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Colorado Irish Festival Tournament

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The Denver Gaels will again this year will be holding a Gaelic Games extravaganza at the Colorado Irish Festival on the weekend of July 9th, 10th and 11th. We would like to invite any clubs who would like to travel to Denver to contact us throughour website at We have Mens Football and Hurling, Ladies Football and Camogie. Over the last few years many teams have come to Colorado and enjoyed the hospitality, the beauty of Colorado, the craic at the Festival and of course later on in Downtown Denver. Those of you who had the good fortune of being at the 2004 North American Championships in Colorado can attest to the welcome you recieve here from the Gaels.
We have the ability to assist the first few teams with accomodations (first come first served) so drop us an e-mail quick as you can if you are interested. Prove yourself as a Gaelic Games Athlete a Mile above sea level and enjoy the Beauty and Glorious weather in Colorado in July.
Visit the Colorado Irish Festival website at for a taste of what you could enjoy.

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