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Longford Championship 2019

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Replying To zzidane:  "Slashers relied heavily on frees - 9 converted frees and 2/3 others missed, 2 points from play, no goal chances. Some frees were fouls, some definitely were not.

Killoe were sluggish and frustrating to watch, no fluidity in attack. However the two best young players on show were in white - Ryan Moffett and Niall Farrelly."
Sounds like a killoe man. slashers got frees because killoe fouled alot and were mouthy aswell which had a free brought forward for an easy score.
killoe were the better team but couldn't finish it off which I think will be their downfall in leinster.
be interesting to see how slashers will do in the relegation

BBrogan (Longford) - Posts: 38 - 09/10/2019 19:29:19    2242421


Credit to Killoe, sluggish game and they made hard work of it. Some of the decisions from the man in the middle in the second half were a bit all over the place to put it mildly but the best team won. Finishing the decade with 4 county titles is no mean feat (not been done since the 1960's I think). Definitely not the greatest game or atmosphere, but it has very good company in that regard this century.

arcadia (Longford) - Posts: 91 - 11/10/2019 14:16:21    2242821


Replying To 5star:  "Quinn, 2 McCormacks, Hughes, Mimnagh and McGoldrick."
1 McCormack..no mcgoldrick.

Longfordbaz (Longford) - Posts: 141 - 19/10/2019 17:50:30    2244411


How Will killoe do in Leinster ? Who they up against first?

CollieClarke11 (Longford) - Posts: 3 - 22/10/2019 20:41:25    2245060


I cant see them winning. the fact that they couldn't finish slashers off, I think garrycastle will be much stronger and will win by 4 or 5. Killoe had an lucky enough championship, lucky draw from behind with mostrim, poor first half esp against Carrickedmond, very lucky with decisions against dromard, won well against colmcille, and only win final by1 is not good enough for a team that will do anything in leinster.
so killoe lose by 4 or 5

BBrogan (Longford) - Posts: 38 - 23/10/2019 08:37:44    2245136