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New Province Competition

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Does anyone have any details on this new competition that will be run over the next few weeks? Who can play/and or not play? Will it just be two semi finals and a final? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

ranger (None) - Posts: 166 - 30/09/2014 19:32:58    1658746


I see where the provincial games start tomorrow at 2:00.

Gaa Fan (USA) - Posts: 499 - 11/10/2014 21:46:28    1662774


How did the provincial games go last weekend? Were all teams able to field a full team?

bleedfootball (USA) - Posts: 139 - 15/10/2014 15:21:22    1663975


Ulster beat Munster by 1 point. Munster had 12 players so Ulster give them 3 of their subs. Munster lead throughout but Ulster scored a goal with less than 10 seconds on the clock.

Leinster annihilated Connacht. Both fielded full teams.

NY had a bye week and play Ulster this weekend

cormac8 (Tyrone) - Posts: 29 - 16/10/2014 19:08:14    1664417


Leinster and connaught didn't field full teams they played 12 a side cormac:-) which was within the rules ulster wouldnt agree to 12 aside against munster even though the rules of the competition state u play to whatever number the opposition team have the low number that is eg munster had 12 the game should have been 12 aside.

johnjoe1 (Kerry) - Posts: 35 - 16/10/2014 20:41:34    1664513


I really like the idea of this competition, but feel it is played at the totally wrong time of year. This time of the year players are after playing nearly every weekend in the park for 3-4 months some are going since last January with New York.

Therefore should this not be on in March and finish in April.I feel it would have tremendous advantages to play it earlier in the year.
It would give New York management an opportunity to see what players are like.
It gives the players something a bit closer to aim for and increase competition in the panel, rather then have lads training from January to May with one club championship match under there belts before taking on Galway, who will have played FBD, National League and numerous challenge games.
It also gives an opportunity for new players to possibly be unearthed or even coax a lad to declare for New York.

It might also give the Irish Americans a chance to claim a greater shot at a NY Jersey.

It also give New York Management real power to cut players and see what he is able to draft in. Maybe a lad dropped end of January might be able to turn around end of March and be more up to the pace.

Only thing obviously against it, is the availability of the park I would imagine.

But what do i know. Best of luck to the players in the park over next few weekends. You deserve great credit to still be heading down there this time of year.

moneytalks (Derry) - Posts: 14 - 17/10/2014 15:01:32    1664718


What competition is this lads? Sorry I'm not living in New York anymore cant find anything on the website about it

HandballRef (Donegal) - Posts: 482 - 18/10/2014 13:46:48    1664922


Ulster V Munster this Saturday night in the park. Should have the best players out as supposedly they get to keep the kit.
Also I heard New York are going to play Boston for thanksgiving. Any word on the panel of players selected or is it the same from the Mayo game???

moneytalks (Derry) - Posts: 14 - 05/11/2014 19:41:49    1669974


By all accounts the final was a very good game. Munster too strong with some great performances. For Munster Adrian O'Connor was unbeatable at full-forward. Doona rolled back the years. Kieran O'Connel at full-back was was powerful. For Ulster McGinley showed his class, so did Kieran McGeeney. Scanlon made all the right moves also.

Gaa Fan (USA) - Posts: 499 - 09/11/2014 20:17:32    1670940


Yes agree a great final but a little one sided. Munster very fit and a little stronger throughout. Non the less a good game for this time of year. The shame is that Doona and o Connor won't commit to NY team but that's there choice. Johnny mc geeney the only bright spark for ulster. MJ , o regan and power the pick of Munster. Overall a fair competition which can get stronger next year if started by first week in October. Think Boston should be invited into this next year. Make it 6 teams with one semi final.

Crossgaa (Mayo) - Posts: 536 - 10/11/2014 13:20:46    1671082