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Carlow v Antrim

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The game this Sunday could be a real watershed in Carlow Hurling - I have seen 3 league games this year - Wexford , Offaly and Antrim . The Antrim game was disappointing, the others were really sound displays which just lacked the finishing steel to kill off the game.

I hope people get up to Navan - we have a real chance here of maintaining top 12 position and staying on this learning curve - and even if we have to beat Laois or whoever in another relegation play off next year - so be it - the important thing is staying up and and playing the likes of Wexford, limerick, Clare /Cork on a regular basis.
Apart from the dip against Antrim they are a really good team to watch -they play some excellent hurling - I would go as far as to say the goal they scored against Offaly would be a real contender for goal of the year if it had come from a Kilkenny or Tipp Stick

Here's wishing them good fortune on Sunday. I am forecasting a 2 point win for us

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 458 - 09/04/2013 20:45:17    1364421


Agree fully Blackbog. This team has played great stuff in the earlier games. Yes, this last game will be a real test and a victory on Sunday would be fantastic. Best wishes to the lads.

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1510 - 09/04/2013 21:22:12    1364451


I think next year the play off is between bottom 1B and top 2a. Could work to our advantage if we stay up this year.

Bimb (Carlow) - Posts: 434 - 09/04/2013 21:43:09    1364478


Yes Bimb - I am sure you are right - even better and more reason to give it all on Sunday for the future of Carlow Hurling

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 458 - 09/04/2013 21:54:06    1364496


Any word on the team?

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 11/04/2013 18:34:02    1366124


Won't know till tomorrow night I say.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1813 - 11/04/2013 18:53:08    1366144


Marty kav very sick,out for Sunday I heard today.dont no how true that is now.

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 11/04/2013 19:15:35    1366162


Any word of the team? Can anyone substantiate naom eoin 90's report re the mouse?

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 464 - 13/04/2013 18:26:42    1367103


1. Nicky Roberts
2. David English
3. Eoin Nolan
4. Des Shaw
5. Alan Corcoran
6. Richie Coady
7. James O'Hara
8. Jack Kavanagh
9. Eddie Coady
10. Marty Kavanagh
11. Shane Kavanagh
12. Sean Murphy
13. Andrew Gaule
14. Mark Brennan
15. John Michael Nolan

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1813 - 13/04/2013 19:19:18    1367138


Fair play Guru. That don't look too bad at all. I've a good feeling we're going to win at last tomorrow, I just hope I'm right.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 464 - 13/04/2013 19:38:37    1367145


Marty kavanagh is not starting tomorrow for definite

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 13/04/2013 19:46:14    1367148


Good luck Carlow and in particular to the 5 naomh Eoin men leading the charge in the first 15. Proud day for the club.

CARLOWTOTHECORE (Carlow) - Posts: 69 - 14/04/2013 09:45:38    1367234


The wind today is going to make a mockery of it.... whoever masters the elements... good luck to the hurlers - they have been excellent in all but the Antrim game - so plenty of motivation there - avoid relegation and revenge!

oldmcdonald (Carlow) - Posts: 140 - 14/04/2013 10:40:45    1367249


I have a good feeling about to days game, it's going to be a test of charachter nothing more and nothing less, best of luck.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1997 - 14/04/2013 12:27:23    1367285


Hard to know what to say by way of solace. Sport is indeed cruel after the efforts put in. We're lacking a bit up front being honest, don't score enough, two goals over the whole league tells its own story. Consolidation for a further year in 1B would however have been worth anything.

You would hope that we can raise the heads in time for the Leinster championship. London interestingly enough beat Meath today and will, as we've seen with the football, be no pushovers. It's a favourable draw nonetheless and we should realistically prevail with a wee bit to spare. Laois/W.Meath/Antrim await thereafter, you couldn't ask for more.

Good work continues within the county at underage where U16's compete and beat your Tipperary's and Limericks. The minors have a crack at Offaly in Tullamore coming up also.

Hard to be positive on here tonight. I suspect everyone feels sick to the core

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 464 - 14/04/2013 21:46:26    1367676


Gutted doesn't even cover it-every one of them fought hard yesterday but the amount of dead ball that went into the full forward line was shocking - and 8pts with the wind just wasn't enough , I imagine all the lads are feeling the defeat,but despite the losses Carlow hurling I think has improved immensely , you need a bit of luck on your side to and it just wasnt on ours in some of the games. This is where we find ourselves now and the aim now is to get right back up where we belong.

I heard Meyer was clamping down on discipline and that shined through yesterday too, all very disciplined - which is what we should expect at senior level anyway! But still good to see - also was Meyer on a match ban? I seen him sitting in the stand behind dug out ?

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 15/04/2013 08:10:27    1367698


sad day yesterday to be dropping down to 2a. its been a tough year but the fact of the matter is were just lacking a few players. Frank Foley was not replaced, Edward Byrne is another huge loss, also Denis Murphy probably the best forward in the county but not available till championship... its just hard to take.....gutted is an understatement....

oki (Carlow) - Posts: 38 - 15/04/2013 15:19:26    1368096


Agree oki-Paudie Keogh to would be an advantage, not knocking any of the players but these extra players would be an advantage, nicky Roberts has to be replaced- hit the ball straight out to an Antrim man yesterday and they got a point from it,he should have driven the ball up into the forward line,roll on the championship 18th/19th may ...

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 15/04/2013 15:29:06    1368102


Is the championship game on the 18th or 19th? Surely its not going to clash with the match in Mullingar? It's down for the Sunday on the Hogan Stand fixtures list. It shouldn't be beyond London to play it on the Saturday give we accommodated their footballers with a deferral earlier this year.

Clutching at straws here but you couldn't honestly rule out a further league restructure before next spring. Cork being relegated might be the necessary catalyst.......

Notwithstanding winning 2A next year, you now need to beat the bottom team in 1B to get back up.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 464 - 15/04/2013 16:17:13    1368150


Disappointing yesterday to be relegated. Would agree with Oki that Paudie, Eddie and Denis would be a huge addition. We are really lacking firepower. Frank Foley will hardly return at this stage even though he is in a league of his own in Carlow. Its hard to credit having 5 N Eoin men on it and Id say 1 selector in particular is a bit biased. We need more winners on the team to finish out these games, moral victories are no good any more

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 15/04/2013 16:27:40    1368159