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Replying To Triffic:  "Why will all the above suddenly start happening after 3 years? Just feel KW is too set in his thinking to allow any variety or new approach to take hold."
I know I know - I somewhat agree with you.

Still Division 1 and complaining about losing to Kerry in an AL GF was only a bloody pipedream when KW took over. The very least the man deserves is to manage his team in Div 1 next year after all of his hard work for the last 3 years.

Worst case scenario is that he has a terrible year, gets relegated and then walks away. I'd prefer a new manager to start in Div2 than the cauldron of Div 1 anyway!

The_DOC (Galway) - Posts: 624 - 01/08/2017 08:46:58    2027128


Replying To tjcentrehalfbak:  "Hopefully we will beat donegal kildare and mayo in div 1 in order to stay up.surely wer capable of beating anyone apart frm dublin kerry and tyrone"
Depends on who we get at home.

I think we could give Tyrone a rattle in Galway

The_DOC (Galway) - Posts: 624 - 01/08/2017 11:00:40    2027217