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Kilcoo V Ballinderry

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Commiserations to Kilcoo after their defeat yesterday. In my opinion a few things combined led to Kilcoo's downfall in the Ulster Championship.. Firstly, im sure everyone will agree that a major factor was two extra time games in a row against a seasoned team like Crossmaglen. The fittest team in the world would have been tired coming into yesterdays game after that battle. Leading on from that point i think the Ulster council needs to look at giving teams a break especially after what Kilcoo had just been through. To do what Kilcoo had to do three weeks in a row is a huge ask from any team. Clonoe had the same issue, one week after winning Tyrone they played Ballinderry. Its a big ask.
Secondly, Im sure the die hard Kilcoo supporters would admit that regardless of tired legs etc the team just werent good enough at times. Wasteful going forward, crowding the forward line and often the wrong ball played in to the full forward line. When a long early ball was played in or inside the 50 wasnt crowded when Kilcoo ran at them it often resulted in a score. Thirdly, remember Ballinderry are a very experienced Ulster championship side and this is their third year in a row in the competition. Kilcoo have now two consectutive years experience behind them and im sure they will be keen to revisit Ulster next year when the dust settles. Playing seasoned Ulster campaigners is tough and thats what Ballinderry are. Even with 13 men they looked like they have the numerical advantage. At times, as you would expect, Kilcoo turned over possesion due to that advantage but could not make it count on the score board. Overall they should be very proud off their season and they were certainly great Down representatives. A very young and hungry side i have no doubt they will be back in the near future. Good luck in 2014.

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Yea, it's a pity they went out in thie manner they did. I had high expectations for Kilcoo. I was listening on the radio and for much of the 2nd half I believed they would use the extra men to engineer a goal, but in the end the better team won. No point making excuses now so they'll have to settle with being county champions for another year. Good luck to Ballinderry going forward.

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