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Mid season, a change was made to the structure of the Mens Senior Championship. Initially there was to be a Semi-Final between the 2nd & 3rd place teams. After several rounds a meeting was held & it was decided to cancel the Semi-Final. Isnt this unfair for the 3rd place team, Sons of Boru? How can the format of a Championship be changed mid season?

SF (Roscommon) - Posts: 4 - 10/08/2010 20:09:49    742682


This is a board decision.
I believe this change had something to do with the Boru not being able to play Intermediate at North Americans because they won it last year, is this not correct? So if as you say Ulster do win, then at least the Treacys can represent the WDB at the North Americans in the Intermediate.

limerick man (None) - Posts: 32 - 13/08/2010 17:02:48    745575


The Sons of Boru did in fact win the Intermediate Championship in 2009 after beating out the Treacys in the final in SF, so they cannot go to Chicago as Intermediates. This fact everyone was well aware of, which is why they were playing to win the Senior Championship. However, this is not the reason that the schedule was changed. The change to the schedule was because the original schedule was a "typo" that was apparently undetected until the last few weeks of the season, when it was too late for the Boru to advance further.
The mens competition in San Francisco this year has been fairly close and the Boru have just as good a chance at winning the competition as any of the other teams in SF. To have their chances of winning a title stripped away is a disgrace to the western division board.

sanfran1 (USA) - Posts: 1 - 13/08/2010 21:16:58    745796


As a member of the Sons of Boru team, I feel disgruntled having put in a hard season of football only for this to happen. Our team improved consistently through the season. In our last 2 games we drew & beat the so called Finalists. Having talked to opposition players after games...everyone was of the belief that there would be a Semi-Final.

Sean Treacys V Ulster tomorrow is no is a debacle...this season ended when the Western Division Board changed the format. The ruling body must understand that they lose credibility when they "change the goal posts in the middle of the game"

I don't usually get involved with the politics of football but this truly frustrates me...all one asks for is fair play & sportmanship.

SF (Roscommon) - Posts: 4 - 14/08/2010 17:47:22    746143


The Sean Treacy's are "San Francisco Senior Champions." Not bad for a team that was afraid to play the Sons of Boru in a semi-final. There should be an asterisk next to the 2010 championship. The Treacy's dominated the WDB and gave themselves two options to reach the knockout stages of the championship. Once their spot in second place was secure they decided to call the schedule a "typo" and revert back to the "original format." Which was to play the championship in the "same format as last year." Which we all know is impossible due to the fact that the Sons of Boru can't play intermediate and the Celts declared themselves as an intermediate team for 2010. BOth factors that were not present for the 2009 championship. When the Sons of Boru filed a protest against the championship format the WDB stooped to the level of creating fictitious minutes to WDB meetings and set those fictitious minutes to the NACB. The Sean Treacy's, the Western Division Board and the North American Board should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these shenanigans to occur. The Treacy's are celebrating a championship that the whole City knows they earned through back room politics. SHAMEFUL

SFkid (USA) - Posts: 2 - 16/08/2010 21:00:18    747653


Totally agree lads. This comes down to a weak and corrupt board. There is no leadership at the top, just a lot of yes men with a chip on their shoulder. The schedule clearly shows on the SFGAA website that there will be a Mens Senior semi-final who will play the first place winners which in this case was Ulster. The Boru should have got the chance to play Treacys. When a goalkeeper can headbutt someone in the 6yard box and not get sent off because the umpire didn't see it, but the week before umpires could send 2 players 40 yards out the field off, well i rest my case.

BobbyB (Tyrone) - Posts: 369 - 17/08/2010 19:30:49    748691


Should rename your club Sons of Boo Hoo!!

jimbeam (USA) - Posts: 6 - 17/08/2010 21:56:07    748892


I am sick of looking at this rubbish from the Sons of Brou. The Treacys are the Senior Champs and rightfully so. They have a good group of lads who run the show for them and for the Sons of Brou to come on here and start slandering them and the Western Division Board is a Disgrace. Just because they could not be bothered to speak to there club delegate after every WDB meeting is not Sean Treacys or the WDB problem. The fact is that Sean Treacys played the Brou 2 weeks before the final that the Treacys knew they were in and lost by 4 points with half a team out. If they had put out a full team out they would have beating them by at least 4 points or even more like they did the first time they met. There was a simple mistake made on the schedule that was acknowledged by Eanna Murphy and was discussed at a WDB meeting that a Brou Delegate was at, the same one that was there for the original meeting where it was said that the championship format would stay the same as the previous years championship and there was no objection from anyone. This is typical Brou crying to anyone that will listen when they don't get there way.........

TreacysFan (USA) - Posts: 1 - 18/08/2010 08:53:37    748932


To Treacys Fan....the bitterness is gone. I wish you the very best of luck in Chicago.
However in your comment above it appears whether there was a semi final or not was very clear to everyone involved. This was not the case. Talking to players from Ulster they were unsure until the 11th hour whether there would be a semi-final or not Even today on the Western Division Boards website under Events it states, the semi final winner would contest the final (see below). This shows the lack of organization.

San Francisco Finals
When Sunday, Aug 15, 2010
Where Treasure Island (map)
Description SNR M TEAM 1 V SNR M SEMI WINNER 16.00

The purpose of this post was to hopefully bring more clarity to future championship formats & get the word out on with what has happened....with nearly 1000 views this has been achieved.

SF (Roscommon) - Posts: 4 - 21/08/2010 17:34:51    752331


Carpenter Needed, must have own truck and be experienced in Seismic Retrofitting

Experienced Carpenter needed to retrofit existing or construct new.
We need to build a new trophy shelf for the Treacys's only a matter of time before the existing one gives out under the weight of it all.

jimbeam (USA) - Posts: 6 - 18/09/2010 16:25:33    777688


Reality check needed

Lets be realistic the North Americans were a joke, one game in a final isn't a north american championship, Boston would have whitewashed yous like the last time

NACB (USA) - Posts: 4 - 18/09/2010 17:24:29    777727


id like to watch them play an actual senior team from boston or New york, you know with "actual" Gaa players that play inter county football and not embarassing north american county championships

northie_chap (Louth) - Posts: 69 - 18/09/2010 18:13:08    777767


Lads my post was intended to be tongue in cheek....however we're unlikely to see Boston at NACB Finals again given the 2 fingers they gave the championships this year. Bad form having gotten them 2 years running..take our money and bail...whatever your take on Treacys they travelled to play chief just like Kevin Barrys and Parnells, Ulster etc etc.

jimbeam (USA) - Posts: 6 - 18/09/2010 18:29:18    777787