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Anger sourcing match tickets

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Galway v Roscommon tickets going on sale Monday, what are the chances of an non season ticket holders being able to get a stand ticket.

heartbroken (Galway) - Posts: 312 - 02/07/2017 22:29:39    2009260


Good. Best bet is to run into the stadium tomorrow morning.

Diabhal (Galway) - Posts: 167 - 02/07/2017 22:37:22    2009265


Anyone booking Ed Sheeran tickets are entitled to purchase two stand tickets for the Connacht final, I got mine yesterday. Not sure how true it is though that he will sing Amhrain na bFhiann & perform at half time in the Connacht final.

moc.dna (Galway) - Posts: 1000 - 03/07/2017 01:58:07    2009315


On the day the tickets went on sale I tried a number of Super Valu shops including Tuam to be told that there were no stand tickets left/available.
Got one from the mobile ticket van at the pitch yesterday and was told by the seller that a large number of unsold tickets were returned by the shops on Saturday. From my seat I could see dozens of free seats, which were later taken by supporters fleeing the rain in the second half. I imagine many who could not source a stand ticket stayed at home..

giveitlong (Galway) - Posts: 997 - 10/07/2017 09:38:59    2013705