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Who willl win the 2016 senior hurling final?

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I AM SURE OPINIONS ARE ALREADY EMERGING.The bookies have already come out with their assessment. PADDY POWER BOOKMAKERS GO; kilkenny 13/8!!!!!,TIPP 9/2, GALWAY 6/1,CLARE 13/2 WATERFORD AND LIMERICK EACH 8/1,CORK IO/I DUBLIN 20/1 WEXFORD 50/1 AND OTHER COUNTIES AT LEAST EIGHTY to one I may be accused of bias asa supporter of the banner county, but i see the onlyl value bet at those odds is Clare at l3/2. And I might also make a small cover bet on WATERFORD AT 8/I. Although I might want to wait for some clarification on the mental health problems of some of their problem players. But I do like the approach Davy is taking with Clare.It is his last chance for the gold and Cusack should be a valuable addition.For a betting man, and I am one, I think kilkenny at 13/8 is a sucker bet .Who do they think they are fooling?? They aint fooling me,that's for sure!!!!!

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 17/01/2016 19:19:28    1817218


Well. the odds on gaa games with PADDY POWERFOR THE HURLNG STILL REMAIN THE SAME. Therewas no inc rease in Kilkennys odds, even though the retirement of another top class forward was announced. WellI I took advantage of the generous odd on CLARE and put 200 euros on them at 13/2.!!!!! IT SHOULD Make for a nice September.Who is there to beat them anyway?

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 20/01/2016 20:02:13    1818105


Have no doubt Clare are the team to beat in 2016, ,, they have the best hurlers in the country,,, they will be hit hard no doubt about that,,, interesting year ahead,,,,,,

hoppingball (Galway) - Posts: 963 - 20/01/2016 21:14:13    1818120


Well @brianboru Cork beat ye last year, Wexford the year before so let's just hope you're not drawn against Offaly next year!

Breakdancer (Galway) - Posts: 9 - 22/01/2016 21:20:09    1818605


BREAKDANCER .Obvioulsy you dont have a clue about what is going on in hurling circles.Iwould be interested in your comments after clare taken on Galway jn the national league in a few weeks!!!!!!!

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 23/01/2016 20:00:36    1818674


BREAKWATER ,MY APOLOGIES.I meant clare versus offaly in a few weeks in the national league1oF COURSE GALWAY IS IN THE FIRST DIVISION. But it is problematic with all the shenanigans going on in galway hurling circles if they dont go down this year

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 23/01/2016 20:16:44    1818678



shoulderghost (Limerick) - Posts: 863 - 24/01/2016 09:52:34    1818705


brianboru - Clare are probable All-Ireland Champions elect today no matter what PaddyPower says, your €1500 winnings in September will keep diesel in the tank throughout next winter. March 20 will be interesting when Limerick come to Ennis, probably narrow the pitch again, should ye loose that one there's every possibility ye will remain in 1B for a while longer - hopefully not! Much will depend on Kelly getting back to all his former glory, yea, place a quiet bet now and keep it to yerself.

Outside of Galway we all expect Clare to dominate hurling throughout 2016 and for the next 4 to 5 years as KK have done in the past.

TouchOfClass (Galway) - Posts: 730 - 18/02/2016 13:42:14    1826335


Clare will win nothing this year, they won an all Ireland in 2013 by pure fluke, they beat a poor cork side in the final and didn't beat the likes of tipp and kk along the way, they have won one championship in match in 2 yrs against one of the worst sides in the country. Title contenders my ..... Will Donal og make a difference, will paul kinnerk make a difference, too many chiefs... 90% of the county want rid of Davey.. only time will tell but it will be the back door for them again this yr as Waterford will beat them in the championship...

Cultec1 (Limerick) - Posts: 62 - 19/02/2016 12:53:38    1826603


If the final doesnt have either Kilkenny or Tipp involved it should be called off - simple as that.. No messing.. There - Now

Ban (Westmeath) - Posts: 1052 - 19/02/2016 21:18:38    1826734