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Clare's squad looks very healthy now better than most other teams it appears

The players that are injured Paul Flanagan John Conlon David Mcinerney Conor Ryan Oisin O' Brien as well as that we have have Colin Ryan Peter Duggan Bobby Duggan Gearoid O Connell Seanha Moreyon the bench a lot of serious talent there.

Even though Aaron Cunningham had a mixed game on Sunday you would be pleased in a way that management gave him full match as he is a confidence player but he must stay at 13 to be effective, I thought that Darach Hoan & Shane O Donnell were indulged to have been kept on so long even thought Darach did come good at the end.

You feel like the person who said "the king has no clothes" when ever you talk about Shane O Donnell but being honost when has he shone bar the 2013 All Ireland and last years league games against Kilkenny he makes little contribution to Eire Og and has often not started for UCC i am bored with this tactic of playing him in an isolated forward role. Certain players are the managers favourites and he stands by them which is neither right or fair to other players on the panel.

We will be in the top 4 to win All Ireland with Tipp Kilkenny Waterford i feel

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 532 - 10/05/2016 11:40:36    1853529


Ya lohan i have changed my opinion on reidy. Previously i was unsure but he has really impressed recently and is nailed on now in my mind!
I think honan and colin ryan are more or less at the same level - i just think ryan suits our gameplan better..
I defended o'donnell here a few weeks ago and i will again now. Playing as a lone forward is a thankless job, but last year against limerick he caused them all sorts of problems, he was very sharp and was one of our best players. He was similarly sharp in the cork game but he just didnt get enough ball.
I did say here last week that i didnt think he should start as he didnt look bac to sharpness when brought on the first day. Hes never going to be a grear points scorer but 1 on 1 id back him 9/10 to find the net as he has that x factor for goals. He is also one of the best forwards around to lay the ball off to better positioned teammates. I think we will see him at his best if he is used in a 2 man full forward line with conlon..

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 10/05/2016 17:26:12    1853737


perhaps it may be one of the most difficult championships to predict - can Waterford beat Clare? - can Cork beat Tipp? - will KK win Leinster or can Galway have a magic day? - perhaps the back-door system will throw Clare against Tipp, can Tipp beat Clare? - and Cork beat KK?

Galway vs Cork in one semi-final and WD versus Tipp in the other - everything is possible - this is not a prediction but everything is possible

Tony Kelly saved Clare's bacon two games on the trot - you cannot expect that every day out (as we know with Joe Canning) that Tony will save the day in the 4th minute of additional time - both Clare and Galway will have to show great improvement throughout the field and not be dependent on marquee forwards to get them out of jail like last Sunday or the Gal v Tipp semi-final 2015

at least consider that one of Cork, Limerick or Galway will have a big big say in Championship 2016

TouchOfClass (Galway) - Posts: 730 - 11/05/2016 09:59:46    1853859


People are writing off cork, myself included. But on paper they have some excellent forwards - harnedy, lehane, horgan and cadogan. Backs are poor though and will ultimatley cost them. As well as possible a lack of tactical nous..

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 11/05/2016 20:12:38    1854202


Cork cannot be as clueless in defence as they were last few years, i think they will play with an extra man back there and also in middle and leave the 4 lads up top. i still think Tipp will beat them but they could be dangerous thru the back door.

a lot of teams might fancy the long route this year. You can beat playing games every week. its 4 weeks from our semi to the final if we win, then antoehr 5/6 weeks to semi, utter madness

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 12/05/2016 09:59:55    1854257


Foeget the long route, this team are 13/14 unbeaten this year and need 4 more wins for immortality. That should be their focus.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 12/05/2016 12:45:55    1854356


i agree lohan, i was us to win it the front door but i am making a valid point about the time in between games. last time a munster team won the province and the all ireland was in 2005! if we do that, coupled with league title then total legendary status in Clare awaits!

Hon The Banner

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 12/05/2016 14:14:29    1854397


In not so sure that stat holds up clareman. Yes you are right that no munster champion has won the all ireland since 2005. But the main reason for this is - Kilkenny. The best team wins each year, just because kilkenny have been almost completely dominant doesnt mean that winning munster is any less advantageous.. Win or lose in munster, kilkenny are still going to be on the other side waiting in leinster. Tipp are the only team to have eliminated them in 10 years.. Twice in 10 years teams that have not won munster have won the all ireland. But then again there are more losers than winners, so the law of averages would say that when there are 5 reasonably well matched team there is a better chance of one of 4 teams winning than there is of one other team winning. I hope that long winded explanation makes sense!!

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 12/05/2016 16:25:07    1854461


One of the biggest differernce between this year and and last was that last year we found ways to lose close games, while this year we have learned to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.One difference between the t wo years was that Donal Og was added to the managemet team.i think he deserves a lot of credit.He even has managed to calm Davy down on the sideline!!!!!!

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 12/05/2016 16:35:43    1854465


100% agree boru. That is the big difference this year, we probably havent been as bad as people have been saying over the past 2 years, because most of the games we lost there was only a single point in it. But this year we are winning those games and coming dead back from the dead in some games!!

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 13/05/2016 08:24:37    1854549


Hex,I take your point but in 07,08, 10, 13,14,15 the munster champions lost to counties other than KK at the semi final stage, so I dont think KK are the reason, in fact, i think KK have benefited from the system as they can peak in august, while if wanna be top dogs in munster you do not have that luxury. My point is that the munster champs tend to be sitting ducks for teams on a roll coming thru the qualifiers.

I hope i am wrong but i am only making a valid point! if we lose to waterford, i obviously hope the trend continues and we do a 2013 but a really want to win munster, its been too long since 98 and our record in the province is frankly pathetic since Loughane's great team.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 13/05/2016 09:13:16    1854558


Thats an interesting point actually, i didnt know that so many times munster winnets were beaten by teams other than kilkenny..
I still think though that if a team is good enough they will win. As you say winning leinster hadnt done kilkenny any harm. Similary winning leinster hasnt done dublin footballers any harm..
The reason for this is they have been the best teams. Best teams dont worry about long layoffs they just go out and get the job done.
I think anyway that all of us would love to go out and prove that "theory" wrong and win the 2 of them!!

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 13/05/2016 10:21:09    1854579


I think the biggest difference between this year and last is confidence. Its a vital ingredient for winning games, close or not. Clare have really gained in confidence bit by bit since the Limerick game. They were better the next day against Tipp, and again against Kilkenny and while the first day against Waterford wasnt pretty, they stuck with it and managed to get it to extra time. Last weekend speaks for itself.

Its only May though - Cork, Tipp, Limerick, Kilkenny and Galway have all gone into hiding and some of them will come into the Championship with a massive bang. Can Clare keep improving and match any team on any day - that's the question?

Ban (Westmeath) - Posts: 1055 - 13/05/2016 14:15:21    1854675


So, aWATERORD official feel they were '' robbed'' in the replay,and even suggested hat the referee should resign .Not a week goes by when the referee is not blamed by one side or the other, In the drawn game,the previous week Clare could have complained loudly about the controversial free that was given and then the ball wa advanced many yards from the place of the foul. I think that theofficial who felt Waterford were robbed might want to review the whole game again. Neutral observors who do will realize the Deise were treated very fairly, Personally i noticed two times, when frees unjustly given to Waterford resulted in points. A s the old saying goes ;;it all depends on whose ass is gored.'''

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 13/05/2016 18:11:21    1854757


ban i think we definitely can improve - a lot in my opinion. looking back over the last 5 games we only really played well in one of them - the kilkenny game. against limerick we laboured to victory in third gear against 14 men without ever really having to do a whole lot to get the result. against tipp it was a poor enough game - tipp missed a lot, particularly frees. kilkenny was our big performance where we really showed what we can do - and that was with only a cameo from kelly, conlon not at 100% and no davy mac.. first day against waterford was a very poor game and second game against waterford we were arguably second best for the majority of the game.

so overall i think we have a lot more improving to do, we have the confidence of winning games and we have the talent. once we have a full panel available we can up it another 20 - 30% i think.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 14/05/2016 10:53:10    1854831


There were quiet a few surprises in the Clare championship Cratloe & Bridge beaten as well as Ballyea

Best forward on view over weekend was Martin Duggan of Clooney, he was outstanding Davy might have a look at him even though he is based in London.

Aaron Cunningham was unfortunate to do his hamstring he was playing well for Shannon too wish him the best with his recovery great win for Feakle well done to Val Donnellan

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 532 - 16/05/2016 11:35:36    1855230


hamstring? did he pull it? if so, he must be serious doubt for waterford game?

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 16/05/2016 17:10:18    1855415


Yeah Aaron Cunningham did pull or tear the hamstring so he will be in a race for time heard it could be 4-6 weeks that would rule him out of first round you felt that he was coming good too as an inside corner forward hopefully its wont be too bad he is most unfortiunate with that hamstring .
Having attended a number of the championship matched the hurling was very good ecpecially the Clooney/Inagh Kilnamona which produced a great game Peter Duggan & Colin Ryan on following day were both very good for their Clubs Domhnall O Donovan & Jamie Roughan of Wolfe Tones were best backs on view

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 532 - 17/05/2016 12:28:57    1855611


Its really hard on aaron cunningham to have pulled his hamstring again.. I dont know if its been the same one each time but thats at least his third time pulling a hamstring. There was last year and then he also missed the under 21 all ireland final in 2013 after doing the hamstring in the semi. Huge blow to him personally, he had that one really outstanding first half against kilkenny, but other than that i honestly dont think he had been good enough - and certainly not consistent enough. It is a blow to the team but not on the same level of a blow as conlon and mcinerney are. I think may have struggled to get into the team the next day anyway.. Nevertheless hopefully we see arron back in action asap.

John conlon has had his protective boot removed, apparently just at the weekend. Now im certainly no medical expert so does anyway know if it is possible to be match fit after this kind of injury 3 weeks after having the boot removed?

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 18/05/2016 08:55:36    1855842


Conlon will be fit for june the 5th, Boot camp thiis weekend,,

hoppingball (Galway) - Posts: 963 - 18/05/2016 10:42:11    1855889