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Replying To galwayXI:  "I was at the game , Were you at the game ? What did Daly do wrong ?
He got on loads of ball in the first half and distributed it well , think he misplaced one pass!
From what I remember he lost one ball in the first half that was played to him at the height of shins and had a defender up his hole , could probably say it was a bad pass !
I'll agree he hasn't been on top form but it's early in the league and he PJ obviously thinks he's doing enough to keep his place !"
If he gets fit and sharp he will be a top player for us. PJ is trying to play him into form as he knows the talent is there. There is a serious forward line there if he can get them firing

Trucker1 (Galway) - Posts: 320 - 06/02/2020 23:05:08    2265826