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Pitch invasions

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I went to croke park with my 5yr old son to watch Galway win the leinster championship and lift the cup. Only the 2nd time in our history. We had to watch from the stands as no fans are aloud on the pitch yet Cork win Munster on regular occasions and they invade the pitch, as did Roscommon in Pearse Stadium. It should be all or nothing in my opinion. Let everyone out or no one. They let concerts take part on Croke Park so why cant fans celebrate with the players after the match.

Also, I must commend Joe Canning. The man was carrying an injury and loads of kids were waiting around the stadium because we thought they would do a lap of honour. The lap of honour didn't happen but Canning took the cup, on his own and went to the Cusack stand to the kids. Topclass.

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