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After all thats gone on this week regards the county grounds, on the assumption that nothing will be changed between now and the league.

Where are we going to play our home games? Croke Park? Seems a bit unfair if we have to travel to Dublin for a home league game, I know we did it last year for the Tyrone game but that was a once off. Im pretty sure the majority of people here won't be to impressed if we have to give up all our home games and then be the opening act to a Dublin match afterwards.

I for one hope that the county grounds does get bit of a refurbishing because the atmosphere there can be something else.

JammyD (Kildare) - Posts: 37 - 19/07/2012 13:49:13    1222514


Jammy D did you not read john mc mahon piece on the forum the county board want all of our home league games to be played in Newbridge and thats number 1 on the list.
And your right croke park was a once of only if we draw the dubs at home it will be played in croke park
If we draw the dubs i want it to be played in co kildare!

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts: 1693 - 19/07/2012 14:02:59    1222532


I did read the bit that McMahon said, but tbh I can't see much being done between now and Febuary, I'm not up on how long it takes to build thing or whatever but I can't see enough work being done to change the capacity to a considerable amount.

Dublin home, will be played in Croke Park i'd imagine, but id love to see us playing Tyrone, Kerry and Cork in Newbridge. If we can get them games in Newbridge there'll be a tremendous atmosphere about the town.

JammyD (Kildare) - Posts: 37 - 19/07/2012 16:16:26    1222730