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Tomas O'Se and D Connolly been 'targeted'

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Dude, I'm thinking of going for a spot of fishing later this afternoon, If I could just get some decent bait i'd be laughin. Any suggestions ? You seem to be the catch king on HS ? You and Ulsterman in anyways.

waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 13515 - 16/08/2016 14:02:25    1901804


My post is accurate wayoI. There is no fishing involved there. Read the article, it backs up what I said 100%. Pointing out the truth to people peddling waffle isn't fishing, it is just calling it straight. If you want to have a go at anyone, start with the guy started claiming that Connolly's punch was deemed acceptable.

TheMaster (Mayo) - Posts: 16187 - 16/08/2016 15:03:21    1901867