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my prediction is dublin to falter. Lose in first round a leinster and all ireland be relagated from leauge and then dispose a gilroy n get a proper manager and win sam the very next year

paudi (Meath) - Posts: 681 - 09/10/2008 11:36:37    116108


Baker, it's a successful company don't forget!

an absolute joke.

no.10 (Dublin) - Posts: 125 - 09/10/2008 12:06:50    116150


As no formal announcement has been made yet maybe its best to hold fire for the moment.
You never know perhaps the DCB will dubfound us with some amazingly progressive thinking

bluejay (Dublin) - Posts: 47 - 09/10/2008 13:18:57    116250


The Vincents mafia are the reason Gilroy will be the next Dublin Manager, god this means we are going to have to watch Mossy Quinn kick all the important free kicks over the next 3 years. Why not Paul Bealin, Mick Deegan or someone from outside of dublin, but surely the dublin players and fans deservre a manager with some managerial experience. No disrespect meant to Pat Gilroy, I wish him the best of luck, but his appointment as dublin manager is a joke.

PJ (None) - Posts: 2288 - 09/10/2008 13:31:35    116273


This has 'Stephen Staunton' written all over it!

God help us.

Laughing.Gravy (Dublin) - Posts: 404 - 09/10/2008 15:06:01    116393


It could be a face Gilroy taking on all the media duties Whelan to manage the team - but agree with the "Vincents Mafia" comment - god help us Quinn will start from now on - does not contribute enough from play to justify his starting position, cant kick 45 or sidelines would have no confidence in him even for a 21 yard free in front of the posts when the pressure is on - good club player that where its ends - only plus is Ger Brennan will now start -

Not that I do not want this management team to succeed - but I think it was a bad decision by DCB, even if Gilroy is only the face - what will he contribute to the set up, no senior management experience at all - at a time when players where stating they had no issues with a man from outside the capital taking charge the county takes a step back by appointing a man from within again - DCB has taken a step back and player and club favouritism will continue - I hope this will not happen but I don't see a Sam within this management - I hope to god my words come back to bite me.

DON (Dublin) - Posts: 120 - 09/10/2008 15:59:32    116446


Well suprise suprise the DCB hasn't come up with anything remotely progressive.
Gilroy is young and from what I hear a hugely enthusiastic and smart guy and perhaps deserves a chance sometime but maybe not now. But Mickey Whelan is old news at county level, he had his chance before and was he any use? NO!.....
Typical DCB living in the past again, I suppose there is no point in criticising these gentlemen as we are the fools that elect them. The future is bleak I think, but I pray that I'm wrong.

bluejay (Dublin) - Posts: 47 - 10/10/2008 07:21:04    116779


Firstly, I wish Gilroy and his managemnt team the very best of luck.
Now, at the risk of being shot I should mention that I'm not from Vincent's I'm a Naomh Barrog man.
We need to remember a few things....True, Gilroy has no previous managerial exp but neither did Pat O'Neill, the last manager to win an A.I. for Dublin. Gilroy was very much involved in the management of Vincent's A.I. Club Win.
Whelan came in after O'Neill and was ahead of his time, so much so that the players didn't have faith in his new training methods, fast foward 5 yrs and those same players were starting to use those methods with their own clubs (read Dessie's book 'Tangled Up in Blue')
Finally, Pat Gilroy was down to the last two nominees for the position of Chief Executive of the GAA last year. That is a huge endorsement of the man. He definitely must have something upstairs, hopefully it's the right stuff to bring Sam back to the Dubs.
I for one will be watching the League with keen interest.

RUBADUB (Dublin) - Posts: 477 - 10/10/2008 12:00:31    116929


Check out post 5 on page one of this thread, then look at the date is was posted!!!


(Not really but whoever Bruno is/was, i have no memory of him, but what a call!!)

Liamwalkinstown (Dublin) - Posts: 8156 - 04/10/2016 15:17:09    1922429


How do you find these old threads? I'd love to read the posts after the 06 semi v Mayo ? Or 08 and 09 threads after our hammerings.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9926 - 05/10/2016 13:58:09    1922844


I..... Uhm..... Have my ways........ :)

Liamwalkinstown (Dublin) - Posts: 8156 - 05/10/2016 17:07:02    1922950