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Fermanagh League Football 2013

The 2013 Division 1 and 2 Senior Football Leagues will get underway on Sunday, April 14.

The Erne Cup starts a week earlier on Saturday, April 6. The preliminary round games of the Senior Football Championship will be played over the weekend of July 25-27.

There are only seven teams taking part in the Reserve A Championship with Teemore having a bye into the semi-final. The three quarter-finals are: Newtownbutler v Enniskillen Gaels; Devenish v Derrygonnelly; Roslea v Tempo.

The draw for the first round of Reserve B Championship is: Belcoo v Erne Gaels; Tempo v Ederney; Derrylin v Kinawley; Coa v Lisnaskea; St. Patrick's v Derrygonnelly; Belnaleck v Maguiresbridge; Brookeboro v Irvinestown.

Aughdrumsee, who have received a bye into the quarter-final, will face the winners of Tempo v Ederney.

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 18/02/2013 09:54:20    1335422


any chance of promotion from div 3

royalflyer (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 21/02/2013 16:57:24    1337401


I wonder will they play any games over the summer months this year?

solano (None) - Posts: 501 - 22/02/2013 11:47:08    1337705


27/02/2013 11:04:17
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Are the senior league fixtures made yet or where can one see the fixture list for the coming year? Will they appear on the Fermanagh web site?

If the senior league games commence the week after Easter you would have thought the fixtures would be sorted by now?

Im looking forward to a great season for Enniskillen Gaels and their return to their rightful place in division one.

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 27/02/2013 16:49:02    1339952


My thoughts on the coming year and its only my opinion...
tempo-best team last year and deserving double winners, but can see them falling short this year, if teams would stop conceding frees against them they struggle for scores... Top 4 but no championship...
Roslea- disappointing year for them last year and they will be keen to bounce back... Top 4 and my favourites for championship..
Lisnaskea- had a good season last year but just came up short when medals were been handed out.. Tough draw in championship so think they will be there or abouts but no championship will be in top 6
St Josephs- very impressive league form last year but same old story in championship didn't perform on day.. Should be in top 6 but won't be about in business time in championship..
Devenish-very disappointing year by there standards last year, fancy them to be in top 4 this year and will go close in championship..
Erne Gaels a solid year for the potters last year.. Won't be in top 6 but should be safe could get a big performance in championship but won't win it..
Belcoo-very poor year from the lads who talk the talk but still haven't won a championship match never mind a championship, fancy there league form to improve and could get in top4 but will be same old excuse come championship just haven't got the steel.
Harps- another poor year for the harps last year after dethroning roslea, will be safe and come championship time they could beat anyone, could be there or abouts but will come up short,
St pats-big year for yoyo men really need to stay up this year if there going push on, no championship but have a great chance of staying up
Brian brous-will find the difference in quality to much in div 1, could be competitive but will go down and certainly no championship..
Newtown- should get promoted but not certs, will give roslea there fill of it but will come up short
Teemore-great championship tradition but will find devenish have too much for them, between them and Gaels for 2 nd spot

League-tempo championship roslea promotion Newtown and teemore.. Relegation Brian brous and erne Gaels.

kasier (Fermanagh) - Posts: 6 - 28/02/2013 11:51:40    1340238


kasier you state "St Josephs- very impressive league form last year but same old story in championship didn't perform on day.. Should be in top 6 but won't be about in business time in championship".........Your statement is relying on outdated information from the 2012 season therefore it begs the question as to how you can be so premature and immature in your analysis. From what I know, St Joe's players have embarked for some time now upon an intensive fitness programme and are likely have the fittest team in the county that will be fielding in the forthcoming league. They will have learned from their errors late in the 2012 season as their skill and performance should have resulted in silverware in both the league and championship. To say Tempo will fall apart illustrates your lack of team knowledge and your positive remarks about Derrygonnelly proves you don't have a notion your a blathering regarding other club teams stinks of something out of the macca poster mouth. The only analysis I agree with is about Roslea but not for the reasons you suggest. Roslea will probably peak this season as it is believed to be McGinnity's last season and several of his players are about the best in the county hence their county senior team places. Finally, what evidence have you to believe that Newtown will get promoted?

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 205 - 28/02/2013 17:30:47    1340501


Weekending 3rd March, 2013

MFL C 2013
Sun, 03 Mar,
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: St Marys Park, (Round: Round 3), Tempo Maguires 3-10 Belnaleck Art McMurroughs 4-7
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Belcoo, (Round: Round 3), Belcoo O'Rahilly's 2-12 Devenish St Mary's 4-10

U14 A 2013
Sat, 02 Mar,
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: St Marys Park, (Round: Round 2), Tempo Maguires 1-3 Enniskillen Gaels 10-16
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Derrygonnelly, (Round: Round 2), Derrygonnelly Harps 4-6 St Joseph's Ederney 3-6

U14 FL B 2013
Sat, 02 Mar,
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Brookeboro, (Round: Round 2), Brookeboro Heber McMahons 5-12 Maguiresbridge St Mary's 4-10
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Derrylin, (Round: Round 2), Derrylin OConnells 1-12 Teemore Shamrocks 4-10
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Lisnaskea, (Round: Round 2), Lisnaskea Emmetts 6-10 Belcoo O'Rahilly's 2-2
Sun, 03 Mar,
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Belnaleck, (Round: Round 2), Belnaleck Art McMurroughs 12-14 Aghadrumsee St McCartans 0-4

U14 FL C
Sat, 02 Mar,
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Newtownbutler GAA, (Round: Round 2), Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs 0-0 Roslea Shamrocks 0-0
Sat, 02 Mar, Venue: Brewster Park, (Round: Round 2), Enniskillen Gaels 0-0 Coa O'Dwyer's 0-0

MFL A 2013
Sun, 03 Mar,
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: St. Mary's GFC, (Round: Round 3), Maguiresbridge St Mary's 1-7 Lisnaskea Emmetts 0-14
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Brewster Park, (Round: Round 3), Enniskillen Gaels 1-7 St Patrick's Donagh 2-8
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Aughadrumsee, (Round: Round 3), Aghadrumsee St McCartans 1-4 St Joseph's Ederney 2-11

MFL B 2013
Sun, 03 Mar,
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Irvinestown, (Round: Round 3), Irvinestown St Molaises 6-9 Brookeboro Heber McMahons 3-14
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: St Marys Park, (Round: Round 3), Teemore Shamrocks 4-12 Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs 6-10
Sun, 03 Mar, Venue: Derrygonnelly, (Round: Round 3), Derrygonnelly Harps 2-9 Kinawley Brian Borus 0-10

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 04/03/2013 16:51:54    1342601