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Poor game,poor refereing,poor ballygalget team,we just done enough to get over the line

crannumber2 (Down) - Posts: 252 - 15/09/2019 18:04:42    2235714


How was today's game I couldn't make it was it a poor enough ? Seen there was near 20 scores from dead ball

Awaywiththeferrys (Down) - Posts: 34 - 15/09/2019 19:02:18    2235743


Replying To crannumber2:  "Poor game,poor refereing,poor ballygalget team,we just done enough to get over the line"
As a neutral crans dominated the 1st half. Keeper pulled off a couple of good saves to give them the win. Johnston out field a disaster hitting points when he was on the square. Good ref .......a straight red for flinn?

cahill (None) - Posts: 2498 - 15/09/2019 19:09:17    2235744


Galgets had their chances but better team won. 2 great saves from Kieth in nets made the difference. A lot of scores from frees but ref was ok. Not the best not the worst.
Dan Toner MOM for me.
Flynn went of for 2nd yella so he can play in final i think.

Roll on 29th for the final. Where will it be?

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 935 - 15/09/2019 19:28:32    2235749


Replying To bricktop:  "Ref was dead on. He got the indirect free decisions correct and stuck to his guns.

One of the better refereeing performances I've seen in a while.

Magic hurt his knee when taking the 21. He wasn't hit on the head. Some others were a bit too quick to go to ground IMO and were putting it on.

Game could have went either way IMO and the Ports rode a bit of luck at the back with Magic failing to find Caolan Coulter with a handpass when he was on the deck and the brilliant flick from Taggert that denied wee Danny a certain goal.

Ports subs took some great points, big Coleman and Fitzsimmons never showed anything like that in any other game this year and Ballygalget hit some poor wides throughout the game.

We'll be able to overpower that Ballygalget outfit easy enough come Sunday. 5 to 10 points as I say."
Very ambitious with the 10 there big stuff. I dinny think we could be so headless with our inability to use magic properly but I think your 10 point statement was even more headless!!!! But sure, don't really expect any different

In_da_ditch (UK) - Posts: 141 - 15/09/2019 22:55:56    2235863


JHC - Ballela
IHC - Bredagh
SHC - Portaferry

What's everyone else's predictions?

Hurler2012 (Down) - Posts: 9 - 16/09/2019 08:17:29    2235915