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Replying To hogg:  "The co.board is broke apparently so back up teams will be light. Anyone hear how house tickets are selling?"
I've been saying this for ages. The money every county is spending on their times is crazy & someday the bubble will burst.
On another note, great to see Through & Bonnar back again.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1044 - 12/09/2019 10:17:30    2234663


We will never have the money or commercial appeal that some teams have - however we can and have boxed clever through linkages via Carlow IT sports - Smiler Sheehan on the faculty there is a diehard Carlow GAA man so there would be good access and support there. Also Bonnar through his WIT sports role has access to S&C, coaching, postgrads looking to work with elite level GAA teams.

IMO - more sustainable to go down these routes than throwing money we don't have on huge backrooms. fine bring in the coach e.g. Poacher who will strengthen things where they will make the difference or outside manager such as bonnar who would bring another level of nous and expertise.

Bainisteoir (National) - Posts: 454 - 12/09/2019 13:47:54    2234744