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Are the North American Championships dead????

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The rumor has it that Boston will not be entering any teams to the North Americans this weekend in Chicago. Not very fair, granted it has 9 senior football teams and a very competitive championship but for the last 2 yrs teams from all over the country have made the effort, incurred all the expense and gone to Boston. But now the NAC are not in Boston, so they're just not going to bother.

It will be interesting to see if the $5000 fines will be handed out and paid..............

NACB (USA) - Posts: 4 - 01/09/2010 18:42:11    762837


If we had a County Board that knew what they are doing and not getting involved where they do not belong and further more interpreting and applying the rules properly maybe they would get a better response, We need a Co Bd that will do a better job of running and promoting the GAA in North America

bullfinch (USA) - Posts: 1 - 02/09/2010 15:41:21    763529


Funny how these rumours end up in these discussion boards every few years. Either Chicago clubs aren't going to Boston or Boston clubs aren't going to Chicago. My guess is that the same people start up the rumours.

On a more positive note, any thoughts on what the most entertaining division and code will be this year?

johnnyjack (USA) - Posts: 13 - 02/09/2010 19:24:01    763842


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Well I may have said rumor but I think its pretty definite that the Boston teams are not taking part. This can be easily confirmed by the Boston people on here, but there hasn't been a cheep from them

NACB (USA) - Posts: 4 - 02/09/2010 20:23:25    763913


Agreed with above it has nothing to do with Boston going to Chicago or Chicago coming to Boston. If you remember correctly Chicago hosted in 2005 and I would have said and would say again it was one of the best fited states to do so. They really did think of everything. However the reason you dont get a peep from Boston is the league starts in April it is now end of Aug and championship is just finished. Players and clubs are tired, Game every week or second week at least and at that not playing all teams in the senior, people are tired and the financial drain of travelling in these economic times is just harrowing. I did hear that the clubs had stated within the rules guidelines by Aug 1st that they were not travelling. However then NACB came back and said okay $5,000 fine. I hope it is not true as again the clubs are playing within the rules and the posts are being changed midgame. I am beinging to feel they dont want Boston in it anymore perhaps it is because of demographics.

Underdogs123 (USA) - Posts: 2 - 07/09/2010 13:42:34    767558


Just got back from Chicago. Great weekend. All of Boston should be ashamed of themselves for not travelling. The GAA need to sort the NorthEast division out in 2011 and not allow ANY sanctions.

pele84 (Laois) - Posts: 2 - 07/09/2010 19:31:18    768178


What good would suspending sanction do? I thought the NACB should be trying to promote the games not kill them off.. 4 teams failed to travel to Chicago (2 teams did travel!) and as a result all clubs in Boston should go without sanctions? The NACB needs to work with the divisional boards to make it easier for clubs to travel.. The championship in Boston starts in May.. As a result most of your senior team would need to go home, and come back out in order to go the the NACB playoffs.. It is not as bad in other divisions as the away based players do not need to be in the US by the first week in June. Some action needs to be taken, but I do not think suspending all sanctions is the answer

beantownfan (USA) - Posts: 4 - 07/09/2010 21:37:55    768327


The North American Finals are a financial burden for all the teams that travel, it is not specific to Boston. The fact of the matter is that if less was spent on paying players and more effort on your home base then no team would be in the predicament Boston found itself this year. It is a smoke screen to suggest you need the Irish players in earlier, dont bring them in, Gaels will still go and support the games. My division, Western, travels the most and brings the most teams. We always make the extra effort to attend the finals, this was a good year but there have been bad years also, but we still travelled. The financial figures that are bandied about what the so called "high end" players get, is disturbing. One less of these players on your team would have allowed the Boston teams to travel this year. You cannot have it every which way, you are either in the NACB for the good of the that Board or you want to go it alone, or jump ship and go to NY. The NACB is stronger than any one team or Division, and I believe it will get stronger, ours games are the best in the World!!!! These are just thoughts. I would rather have Boston at the finals than not.

keeny (Antrim) - Posts: 6 - 09/09/2010 18:21:37    770271


The north american finals mean nothing to Boston, and they shouldnt because why would they waste there money on that when they can bring in quality inter county players to the town, for a good standard and enjoying football, than to send a team to the north american championships where they would probably win anyway. And if New york were in it they would have no competition against most team with the senior team that they had this year. To san fransisco and chicago they are important but over on the east coast they have more important things to play for, like winning there own championships

northie_chap (Louth) - Posts: 69 - 10/09/2010 15:04:35    770905


I hate to say it but Northie has hit it on the head, its all about the money!!!!! So are you saying that in Ireland Kerry clubs should just play in kerry and screw the rest of the GAA? The standard is important but has to be achieved from the grass roots level up to be sustained in the States. Until people like you accept this and help, Boston will always be in this predicament. The quick fix is not working, wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!

keeny (Antrim) - Posts: 6 - 10/09/2010 16:01:48    770980


How about this for an idea. Change the format of the NACB finals to an all home based affair - no sanction players - where each division sends representative teams to compete in the different competitions and grades. It would be more of a competition between divisions rather than clubs in each division. Boston, the largest division for example, would select a senior, intermediate, Junior A, Junior B football, senior and junior hurling, and senior and junior ladies teams. A players grade would be determined by the level they played at in their own divisional championship competition - so Boston's junior B team, for example, would be made up of home based players who played no higher than junior B in their own division. One of the issues facing Boston is that the winners are not determined until the weekend before the NACB finals so there is only a couple of days to turn it around and make travel arrangements, see who is willing and able to go etc. Using the above would get rid of that problem for Boston anyway as the team panels could be decided on well in advance of the divisional finals. It would also make sense as the NACB finals would only include players registered with the NACB. Then each division can have it's own championship, adhering to the sanction player rules. Clubs also could still appeal to the NACB for rules infractions in their own division (I hate saying that one - but still would be necessary). I think part of the problem is that the NACB covers such a wide range needs and persepctives that different divisions see things far differently in what is best for all, so one overall soultion is hard to agree on. This might be a good way to overcome this when the county board comes together once a year. Am I thinking too much about this or does it make any sense?

Dublinculchie (Dublin) - Posts: 324 - 10/09/2010 18:21:09    771148