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Well done to the Minor footballers against Waterford the other night, an impressive win. This must be a decent team pushing Cork so close in the previous game. If they beat Tipp in the next game does that put them in the semifinal. Clare football could really do with some success at underage.

clarefootball92 (UK) - Posts: 76 - 21/04/2010 14:34:55    624591


Yeah from what I know its Limerick are already paired with Kerry. Tipp / Clare play Cork.

From what I hear Cork had 14 men from most of the game. Tipp were slow to start against Kerry but only lost by 2 points.

Will be a good game & who-ever wins im sure will give Cork a run for their money in the SF.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 22/04/2010 19:48:00    626088


Poor enough game last night. Clare scored a goal from a penalty mid way through the second half to lead by a point (1-3 to 0-4), but Tipp scored 1-4 after that to win by 5 points. Big improvement needed for the semi final, but at least we are still in the Munster Championship.

Star Gazer (Tipperary) - Posts: 436 - 25/04/2010 13:49:47    628398


I agree it was a very poor game. Clare have not performed adequately in this grade for years. No wonder the
u21 and Senior county sides do struggle. Id expect Tip to take Cork as Cork are not great this year and yet Clare
couldnt beat them in Ennis!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 26/04/2010 12:25:54    629452