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Club fixtures postponed

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What do posters think on this? I have no issue with the county mgmt invoking the 13 day rule, however the bigger issue i have is that there was plenty time to get 2 rounds run off between the tipp and cork games. in fact, why couldnt all fixtures have been played last wknd then you could have the group stages completed already.

i just think club players are getting a raw deal.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 25/06/2014 10:29:53    1608705


The reason all games couldn't have been played last weekend was because the Clare footballer's were in action against Kerry. Player's such as Gary Brennan, Podge and Sean Collins play with Ballyea and Cratloe, Ciaran Russell is involved with Eire Og and Martin O Leary also plays the small ball with Ballyea. More from the Junior panel similarly play hurling such as Stan Lineen. Any club's with player's on these panel's didn't play for this reason.

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 25/06/2014 11:30:19    1608760


ok fair enough re the senior footballers, but senor club hurling games should go ahead for the other clubs.

anyways, the main point here is that too much time was wasted when a couple of rounds of club games could have been played.

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1009 - 25/06/2014 13:19:35    1608860