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New York championships 2014

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armagh to walk over barnabas, they surely could have been very competitive in senior this year. kerry to beat monaghan by 5 pooints but will be a poor game to watch. cork and leitrim has the potential to be entertaining and high scoring, dont think leitrim will allow it though. id say for third year running it will be a kerry leitrim final

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 09/09/2014 14:52:16    1650124


Kerry by 5 points.
Cork to finally get to a final. they will win by 2pts.
Armagh by 7

bleedfootball (USA) - Posts: 139 - 09/09/2014 15:21:50    1650150


Cork got to a few finals but lost them all. Think it will be the same this year and it will be Kerrys to lose. Armagh to win going away but saw them last week in challeng against Cork. They will need a few more players to compete at senior level - big difference.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 09/09/2014 19:47:30    1650306


what will be the key battles this weekend? surely wherrity & sean kelly & paul lambe gary o driscoll in the kerry matchup and id reckon mccardle & mcccartan will be very pivotal. midfield battle in cork leitrim should be leitrims but corks interchange among curran ocallan lenihan and jason kelly against the leitriim backs will be interesting.

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 12/09/2014 15:40:50    1651370


Kerry by 7.....cork by 2.... armagh by 15+. Will armagh be going up senior or will they chicken out n stay down intermediate. I think two or three intermediate teams need to go to junior a to even up the divisions. If cavan come up n donegal come up from junior b then junior A will be left with only 5 again seems logical to even out the divisions.

johnjoe1 (Kerry) - Posts: 35 - 13/09/2014 20:16:56    1651711


Monaghan very poor yesterday against Kerry. Leitrim dug deep and pulled off the win but Kerry should easily beat them in final. Bannvile by far the best player in town.
Armagh got a good game from Barnabas and had to earn the cup. Pity them heading for senior.

Crossgaa (Mayo) - Posts: 536 - 15/09/2014 14:47:45    1652213


armagh and barnabas was a good game, barnbas just lacked the overall class of some of armaghs players, they appeared to be fitter and with a bit more experience and adding of a biigger player or 2, may be able to jump to senior level in a year or 2 but that would go against what their club is about.

kerry ran riot over monaghan after their first goal and quickly doubled their advantage in the 4 minutes after half time. scary moment for mccartan having to be stretched off with a brace around the neck. jones was very poor in the middle and several players should have seen the line.

leitrim and cork very exiciting and tense affair. leitrim has a very deep panel with the likes of nicky joyce & dan doona coming off the bench. their midfield was very good with paddy kelly & brian conor in there. key turning point was quinn snapping a goal in leitrims push up the field immediately after jason kelly buried one. back to the drawing board for cork who cant shake the hoodoo of losing to leitrim when it matters.

kerry and leitrim to be a very good game. hopefully reflects 2013 more than 2012. mindless as to who will win it

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 15/09/2014 15:44:12    1652252


i predict leitrim to win by 3 points on sunday

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 25/09/2014 21:06:36    1657073


How many American born players will be lining out on Sunday?

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10026 - 26/09/2014 11:12:11    1657167


mike creegan will liine out for leitrim. he has been their corner back for 5 or 6 years now, very pacy and strong but very very bad on the ball. huvane is in the kerry panel. was a consistent starter for the first few months but in the last few games has appeared to be a sub. he has started the last 2 finals for them as well.

it will be 2 americans at most involved sunday

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 26/09/2014 16:03:23    1657269


Intermediate player of the year? I would have 3 players in the running. Rangers Midfielder who also played senior football with Cork, the Full forward for Rockland (blond hair fella), or the full forward for Armagh (think his name was Eddy). Anyone else agree or have any other candidates?

feedthepony14 (Derry) - Posts: 21 - 26/09/2014 19:28:04    1657330


Leitrim and Kerry again today. I can't see anything but a comfortable Kerry win. Kerry by 7

rossie12 (Roscommon) - Posts: 396 - 28/09/2014 16:49:30    1657710


great performance by kerry, they never let leitrim into it. once mulhall netted, all downhill from there for the kingdom. leitrim never got going and very poor performance from them

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 29/09/2014 13:25:54    1658067


Kerry like I predicted were comfortable winners. Leitrim looked to have no game plan whatsoever but Kerry would have beaten them either way. Kerry took a while to get going but you could see it was only a matter of time before they kicked it into gear. They have some record over the last couple of years and look to be getting stronger every year. Whatever they are doing behind the scenes is working for them. Must be a tough oen for Kelly and Quinn today who left Kerry for Leitrim in the winter. They don't look like the same players since and Quinn was taken off yesterday

rossie12 (Roscommon) - Posts: 396 - 29/09/2014 13:34:32    1658072


It was a great for the kingdom winning on both sides of the Atlantic. Game itself was over by half time with leitrim showing poor resistance to the kerry men. Leitrim looked un fit with several of there stars doing very little. Hard to see anyone touch Kerry in the next few years. Football overall very poor this year.

Crossgaa (Mayo) - Posts: 536 - 30/09/2014 19:05:04    1658726


standard was very poor this year, its ahrd to think of any games that were of high quality, cork & kerry encounters were entertaining and high scoring. kerry very much costed through the summer and rarely looked troubled at all. looking at the website, kerry scored no fewer than 3-11 in their final 4 games, thats some going really. they have a very big home base and must be favorites already for next year. expect them to add especially with galvin overseeing new york again

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 30/09/2014 19:24:54    1658740