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Poor display this evening, but no complaints on being beaten by a much better and physically stronger team. No consistency at present, tonights performance akin to the team game (regardless what moyna says). Referee poor for both sides, however did not impact result. I hope laverys black card appealed as "high taclle" is a yellow card, not black, and as this is his 2nd black, two week ban looming. Without lavery, and madine so deep, no target man in the inside fiorwards, Johnson hit too many wides to be effective. Good to see ambrose back, needs more game time to get upto match fitness. On performance this year we are a div 2 side, and from this base we must build.

Burnsey (Down) - Posts: 559 - 29/03/2014 21:44:32    1566813


Awful stuff yesterday. I can accept getting beat by Meath, it's the dog awful brand of football / rugby league we play nowadays I find difficult to stomach. Truly awful slow lethargic build up play allowed Meath all the time in the world to get themselves organised and gain turnovers during the game.

artisan (Down) - Posts: 1756 - 30/03/2014 08:39:03    1566825


"Tuam" not "team"

Burnsey (Down) - Posts: 559 - 30/03/2014 09:33:05    1566829



The attacking tactics were cringe worthy.. Down were well capable of working ball up.the field but then hit a wall and Meath sat back and waited for the miss pass or go in for the tackle.

Down were rewarded for their straight running at the flanks but never exploited it throughout.

Over all I think you had 7/8 scores from frees. Half of which were very soft from the referee.

Either way I think both teams are Div.2 teams not yet placed for Div.1 football.

We should both be safe in this tight division

Royalio11 (Meath) - Posts: 744 - 30/03/2014 12:18:07    1566884


Those who are criticising our style of play need to remember why it was introduced. We were one of the last counties in the top two divisions to stick with man to man marking and something close to a traditional 6-2-6 formation. When we got hammered by Donegal in the 2012 Ulster final, and even more clinically taken apart by Mayo in the AI quarter final of the same year, it was obvious that we had to change. Our new approach may not be pretty to watch, but it keeps us competitive.

It is also the case that our forwards work exceptionally hard but do not really have the flair that we had up front in the 1990s. Switching to more attacking tactics could only work if Clarke and Mooney returned from Australia, which seems years away if it ever happens.

Down put in a huge effort last night without playing particularly well. A number of inept passes late on and a couple of bad misses in front of goal cost us at least a draw, and a mid-table finish is probably about right for us.

MourneRising (Down) - Posts: 238 - 30/03/2014 13:24:28    1566919


Soccer is impacting our game too much. This holding the ball which improves your possession statistics rarely wins matches. Last night we went two yards forward and then twenty yards back and in the meantime the Meath defence was set up to repel any attack. It made awful watching. I thought Laverty was unlucky and in my opinion it wasn't a black card - why would he deliberately pull a defender down where he did - the ref got it wrong. Also Garvey was unlucky too for his black card. If Laverty did it deliberately in that part of the field then he needs a good kick up the backside - Laverty is too smart for that - he got pinged by an overzealour ref. It was a yellow card full stop.

anduna (Down) - Posts: 210 - 30/03/2014 16:57:10    1567054


First black card was a neck high challenge should have been yellow/ could have just as easily been red! Not a black it wasnt cynical its was just stupid and dangerous.

The second was a stone wall black card.. Graham Reilly was running through the defence and was rugby tackled from behind. There is a picture of the challenge on the Match Report

Royalio11 (Meath) - Posts: 744 - 30/03/2014 18:31:52    1567178


Down's inconsistency frustrates me! We haven't won Ulster since '94 and we're not going to win it this year. We struggle away from Newry, what hope do we have in Omagh? Very little on the evidence of our most recent away games. Tyrone are division 1, playing at a higher standard and we're deservedly mid-table division 2, dogged by inconsistency. Granted we have brought through young players who need time, our older players need to step up to the plate. Ambrose back will be a huge bonus, but he can't win us games on his own. Our forward line are firing blanks, it's possibly the poorest Ive been from a Down forward line in a long time. Individually they are great talents, but we are too reliant on Donal O'Hare. If he has an off day or gets injured, then we struggle for scores. I don't blame James McCartan, I don't think there is any manager available who is better equipped for the Down job. I blame the years of neglect towards our under-age structure, is you could even call it a structure? Tyrone are the benchmark. Cavan has followed their methods and are beginning to reap the benefits. Cavan will win Ulster again before we do, they are certainly taking strides in the right direction which is promising for their supporters. We're going no where.

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 31/03/2014 15:15:44    1567849


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"Soccer is impacting our game too much. This holding the ball which improves your possession statistics rarely wins matches. Last night we went two yards forward and then twenty yards back and in the meantime the Meath defence was set up to repel any attack."

Zonal defending - it's always been part of the game, you can't blame soccer for that, it's just that it's never been so well organised. You have to be able to hold the ball up on the 40 now and play around the cover. I understand the frustration, Down were at their best on Saturday when they kicked it long and launched some sweet counter-attacks against us in the first half but they lacked any real sense of urgency. That's down to the players more than the system.

Madine and O'Hare look like real finds so it hasn't been a bad League for you. The Ulster Championship will be some contest this year. Best of luck.

HighKing81 (Meath) - Posts: 129 - 02/04/2014 11:24:24    1569097