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its not like i dont follow the games buddy, it just doesnt really matter to me when we are not involved. oh and thanks bud i will enjoy the "break" haha - i wasnt playing you know!!

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 02/08/2015 19:18:58    1762675


HE are you from north Limerick city? :D

blackspot91 (Limerick) - Posts: 959 - 04/08/2015 21:59:31    1764072


missed the game as i was on hols so only watched it last night, we lost out in middle third, and limerick were better up front, deserved it in the end. we have had a good run of it in last few years at this level, time now for us to translate it into titles at senior level. NO MORE EXCUSES

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 05/08/2015 10:07:52    1764131


naa blackspot see there where it says county- it says clare beside it ;)

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 05/08/2015 20:14:05    1764699


Clareman I have to say I am surprised. Clare have won 3 AIs in a row and came within 3 points of winning a fourth Munster in a row. To my mind that is a record that will never be matched by any county with a pick the size of Clares. Im stunned that this thread hasnt been full of congratulations and compliments for Moloney and Co. its a bit like ye are only interested when ye are winning. As a Limerick man I will say maith thu Donal Moloney your record speaks for itself and I doubt what you have achieved is ever likely to be matched. To get to within 3 points of winning a munster with your fourth team at U 21 is most impressive. Clare were a very well coached and drilled team.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 05/08/2015 21:22:14    1764741


disillusioned that's a great post ....what donal moloney and Gerry o connor have achieved is something special its only when I look bk at the 3 yrs from 2000 to 2002 I see what limerick achieved under dave keane was unbelievable. not a single congratulations to the management from a clare supporter on here is quite abiding memories of the last 3 yrs is those huge nights in ennis massive crowds and unreal atmosphere.

munsterchamps (Limerick) - Posts: 846 - 06/08/2015 12:42:49    1764990


DF read my posts on Donal Maloney after the waterford game..i praised him to the heights and said it was our best win at this level in recent years. in Fact, I WANT HIM TO BE NEXT CALRE SENIOR MANAGER. my pont is that there is point in winning underage if it is not turned into senior success. ye in limerick kno that. To say we are only interested in winning is total nonsense, i support clare every where, missed one league game and went to nearly all the gaem sin the old division 2.

strange post from you i have to say

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 06/08/2015 13:33:41    1765041


clareman he's post isn't specifically having a go at you its to clare posters on here.

munsterchamps (Limerick) - Posts: 846 - 06/08/2015 13:44:35    1765049


alos clare have a bigger population that KK and Waterford so in my mind we have underachieved for decades. When people talk about great structures in clare i laugh, we have very little as our county board is a mess. All this underage success is down to people like maloney, o connor, jim mac, seanie macmahom, john minogue as well as great work done by clubs like cratloe, clonlara, ballyea who traditionally were small clubs but now providing 12/15 playrs to country seniors team. All we ask for now is leadership at the top and NO MORE OF THE NONSENSE OF THE LAST 2 WEEKS. That is the crux of my original post.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 06/08/2015 13:45:41    1765052


fair enough munsterchamps. i am just annoyed at some of the stuff going on in clare right now. Bandwagoners and glory hunters are the least of my worries. As Jamesie said in the indo few weeks ago, there are 2 types of clare fans, the summer jump alongs and the real hurling folks (5000 or less id say) who have had enough. Its no coincidence that some of the best brains in clare hurling are working outside the county to great effect. ye give out bout yer CB in Limerick, i would take yers over ours all day long!

On a side note i hope ye beat Galway as Limerick v Wexford is the final everyone wants to see.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 06/08/2015 14:20:14    1765073


Clareman I am paying Clare a compliment or at least paying the hurling people of Clare. Munster champs is right I wasn't having a go at you at all. I'm having a go at all the so called fans who haven't posted one single note of well done to moloney on a great achievement. I agree with you on bandwagoners every county has them but yeres let Clare down in my view. I don't like going to Clare games of late hard to stomach the Johnny come latelys it is obvious they know nothing about the game and they are as bad to listen to as any I have heard.
Clare I think have 60 clubs some of whom unlike Kilkenny are football only or football first clubs. In my opinion no county with a pick like that will match Clare's record of last 4 years. Just a pity Maloney doesn't appear to get the credit in his own county.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 06/08/2015 15:17:56    1765120


Fair enough Df, I take your point. Most genuine CLare fans would give him and O Connor huge credit, as for the rest of them, i couldnt care less as they dont even go to games yet go on clare fm asking for mgmt to be sacked! they should go and watch premier league soccer

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 06/08/2015 17:24:20    1765250


its unfair to say that we are only interested when winning - but i would say we are only interested in winning!! we have come to expect those standards, these morale victories are no longer something we should consider in clare. as that is a negative outlook. winning is everything - every player, member of management and supporter is only in it to win.

with regard to congratulating donal moloney, i can assure you that the majority of clare supporters have huge respect for him and has been immensely proud of what he, his backroom team and his players have achieved over the last 6 years for our county. just because a few people haven't mentioned it on a forum doesn't mean that he hasnt gotten the respect of clare people. i just hope he stays on and brings forward the next group of players. as he has shown that it is not just the talented players that are winning the games but they have a very good manager behind them as well.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 09/08/2015 10:30:46    1766324


i think he will stay hex and judging by his comments he has high hopes or next years bunch again. to me he must be in line for the senior job when it comes up again (whenever the hell that is).

ive been watching a lot of club championship and to me Paul Flanagan is one of defenders in clare. he is a tight marker and has had 2 super gaems now. he is also a leader and has a bit of bite and arrogance about him, i think he got a raw deal of fitz in the league, esp considering who occupied the corner back slots for those games.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 10/08/2015 13:40:47    1767250


I firstly want to commend our intermediate team on a great win last night. The lads showed great fight to not die when reduced to 14 early in the second half. Great to see that and great to grt another title under the belt against what looked like a superior team on paper. Some really exciing prospects on that team such as aidan mcguane, jason mccarthy and kevin hehir.
With this being preminately an under 21 team, im going to try predict the team for next wednesday nights under 21 game against waterford;

Vaughan looks likely to hold off quilligan at this stage, i didnt actually know of vaughan before this year but he has impressed.
We are struggling for a full back here, mcguane is an excellent hurler who i would prefer at no 6 but i think he might be our best option at full back. Maybe downey might get the nod though allowing mcguane to move out to 6.
Im not sure if ian galvin will be fit as he has been struggling with injuries, so hopefully he can make it.
Others who wont be far away are tuohy, morey, moloney, crehan, cooney.
Hopefully the couple of seniors can stand up and lead this team to victory - those being fitzgerald, shanagher and in particular bobby duggan who is the most established name on this team.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 07/07/2016 11:29:11    1877778


1 player i forgot to mention is stephen ward who will more than likely start if fit. Chances are at least one of him or galvin wont make it.
Also quilligan is over age so it wont be him challenging vaughan for the no 1 jersey..

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 07/07/2016 11:57:55    1877809


Another thing to point out is that one of the o'gormans in the above team should be fitzgerald. And he actually could be the one to fill the full back position, as he played there before at minor level and under 21 last year. So he is maybe the most likely one to fill the no 3 jersey.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 07/07/2016 12:19:20    1877834


We are always struggling at full back at under 21 level it seems

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 07/07/2016 13:32:10    1877889


Replying To LohansRedHelmet:  "We are always struggling at full back at under 21 level it seems"
Id be interested in your opinion but i think its a very specialist position. Do you think its the most didficult position to master?

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 07/07/2016 14:19:56    1877933


Replying To hurlingexpert:  "Id be interested in your opinion but i think its a very specialist position. Do you think its the most didficult position to master?"
Actually no. I think center back is the most difficult position on the pitch to master.

I am not sure what it is about Clare but we have had a necessity to create full and center backs over the last few years. David McInerney was a midfielder as was Colin Ryan. Pat O Connor was always a wing/center back but is now a full back. Cian Dillon is the only current natural full back in the Clare team and he is generally played in the corner or as a sweeper.

Full back is certainly one of the more difficult positions to master but in my experience (i played full and corner back) if you kept your man quiet in this position you were deemed to have had a good game. The full forward would often not roam as much as a center forward either as they would be instructed to be near the goal mouth. The center back not only has to keep his man quiet but maintain a high level of spacial awareness to ensure there isnt a gaping hole through the middle. Clares first goal v Cork in the replay in 2013 is a key example of this. William Egan (I think was center back that day for Cork) allowed himself to be pulled out of position instead of holding his area and Donnellan was allowed a direct path to goal. In doing so, Egan immediately cost Cork at least a point, which ended up being a goal.

I dont believe the same pressure is on the full back.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 08/07/2016 01:38:35    1878272