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Yea we're more than capable of going through the back door again, but as i said that's by coming up against average teams. Kildare are good enough to beat at least 25 teams in the country but will fall short against Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone, Donegal possibly against Mayo aswell. Until we beat one of these teams in the championship then we can't be taken seriously. For a big county like us our record it very poor when you think about it. Our last major scalp against one of the big guns was against Dublin in the 2000 leinster final. I hope to god im proven wrong this year but i can't see it happening.

cilldaraboy82 (Kildare) - Posts: 61 - 29/04/2013 19:05:55    1375981


Well cilldaraboy82 there are teams out there who have taken a big scalp in that time but wouldn't be able to follow it up with any consistency the next day. Kildare have fallen short on those days but it's a lot easier to get there from a place where you are consistently in the mix. I mean Longford beat Mayo a couple of years ago. Down beat Kerry but exited the championship going down by 12 points for the last two years and get well beat when they lose in Ulster too. We're only focusing on this big scalp thing because we've shown we can beat everyone else. And that's not that bad a place to be.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 29/04/2013 20:43:19    1376063


think at this point i'd take a victory over a big scalp and a good night for our fans who travel in great numbers over consistency! One win would do!--i would expect our qualifier run to be ended by a big team as normal. We are due to get a tougher qualifier draw at some point so can't complain if we draw someone big early.

switec (Kildare) - Posts: 525 - 30/04/2013 13:04:16    1376348


Yeah, so would I, at this stage. Although whether we'd still feel like that watching other teams playing the quarter finals on TV is another matter.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 30/04/2013 13:17:25    1376358


I agree with some of the things that you're saying doublehop, we're concentrating on beating a big team because we've proven to be good enough to beat the rest. But thats what you have to do if you want to win major silverware. If we are to win a leinster well more than likely that will mean we'll have to face Dublin and beat them. If we want to get past the quarter final then that will mean that more than likely we'll have to beat a big team. I know in 2010 we reached an all ireland semi final but we were very fortunate aswell that year going through the back door without meeting any of the big guns. We also had a great opportunity of reaching a final that year. We can't just be reaching quarter finals each year and then get knocked out because thats our level and we're not good enough to progress. We should have beat Tyrone in 09 i felt, Donegal in 2011, but threw it away in extra time. Maybe its a mental thing that we can't beat a top 5 team in the country. Until we do and win major silverware we'll just be also rans in Leinster and come quarter finals.

cilldaraboy82 (Kildare) - Posts: 61 - 30/04/2013 14:10:22    1376394


Hi all,
Look can I mention something, I think we have a genuine chance of Leinster this year .
Forget all the hype about the dubs being this and being that, Tyrone could and maybe should have beaten them last weekend without a certain mister oneill, who scored two fantastic points which beat us in the semi finals.
We are not a million miles away believe me, it all depends on what our strongest 15 really is.. Do we start o Connor? Do we have a decent mid field? Do we believe enough in ourselves to win something?
Last years game against cork was a real sickener and perhaps an eye opener.... But we have improved with the under 21s coming into the fold and with a wee bit of luck regards injuries we will give the dubs a proper rattle ( once we get over the Offaly challenge, who, with respect are not great, and I was at the limerick game lat Saturday , it won't be a cake walk by any means, but we should win by a few points in the end) and then who knows.
Maybe it's blind faith or just sheer madness but I'm happy with the 8/1 I got to win Leinster.
Cilldara Abu

lily75 (Kildare) - Posts: 130 - 30/04/2013 20:57:32    1376770


We're 8-1 for a reason. I can see us beating Offaly with a few to spare. I'd be hoping for a tight game so we can get some benefit out of it, no point in winning easy as we won't learn anything. Ultimately, I can't see us getting passed Dublin in the next round. They just have better quality forwards and will not kick the amount of wides that we will. I think it will be a lot closer than the league game, but we won't win it. I'd love to be proved wrong, but I honestly can't see it

cilldaraman (Kildare) - Posts: 203 - 01/05/2013 08:18:31    1376812


agree, little chance of victory over dublin. they have better forwards and will take scores we won't take. Disagree that it is a mental thing, its a quality thing, we're just short of a few top class forwards that makes the difference in tight games, we are good enough to make games tight, but such games are usually won with a bit of quality, sometimes bad luck and decisions cost us but ultimately we lose to a forward or two who just stick it between the posts when it matters. But we might catch the dubs on an off day, you never know in football, thats why we watch it! But i expect bernard brogan to end up wih 2 or 3 more scores from play than anyone in our forward line and that will likely be the difference.

switec (Kildare) - Posts: 525 - 01/05/2013 13:13:27    1377005


I really don't see where everyone gets the forwards thing from. It's not like the rest of the team is faultless. The forwards are no worse than the rest of the side who have had equally as many bad days at the back or midfield if not more than the forwards have had. Wides are as always more visible and tangible but there can be a lot of reasons why you can end up with a good few. If we had our 2009 midfield now we would be much closer to being a real contender than we currently are. I really don't think more forwards would bring us on all that much.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 01/05/2013 13:30:40    1377025


I really don't think it's a quality thing. Kildare football at every level is plagued by the mental barrier. (Seniors always, Minors 2010, U21's 2013). The quality is there, its just on the big days we fail to produced it. If you ask me a lot of it is to do with the hype and pressure that is created in the county. We all get way too carried away at times and as a player playing for a county like this it must have huge pressure. I reckon the players read too much into it, thus putting themselves under huge pressure to succeed.

If you look at the other counties in and around our level. Meath, Galway, Down, Donegal (Over the years) some not doing great atm, but when things start coming together for those teams they always stay grounded, players and fans. Meath have won many All-Irelands with of course some quality players but what they have is nerve and that comes from being grounded and not reading into any hype, which takes pressure off them. Same with Galway in 98, Down 2010, Donegal 2012.

cilldara13 (Kildare) - Posts: 261 - 01/05/2013 14:21:14    1377069


I think overall its a lack of quality in a few key positions. Plenty of endeavour and guts as we have seen with some of the Kildare fight backs over the past few years. Problem is we huff and puff and really work for our scores when we meet the top teams. They tend to get them more easily. We certainly kick too many wides for the amount of chances we create. The top teams have been able read our game too. We do play to a rigid enough system in my view. It can be attractive and effective at times but the Tyrone's, Dublin's and Cork's have always figured us out. We have been unlucky at times with various decisions but all in all we have just lacked a bit of quality and cuteness at the top level to see these games out.

Kildare30 (Kildare) - Posts: 601 - 02/05/2013 10:43:48    1377473