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Stephen Cluxton - the Glorious 12th

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The legend picked up his 12th Leinster title today.

The greatest Dublin footballer in terms of influence on his team of all time.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 12847 - 17/07/2016 19:43:22    1884935


Well done Stephen you will go down as the greatest goalkeeper of all time.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9926 - 18/07/2016 11:41:02    1885384


A future county manager, he is a class act, brilliant on/off pitch a real hero in the eys of many.

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 4215 - 19/07/2016 09:13:20    1886023


without a doubt the best keeper iv ever seen, noone has ever had such an influence on the game or on his team, and he is a gentleman

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 1744 - 19/07/2016 10:00:32    1886045