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London V Galway Trip.

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Galway team to face London:
1. Ruairi Lavelle
2. Eoghan Kerin
3. Sean Andy Ó Ceallaigh
4. David Whynne
5. Liam Silke
6. John Daly
7. Gary O'Donnell
8. Tom Flynn
9. Michael Daly
10.Antaine Ó laoi
11. Padraic Cunningham
12. Johnny Heaney
13. Ian Burke
14. Shane Walsh
15. Danny Cummins

tribesman125 (Galway) - Posts: 139 - 02/05/2019 14:39:22    2181461


Replying To fearruanua:  "anyone have a time and venue for the masters match on saturday?"
It's 4:00pm Saturday in Tir Chonaill Gaels grounds

Thelastword (Galway) - Posts: 34 - 03/05/2019 08:48:14    2181572


Not sure are the team staying in cricklewood but pub options are getting limited with a few closures in the past couple of years .
Lucky 7 on cricklewood lane is rough and ready but good fun . Couple of good Irish bars in nearby willesden ie McGovern's , Tony's and Moloney's . All of these are traditional Irish bars serving emigrants over many years playing old school Irish music etc so not for any millennials looking at their phones 24/7 .

hurler32 (Limerick) - Posts: 839 - 03/05/2019 11:24:45    2181614


Replying To Thelastword:  "It's 4:00pm Saturday in Tir Chonaill Gaels grounds"
Thanks for that. Not far from where we are staying .

fearruanua (Galway) - Posts: 310 - 03/05/2019 13:53:19    2181661


Fixture sold out according to London gaa Friday lunchtime

hurler32 (Limerick) - Posts: 839 - 03/05/2019 15:22:27    2181690


Is there any way of watching this game for those not there?

tribesman125 (Galway) - Posts: 139 - 03/05/2019 16:51:10    2181709


Replying To hurler32:  "Fixture sold out according to London gaa Friday lunchtime"
you s till get tickets at the gate

gboy (Galway) - Posts: 16 - 05/05/2019 02:01:03    2181897


Replying To TheBaile:  "Does anyone know when the tickets go on sale? Was thinking about going but would like to have tickets before I book anything or do ye think it would be pretty easy get them?"
you get tickets at the gates no problem

gboy (Galway) - Posts: 16 - 05/05/2019 02:02:40    2181898


a lot left outside the gate without tickets and weren't allowed in either. This was fourth trip over and always just paid at the gate. Pure luck that i managed to get a ticket outside. friends ended up having to go to the pub. having watched the match i cursed my luck for getting a ticket. wish i'd gone to the pub tbh.

fearruanua (Galway) - Posts: 310 - 07/05/2019 16:09:30    2182325