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I am writing this message when i should be currently watching the show piece of our county championship.

Whoever is in charge of the county's social media platforms needs to consider their position.

The first issue is that the game was never advertised as being streamed online. This is despite people asking on numerous occasions on various different platforms if it would. Then on the official twitter page on the day of the county final it was stated that "none of the games will be streamed today".

Literally 30 minutes later, a stream appears on the Official Down GAA Facebook and then twitter.

But for some strange reason they have decided to change the location of the camera to the terrace side of the ground and the stream is absolutely horrendous. Out of the first half I have seen around 10 mins of action and having to refresh the page all the time.

I know these are first world problems but i am living abroad like many others I like to tune in and watch the talent on display in our county. The games have been steamed now for a few weeks and there has never been much of an issue. I would think for the county final that they would ensure a high quality service and stream was provided. I would happily pay £5 to watch it.

Finally to add some bitter irony to the whole matter, we our sponsored by an IT Solutions.

Honestly, you couldn't make it up at times.

SouthLDN_Spud_Murphy (UK) - Posts: 5 - 13/10/2019 16:42:14    2243169