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If Clare are to win this all-Ireland Conor McGrath will have to up the anti. We all saw what he did in the 2009 under 21 championship. He lead by example and was easily the best player at under 21 at the time. We are yet to see him shine in the championship this year but for us to win this all-Ireland we are going to have to get goals and I think he's our man. He is the most skillful player in Ireland bar Tony Kelly and he is badly due a big performance.

twohandondehurl (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 27/09/2013 17:06:10    1490636


Needs to be played closer to goal

Gael85 (Dublin) - Posts: 1433 - 27/09/2013 21:54:38    1490815


what do you mean mcgrath was the best under 21 player in 2009?? he didnt even start that year.
this is a stupid thread anyway, mcgrath is a class act - delighted for him.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1855 - 30/09/2013 11:51:23    1491828


Fair to say he upped the anti all right- should get an all star

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 02/10/2013 13:25:39    1493532