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NACB and New York divide

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So I'm not very familiar with this divide, but can someone explain its origins?

With the north american playoffs coming up, its seems strange that NY is not represented - but then again theres no teams from Canada anymore either.

What are the barriers that would stop NY coming into being part of NACB?
Is it to do with county boards getting allireland tickets or is it about the NY county teams playing in the All Ireland

wingwonder (UK) - Posts: 535 - 20/08/2010 15:28:47    751612


involved with NACB already through CYC and works well enough but they run the show.

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 21/08/2010 14:38:07    752223


The New York Board and the North American Board are two separate boards. New York did not affiliate with Ireland until around 1990. The NY group are large enough to function by themselves with enough teams and games for a full season. Check the NY-GAA website and you will see that their schedule began on April 11 and will run until October. If NY wanted to compete in the NACB play-offs they would have to condense their schedules to finish in mid-August. Could be done of course but it would herald the end the NY group as it hurt Philly, Chicago, and others.

P. Rooney (USA) - Posts: 64 - 21/08/2010 15:43:53    752273


Canada played up until 1983 NAB Playoffs had to stop due to Border rules between US and Canada.I believe the last 2 Canadain clubs to compete in 83 were St Michaels in Hurling and the Calgary Chieftians in Football.I also beleive that St Michaels are the only Canadain club to win a NAB Sr Hurling Championship 1975.This year I heard that Vancouver Harps were entered in Jr Hurling.

bstn_tom_tribe (USA) - Posts: 24 - 21/08/2010 16:54:57    752308