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I am a Tipperary fan living in England and I came over to watch this game and I was absolutely disgusted by the behavior of Clare fans before and after the final whistle. YOU WERE A DISGRACE TO THE SPORT, YOURSELF AND YOUR COUNTY. Now the outcome of the match was definitely a disappointing one for Clare but any self-respecting sports fan will take defeat with dignity instead of behaving like children and becoming sore losers. From where I was sitting (next to the dugouts) it was evident that Clare supporters just COULD NOT TAKE losing or having lost. As soon as Clare were behind the Clare crowd resorted to booing Tipp players, abusing the ref and acting really pathetically. I was shocked when boos from the Clare crowds were deliberately started in an attempt to put of Tipperary players when taking sidelines and frees. But after the final whistle I just could not believe what I was seeing. NO referees/umpires should have to get escorts of the field of play - we owe a lot to these men - refereeing is no easy task and without them we would have no game at all. We went down onto the pitch for the 'presentation' and it was disgraceful. The chanting and booing from Clare fans when their president is making the speech is not only downright rude, it is also childish and pathetic. How can anybody dare throw broken hurleys at a winning team? My young sister was nearly in tears at this point because she was so scared and this is only the second GAA game she has been to. Full-grown adults were shouting and swearing in front of their young kids.

Clare fans you were a disgrace to hurling and everything it stands for and, whatever the refs decision or the result says, WITH THE ATTITUDE YOU HAVE YOU DESERVE TO LOSE.

SamiPremier (Tipperary) - Posts: 42 - 31/07/2008 10:10:17    61729


True, we reacted in an unacceptable manner but hold on here, you don't understand Clare's perspective. Clare have never won an U21 title. We were on a crest of a wave having demolished Cork and were the better team over a good Tipp side. It would have been our first title and it would have been unforgettable to win it in our own backyard too in front of our own fans. Then we win an obvious free that looks like it's gonna win us de match (admittedly there's 5 mins injury time) but it clearly puts us as odds-on favourites. Staring victory in the face. Then out of nowhere, this umpire has his arm out for a completely trivial offence. Yes rules are rules, but one has to learn common sense when applying these rules. I haven't referred to the official rulebook, but I'm pretty sure you technically cannot cancel a free on the basis of an offence being comitted before before it (especially a whole minute and a half ago!). If there was a foul on say a Clare fella, but a minute before this there had been a foul on a Tipp fella, then it's perfectly legal to award a free to the TIPP men, because NO FREE had subsequently been awarded to Clare (despite there being a foul on the Clare man)!! However in THIS case, a free HAD been subsequently awarded to Clare, so you CANNOT go and then subsequently award a free the other way (you can always cancel the free and throw the ball-in but you cannot change the direction of the free!!) So this was clearly a case for which there has never been any precedent. And for this to happen at such a CRUCIAL time for such an IMPORTANT match in their own backyard with victory pretty much secured WOULD DRIVE ANYONE OVER THE EDGE.. Unacceptable reaction like you say, but if you were to answer me 100% honestly, WOULD YOUR FANS HAVE REACTED ANY DIFFERENTLY IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES??

banner_boy (Clare) - Posts: 1285 - 31/07/2008 10:24:26    61762


I agree if that was tipp and cork that wouldnt happen. I often found te care fans to be sore losers.

sfoggy (Tipperary) - Posts: 145 - 31/07/2008 10:28:27    61769


A bitter pill to swallow after this game
Some tipps seem to call us sore loosers not only on this site but other sites also

If it had been tiperhairy that was on the loosing end of this what wud u think.

YEE did not object to minor because yee have second chance
great game of hurling last night but for one silly technical foul (for which he was in the small square when he thrw up the Ball )
never in my life see a game called up like that before and a descision changed
That wud be like awarding a penalty and 40 seconds later changing the mind and giveing a free out
Rough descision and the supporters vented there anger on it.
And the the tip captain thanked the umpire
THanks for the good game of hurling
but tip one this one by default

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 31/07/2008 10:36:01    61787


I would 100 percent honestly say that the tipp fans would have accepted it because limerick beat us in an under 21 munster final a number of years ago with penalty in the final minute it clearly wasnt a penalty. this was played in thurles in our own back yard. the tipp supporters that night accepted the defeat and certainly didnt boo the presention. i saw clare supporters act the sore loser before. when they sad were not the wiping boys of munster and remember they tried to show us the mccarthy cup when they where passing through nenagh and toomevara when we all ready had twenty five all irelands and they had only what, two or three.

sfoggy (Tipperary) - Posts: 145 - 31/07/2008 10:45:17    61804


Limerick beat Tipp a few years ago when the ref gave a free in for the Tipp goalie lying on the ball, an offence which IS a free but is usually over looked and a throw in awarded... The tipp fans accepted it and Limerick went on to win the All Ireland....

Now technically the officials did nothing wrong. Im presuming the umpire had his hand up immediately but the ref didnt see it... Thus he was within his rights to call the referee back for the indescretion... and the ref was perfectly right to award the 65, in THEORY...

However, I dont think the umpire should have done that. Penalising a player for minor inrinngement in the last minutes of a munster final, and common sense should have been applied.

However I feel these things happen in games sometimes, its the luck of the draw... Limerick had a perfect goal pulled back for a 21 yard free Vs Wexford in Croker in 2001, ended up losing by a pint... THESE THINGS HAPPEN, thats sport...

And if ye cant deal with that and accept it in an adult manner then stop attending the games

S Man (Limerick) - Posts: 229 - 31/07/2008 11:14:01    61876


S Foggy - we both know that a tipp kk or ck team would not have been given that treatment. I have heard plenty of swearing, dogs abuse at our players mostly personal , etc from Ck tipp and kk lads. Why would we not want to show Liam McCarthy in 1997 to the tipp lads do not understand this comment from a county with Home of Hurling posted up as you enter It ( KK lads must get a great laugh at this). typical attempt to blind the real issue here - we were robbed again

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 31/07/2008 11:21:33    61896


To be 100% honest with you:

If this happened to Tipp the reaction from the fans would be nothing like the disgrace that the Clare fans subjected us to last night. I agree that there will always be rowdy fans at matches and possibly a very small majority of Tipp fans would have reacted poorly.

But the reaction from the Clare fans last night was just something else - it was no small minority, it was more or less the whole crowd who behaved in a unsporting and childish way. I think there will be VERY FEW other counties who would, when on the losing game, act like that.

The fans spoilt what was a truly fantastic game of hurling and you have no excuses for the disgusting behaviour in Ennis last night.

SamiPremier (Tipperary) - Posts: 42 - 31/07/2008 16:50:19    62459


The Tipp fans would have accepted the result if it was the other way around. In this years minor final Cork beat Tipp by a point. TV replays showed that one of the Cork points was at least a foot wide. Did Tipp complain? No! Did they seek a replay? No!!! They accepted that Cork won!!! Now this surely proves that Tipp is a sporting county and we would have not seen the scenes we saw last night if Clare won under the same circumstances. QED!!!!!!!!!!

village1 (UK) - Posts: 5 - 31/07/2008 16:59:24    62480


Yes Tipp is easily one of the most sporting counties.

Clare fans need to grow up and get over it. Its pathetic. They are a disgrace to themselves, their county, our province and the game of hurling.


SamiPremier (Tipperary) - Posts: 42 - 31/07/2008 22:25:07    62680


Yis are a shower of gurriers. I hope Anto Daly behaves himself up in Dublin. We have no time for that sort of thing

hipster (Dublin) - Posts: 2509 - 25/11/2008 21:52:24    149930


reply to hipster from galway (dublin)
you must have never been in hill 16 on match days
or the day yee came down to Thurles

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 26/11/2008 11:10:32    150224


I have to say that I am concerned about Anto being appointed Dublin manager after reading the above messages.I share Hipsters concerns because we have enough problems in the Capital without importing more. I have attended the Hill many times and have never seen anyone throw a broken hurl at another person. In fact the last time I saw such behaviour it was caused by English fans in Lansdown Road.

culawan (Dublin) - Posts: 129 - 26/11/2008 21:15:28    150843


Ah grow up! You cant paint all Clare fans with the one brush. Its just terrible what ye are doing. How dare anything say anything against Anthony Daly behaving himself or not in Dublin. For gods sake he is a well respectable twice all ireland winning captain!

WTones (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 26/11/2008 22:57:20    150942


Wtones I apoligise unreservedly. I did not mean to cause offence and I dont mean to tar all Clare people with the same brush.Its just when you hear stories like the one above you can't help being concerned. Would this kind of behaviour be commen at Clare matches.

culawan (Dublin) - Posts: 129 - 27/11/2008 18:55:14    151853


message holder i never seen anything in thurles can u please explain.

tomaoo7 (Dublin) - Posts: 5896 - 27/11/2008 21:19:02    151966


This stupid topic was started by a Tipp man to sully our county's good name. I am not going into it once more but if a similar matter happened between meath and dublin the hill would not have applauded the ref off the pitch. In thomond park on tuesday the ref was awful and the crowd let him know that yet Munster fans still regarded as the best in the world. If Dublin want to know about gurriers read up about a certain player from a certain county who is now eating porridge. Far worse that a little booing and complaining !

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 28/11/2008 10:02:16    152170


County: Dublin
Posts: 618

looking for the article that was in the public domaim at that time
It started off The M50 etc does not run to Thurles etc

That wekend the hill moved out of the captial to the home of hurling

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 28/11/2008 11:49:27    152303


delcassin clare fans were right u were robbed i agree.please explain player eating porridge.message hoarder had a great time in thurles no trouble m50?

tomaoo7 (Dublin) - Posts: 5896 - 29/11/2008 21:31:25    153092


Well said Sami ... clare have yet to win an u21 Munster Title....

AmberBlacks (Kilkenny) - Posts: 59 - 01/05/2009 19:21:55    273549