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Chances against Waterford???

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Getting closer to the game now, how does everybody see the game going? We were hammered last time out but I see us getting revenge and winning by 2points, will be a tight old game. Also with the Kilmurry lads coming back into the squad we will have a stronger chance!

banner_roar (Clare) - Posts: 88 - 21/05/2010 11:34:16    654310


I think we have a great chance....we are not a bad side at all.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 21/05/2010 15:52:17    654745


odds of 2/1 on Clare to win on sunday is it worth a punt? you bet!

banner_roar (Clare) - Posts: 88 - 21/05/2010 16:58:54    654843


i wouldn't be backing clare in this, the team selection is interesting, will be lots of positional switches before throw in. a good bet is david tubridy at 4/1 to be anytime goalscorer, or 8/1 first or last goalscorer. who else is likely to raise a green flag for the banner? only other i believe is gary brennan who is selected in midfield. martin mcmahon should start corner back with brian carrig going to the wing, mark tubridy isnt a natural corner back either, better in the half back line, so i expect gordon kelly, clare's most consistent defender to either start corner back or be moved there to mark o lionan. duggan will have an interesting duel with hurney, two men more familiar with the sliothar, callinan will hold his own on the left wing, it is interesting that neither of the hickeys nor coughlan made the team with healy injured and dean ryan having left the panel. quinlan will play midfield and will be joined here by peter o dwyer and one other from brennan and russell with the other posted at full forward. they will be the foil for david tubridy to play off, alan clohessy and mike shea will forage outside while diarmaid daly, more at home in defence could be used there in a swap with mark tubridy or as an extra defender. that leaves a lack of scoring power in the forwards and david tubridy aside scores are hard to come by. this all points to a waterford victory, and it could be by five points or more. hope im wrong, but tomorrow will reveal all.

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 22/05/2010 16:38:03    655391


Irish Rover and Daly 15, my view is while we may agree in general on Clare GAA I am afraid ye are living in disney dreamland
if ye cant smell the coffee regards the performance of our County Senior Football team. Yesterdays performance against waterford
was pretty poor in the midfield and forwards area! Clare had 7 points at half time which wasnt exactly record scoring and only got
2 points in the second half after throwing in the towel and easily loosing confidence in my view yet again, after conceeding a goal
to waterford very early in the second half it has to be said in my view!
Now listening to the commentary it was so negative in my view , all they complained about in my view was the referee! while as usual in my view
they conveniently avoided to lay criticism the non consistent performance in my view of the midfielders and forwards.

YES THE BACKS PLAYED OK, but the forwards and midfield in my view were poor and are not up to intercounty standard at all in my view.
At best the midfielders and forwards are mediocre club players and thats my view!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 24/05/2010 13:21:30    656486


Also in my view there was forwards with big mileage and ones tried before such as David Russell and Michael O'Shea respectively. Again I thought
there was no imagination in the forwards selected for the 2010 championship by a new management.

Again in my view discipline surfaced with yet another sending off.

Fans can talk all the positive talk they like but realistic fans like me wont hide behind the bush and in my view ignore the facts that Clare simply have in my view no midfielders nor forwards of physical and skilful class who can take the game by the scruff of the neck by catching the ball cleanly in the midfield for 70mins and scoring frequently when it comes in towards the forwards line area.

Had the game lasted 140 minutes or a full week with Clares backs performing well, I still feel Waterford would have still won it simply because
the Clare midfield and forwards in my view are not up to intercounty standard.

Acourse I will get people on here now who wont see the picture and somehow think the forwards and midfield are great! Thats why Clare football
is so poor because in my view the football fans are in denial and thats backup for the county team to imagine theyare great ambassadors for the County.

My view is any person any way fit would have played as good as them players yesterday and that says it all!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 24/05/2010 13:22:11    656488