But to say on a better day one of them scores might have won it for Kerry is completely fair as its just truth, but we will never know. I think an awful lot of people give Clifford too much criticism based on the hype that he gets. As if he has to be exceptional every single time. That will never happen, every great player I have ever watched I have also watched have quiet games. If you just watch this lad play and remove all the hype, his game is much superior to that of anyone else in the country, there is nothing he cant do. He can field a high ball, take a score on either foot, phenomenal handwork with the ball, extremely skilful, loves to take defenders on, fantastic movement inside, can take free kicks, and he definitely holds his own in terms of physicality for a young player. An extremely intelligent player too, he scored a goal there this week for East Kerry as im sure many of you have seen, it was a poor high ball in to him which always favoured the defender, but the way he had the presence of mind to slap the defenders arm causing him to spill the ball and he was in one and one. Absolute class. The most complete footballer in the country

boman11 (National) - 22/10/2019 17:21:01

Is David Clifford The Best Footballer In The Country Right Now? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "So basically his poor shooting cost Kerry the final Hardly the basis for such praise"
Definitely not the best footballers in the country. I would have Con O'Callaghan any day. And a great Hurler also.

Fionn (National) - 22/10/2019 17:21:24

Should Westmeath V Dublin Be In Mullingar? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Yawn! Let's get this topic back on topic. Are Leinster footballers brave enough to go on strike for venue equity? Look at Munster! Kerry the champions winning without a game in Killarney in a provincial championship that has fixture and venue equity."
In a Hurling province - well done guys

Fionn (National) - 22/10/2019 17:23:31

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Canuck:  "Carlow should not have been relegated and deserved better. However your point on Waterford. Do you think for one second that if the last ream in Munster was going to be relegated and it was Cork or Tipperary they would get relegated? It is just old Waterford so they should be relegated. This is a typical example of where weaker counties always wanting to kick another weaker county in the head and why so many things get passed at congress that don't benefit the under dogs. An other example of this is Kerry voting against Waterford playing their home games in Leinster when they had no skin in the game."
I think relegation should be decided on the field rather than by geography. It could also have seen Carlow stay up for instance if Kerry had emerged as the McDonagh champions. The quirky promotion structure is a farce and comes from having the group stages be Provincial based. It should be 2 groups of 6 played with no regional groups. Provincial championships played in advance. Seed the group stage so that each section gets 1 Provincial champion, the runner up from the other Province, a semifinalist from each Province and 2 other teams. Maybe guarantee Provincial champions 3 home games also. Top 3 to the 6 team All Ireland playoffs, no more Preliminary quarterfinals. 6th placed teams in each group playoff against relegation. Fair and exciting, with room for 3 developing teams.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/10/2019 18:03:39

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 2 Like(s)
You know what's also really bad. Neither competition gets played until we get all the Provincial finalists decided. Teams in both tiers could find themselves doing sweet fa for weeks before getting back out playing. Based on last year's Provincial calendars a team losing on 11th May and not being out again until about the 15th June at the earliest. 5 weeks between games ffs. That could happen to Cavan this year. This system isn't even good for teams in the top tier. Will Cavan players wait around for 5 weeks to play just 1 more guaranteed game?

Whammo86 (National) - 22/10/2019 18:16:16