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The London team that played Carlow was the strongest they have had together in many years according to a former london player.

They had a decent team out vs Offaly in their 1st game but the london board ran off a couple of Championship matches last week so they could include Colfer, Crowley, Monaghan and McCreery against Carlow. All 4 played very well and no team in div 4 is safe against this current London squad so it seems that we did very well to take the points from this game. I tip London to finish on 6 points.

Obviously, we need to improve in our next game and if we can sort our blatant wing back problem I feel we have a great chance of full points from 1st 3 games.
We have scored 1-27 in 2 games despite reduced forward line. If we can sort the defensive mistakes (conceded 1-25 in 2 games) we can do well. 6 defenders to cpme from molloy, lawlor, kavanagh, nolan redmond mernagh hayden. Ware must be worth a try at some stage- had a great championship for eire og, and JJ is home.

Roll on Leitrim game.

novalis (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 19/02/2013 18:07:59    1336273


Was kieran Nolan injured ,is that why he was taken off at half time.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 19/02/2013 20:02:23    1336329


Has Ray Walker ever played senior championship football for Carlow?

Bimb (Carlow) - Posts: 434 - 19/02/2013 20:32:06    1336347


# Benekerry, fyi, my post that you are referring to was not intended to belittle, or devalue Carlow football or take from it in any way, so you either read into my post on a bad day or you just misread it, so I'll try again and try to keep it short.

-You are prepared o make allowances for Leitrim who lost their two games but criticise Carlow for winning there two games!

I make allowances for Leitrim on the grounds that they have a better track record than we have, including beating us in our own back yard last year in the same league, they also had a more than a good run in the FBD league just finished, and took a few big scalps on the way, I was simply giving them the respect and the credit they deserve and simply saying we should approach the game with extreme caution as I said about London.

"Can I suggest you don't ever put your name forward for team management!

You can of course suggest, but no more than that.

"Having opinions is all well and good but really who benefits from these posts?

Who knows, after all they are ONLY opinions.

"What does a post like this add to Carlow football?

You tell me, you posted it.

The only thing posts like this do is undermine players confidence in themselves and in the management team. I mean what are you going to write if we do lose a game or two?

If a player(s) had the belief and confidence in them selves they would not allow an unsigned post like yours or mine to affect their performance, and any good management involved would make sure that all concerned had that confidence.

--- and finally, you ask what am I going to write about if we loose a game or two, well I'll tell you in advance, ------if we loose a game or two I'll be writing about what to expect in div. 3, and if you read the bottom line of my previous post which read," We are a bit away from being a promotion prospect at this stage, but just a bit."

My posts are intended to be constructive, anything other than that is not intended.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1999 - 19/02/2013 20:38:23    1336351


Yes made his championship debut v Leix in 2004.

JJ Smith is home alright but has signed for Slaney Rovers in the Carlo & District pub league. Hopefully he will ditch that and rejoin the. Linty panel very soon, we need him. Ditto Sean Gannon.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1197 - 19/02/2013 20:46:22    1336361


any chance of promotion

royalflyer (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 21/02/2013 15:17:40    1337290


From reading a few of posts here it seems as though a few people are not very happy with Shane Mernagh at full back? I have been to the majority of Carlow matches, whether the cup or league, and in my own opinion Mernagh has earned his place on the team.

Don't get me wrong now, he's made mistakes but he's work rate, physicality and tacticality has been fantastic and is brilliant to see in the team. He is a breath of fresh air to the squad and, in my opinion is needed.

Eiresown (Carlow) - Posts: 1 - 24/02/2013 14:24:29    1338458


Some mixed news:

Conor Lawler suffered an injury training last week, and will not be back in action for about a month.

Murtough Ware has left the panel.

Seán Gannon is due to return to the panel shortly, & may even feature against Leitrim

Smokeless Red (Carlow) - Posts: 6 - 24/02/2013 16:12:20    1338500


thanks for update Smokeless, any idea why Ware is gone? Not getting any game time maybe!

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 24/02/2013 17:19:39    1338533


thanks Smokeless for the update - had heard the same myself. Sean would hardly be involved in Leitrim game next Sunday? Sure hes only back - there would be mutiny if he was to get a start or come on ahead of the lads there since the start not to mention it being unfair? but its good to see him back.

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 24/02/2013 18:23:34    1338564


It's great news that Sean gannon is back, will be a big help to that full forward line. He will hardly feature against Leitrim due to the fact he has been missing for 4 or 5 weeks and I'm sure has missed alot of hard sessions and I'm sure guys who have been training must be ahead of him for selection.. If they could get Jj smith from Rathvilly in on the panel we would have an outstanding chance of promotion.

Optimist2013 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 24/02/2013 21:31:08    1338706


optimist,Gannon will be a huge help yes but i dont think the full forward line.He is not a full forward,hel probably tell you that himself.It didnt work with him there the last two years in my opinion.I think he would be better suited at half forward or even back where he played for us throughout the 09 campaign. On Murtough Ware,have we ever had a year where players dont leave the panel?Maye he should have stuck it out a little longer,its not even the end of Feb yet. Anyway i think he should def have been getting some time. I know he was injured for a while but even an appearance as our midfield partnership(s) not been flying so far! One of the best mid fielders in last years championship.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 25/02/2013 14:39:13    1338926


Fergie, we play a two man full forward line now I was thinking he could be the guy who comes out to act as our 3rd midfielder/ or into half forward line but either way no matter where he plays he will be a massive addition. As for Ware he was outstanding for Eire og this year and in my view offers more than foley. Personally I would play Brendan and Jackson in the middle come championship. Still think our half back position is a problem area

Optimist2013 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 25/02/2013 15:17:23    1338949


Def would agree bout half back.I to would also play Jackson when injury free.However id say you could nearly pick the championship team already regardles of how anyone plays.Hope im wrong though.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 25/02/2013 18:17:39    1339057


@Eiresown, agree with you mernagh has earned his place, im very pleased with his performances so far, personally i'd play both him and lawleras we needstrongs backs.

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 25/02/2013 18:27:03    1339065


Play Gannon as sweeper and release Walker to play midfield or in the forwards?

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1197 - 25/02/2013 20:04:00    1339127


Agree Onion breath. lawler corner back and Benny Kavanagh wing back.

Bimb (Carlow) - Posts: 434 - 25/02/2013 21:03:31    1339163


Anyone know if Gannon was back training last night?

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 27/02/2013 10:12:55    1339689


Good news about Gannon.... Badly needed - might be our answer at wing-back also. Awful to hear about Ware leaving the panel - was one of Eire og top 3 players in the SFC and prob the best midfielder of the championship. Was looking forward to seeing him make an impact after his injury. Maybe he will be back soon like Gannon... We need everybody.
Hope we can do the business on Sunday vs Leitrim. Puts us in a v good place if we win for other tougher games to come and will instill confidence in the panel.

novalis (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 27/02/2013 17:30:27    1339978


Very good news about Sean coming back. Big lift. I'm sure all the panel are glad to have him back. But think he would be wasted at wing back. With Molloy injured for Sunday and ideas who could fill in at c/back. Have we many to come in for that position. And with j. Murphy after coming on in last two games will he start on Sunday

Optimist2013 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 27/02/2013 17:58:05    1339996