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Sure i am grand Mr Nurofen and yourself???? I believe I covered everything I felt I needed to say in my last post.....and congratulations to Wexford was included....and I will say it are no reflection on Wexford people too.......I will not stoop again to your the only success you achieved over the weekend was to drag decent supporters such as myself to your rock like level before thae match had been played.....grow up lad and please pay your internet bill regulaly as what would you be without the Hoganstand website to boost your small ego and are not a true supporter and you are not a player so the only victory you have is your county says Wexford on a internet forum and they won a Hurling match to be promoted at the weekend......well done

As I said I was at the match and the Wexford people I sat around and talked to before and after the game and also watched the Cork v Galway match were decent people and fair play to them they got the win that the Wexford team fully deserved.......and we cant help that any old clown can come on the internet.....Nurofen...................Fair play to Wexford...all the best....we will bounce back...we are a young team

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 05/05/2010 12:15:37    638164


Irish Rover:
"we will bounce back...we are a young team"

I hope this prediction don't end up the same way as the alst one that you were so sure of......not bein able to wait for Sunday evening to take cheap pops at me because you were so sure Clare were going to win. The only differances being that a. I didn't beat around the bush by saying I was sure Wexford was going to beat your 'chaps' (they're only a bunch of chaps we saw on Sunday trying to hurl in man's game) and b. I was right and you were not only off the mark but indeed very wrong.

The saying "There's no point sending a chap in to do a man's job" comes to mind.

It's a wonder you went to the match at all on Sunday evening because I though you'd like to be near your internet because you wouldn't be able to wait to come on and throw my predicitions back at me. Well "lad", I'll have you know I'm a very wise man and my predicitions are always right. Another prediction for you is that Clare will meet Limerick, Carlow, Westmeath, Down, Antrim, Laois and Kerry next year. Oh wait silly me that's not a prediction, that's a known fact

Smile on 'lad'.

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 05/05/2010 12:36:40    638184


IrishRover, ignore him! Dont let him be a reflection on your opinion of Wexford people!!

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 05/05/2010 13:00:55    638232

Link's the right username for you anyway!!!

You're a big girl's blouse the way your licking up to other counties. I said all facts, not to be funny or anything like that. Controversial maybe, but it's all the truth I speak about hurling. A leading national newspaper has contacted me to see would I be interested in having my own column on the paper so I'm now considering this option.

Wexford for Div 1 Clare for Div 2. :) That makes me happy :)

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 05/05/2010 13:07:55    638248


It's called a bit of respect Nurofen, something we have got loads of over the last few years when things werent going great for us. And something we have always got from KK and the like in spite of a fair few hidings. No need to ram a victory down anyones kneck and give us a bad name.

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 05/05/2010 16:36:07    638657


Nurofen you are a real piece of have a very high opinion of yourself.....but you are still only a lad with a computer.....get over you were born in Wexford and they won a Division 2 Hurling Final......get over yourself....did you play???? are you are real supporter of a slug of a man sucking on the success of others.....not sure what your haterid of Clare is over but you certainly suffer from delusions of grandeur......just who do you think you never get anything should watch you actually think what you say has to matter......

You like your facts do you.....i have a couple for you Wexford won the Division 2 Hurling League Final.....not the All Ireland or even the Lensiter Championship.....Wexford...put in a decent performance in the League Final to beat a poor Clare performace....but by all means were poor enough in the other and not to forget you lost last year to Offaly exactly the same situation we in Clare find ourselfs came up and i believe we will too.....but this time last year you were moaning and groaning just as much as Clare about the silly League structure....and you know you were....its lovely now you can talk......but you are going to have to improve ten fold to stay Division One League next year as going up and back down isnt what Wexford needs...and i say good luck to the real Wexford people....not a clown left behind by the Circus.....good luck to Wexford....Pinkie...Doylerwex.......

Oh and just for the record it was you Mr Nuro-Deficiency that startedit all off with your cheap shots......nobody else......but i did allow myself to fall to your rock like level.....dont fall off the bandwagon you just jumped up on to....pretending to be a Wexford hurling supporter.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 05/05/2010 16:51:29    638697


aw stop wil ya pinkie, no need to be 'so kind'. I wasn't "ramming" our wonderful victory which ensures our top division status for next season while escaping division two teams such as westmeath, down and kerry down anyones neck i was simply making my point to IrishRover who was so sure of a Clare result that he on several occasions pointed out that he 'couldn't wait' for SUnday evening to come back at me when Wexford would be beaten because Clare never lose to Wexford. I'm still waiting........... and I think we've "heard the last of the IrishRover" who's gone to Fermanagh to regain his love of hurling, a wise step following Sunday evening's defeat. Up Wexford and here's to hoping we meet Clare again this year!!

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 05/05/2010 16:56:01    638710



clarefootball92......ur a sound man. I may have overdid the winding up a little bit last week but Clare are a county I do like so now that the business is done I'll admit that and look forward to seeing Clare go as far possible in Munster. Ahead of Waterford Clare are actually my favourite Munster county in the hurling so best of luck in the championship and til we meet again.

As you can see no stranger to a bit of contradictary behaviour is Mr Nurofen......and by the way no one is argueing with you....Wexford were deserved winners and better on the day.....Clare played poorly and got beaten...thats it....yes i taught Clare would win and pointed to the fact that in every meaningfull match in the last decade Clare have beaten Wexford....that was my cofidence...and like sport can do....i was wrong and i admit Wexford deserved to win and they were the better team.....your blue peter badge is in the post Mr Nuro-Deficiency..and i only said i couldnt wait and i was sure was becasue of the disrespectful way you came on attacking Clare before the match Mr Nuro-Deficiency......i allowed myself to be dragged down to your level....and said things like i cant wait and you will see....and to be fair you nearly did see and we played awful.....but you have you All Ireland...i mean Division 2 success now stop harping on like you played some part.....and pretending to be a Wexford supporter.....thats its now move on you sad little man.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 05/05/2010 17:26:29    638778


IrishRover...........thanks for making it so evident that I've ruffled your feathers.

We'll wrap it up by saying Wexford beat Clare by the 4 points that I said they would.
Wexford will be hurling in Division 1 next year v the likes of Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork, Galway etc....
Clare will be hurling in Division 2 next year v the likes of Westmeath, Carlow, Kerry, Antrim etc....

I was right, IrishRover was wrong.

The moral of the story is......never be so sure of anything unless you can actually be so sure.

IrishRover, hard luck and best wishes for your future "predictions". haha

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 06/05/2010 09:47:34    639197


Nurofen I havent gone away! I waited a few days till the dust settled!
Now to clare football 92 I say what kind of person attacks his own and gives out to me for slagging limerick!
I suppose clarefootball 92 its no wonder clare havent won anything in football since 92 at county level with your likes of attitudes! You would probably be the kind of one supporting the extension of Limerick into clare
too id say! Sad Sad Sad!

Now nurofen I have this to say to you ye beat a very poor clare team on sunday aided by poor performances on the field and also poor management on the line in my view!

As for Sparrow as manager my view is that though a great player he was given this job automatically without anyone else
being interviewed for it in my view! I had doubts when he was appointed and I still do think he is not the right man
to build on last years u21 all ireland success against kilkenny.

As for Wexford they deserved the win even though they were awful poor aswell. Thye wouldnt have beaten any othe r hurling
county last Sunday bar Limerick!
As for the argument that Clare should be allowed up next year into Div1 I dont know.
And I will tell ye why.
Clare were not good enough for Div 1 last year 2009 hence got relegated. When they got relegated they
struggled to beat Laois and Carlow and lost fair and square to Wexford in the final.
My gut feeling is if they are good enough they will get up there when they get better! So the answer is No!
You just cant change the rules to suit the so called traditional hurling counties! The GAA have done enough of that in my
view for years! Why keep changing the structures to suit struggling traditional hurling counties each time thay have a mini crisis?????
The GAA I hope wont promote my county. Let them perform to get up there next year on merit!
Otherwise the competitions are a joke bar the team that wins the league Div 1 title!

Ok one may say Clare topped the div 2 league on points and yet didnt get promoted because they lost the final. Fair case to be made perhaps.
However why have a final in Div1 either if say Cork had topped Div 1 when Galway beat them in the final?
Maybe the top team on points should go up and no Div 2 3 or 4 finals but then if you applied that to Div 1 would the league not be an anticlimax?

One thing I conclude on though, the rules were one team to get promoted from Div2 not two! I do not agree at all
that both Clare and Wexford should have being promoted. I say one team end of story.

Fair enough if the rules had being two teams to get promoted in advance of the league being played then Id agree
but please dont start looking to change the rules in hindsight just because a former traditional county like
limerick and Clare are down in Div 2 for another season!

That all said Nurofen Wexford will have a short stay in Div 1 as Dublin with Daly will ensure ye go down next year
easily to Div 2! As for the championship ye have no better a chance than Clare have!
Clare are building a new team have a good u21 team backbone and the minors now might be starting to show signs after
years of narrow losses in Munster. The underage hurling is probably at its strongest in Clare since 1997 therefore its inevitable
if managed right in Clare going forward that in a few years time that Clare Seniors will be a big force again for Liam Mc Carthy!

Up the Banner

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 06/05/2010 10:36:14    639240


steel - oh great Clare are "building" with their under 21s.
Tough luck on Sunday.

The facts are Wexford beat Clare by 4 points, the fact is Wexford are hurling top division next year because they deserve it, the fact is Clare is hurling division two next year because they deserve it, the fact is Clare aren't quite what they think they are simply coz they won an u-21 All-Ireland last year.

The fact is Steel that you're sickened and no matter what you say it don't matter coz Wexford beat Clare. Keep smiling chap.

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 06/05/2010 12:00:09    639339


that's a very unfair comment in reguards to a short stay in division 1....the circumstances in which we were relegated was a farce and made the whole association look like a joke,.which the governing body is.only 3 years ago we got to the nhl1 semi-final.the same year we beat galway and tipp.following year we were seriously unlucky not to beat waterford in the 1/4 final.and we beat them in the don't become a bad team over night.i no offaly are no great shakes but we did beat them very easily on 2 occasions last give us a little bit of credit.both teams were bad on sunday but the best team did win.the only thing that kept clare from a humiliating double score defeat was a very greedy wexford midfield and poor decision making in that sector when in possesion.which will be repaired with experience.farrell and kehoe are 2 very young men and have alot of time to get that i honestly think wexford are in division 1 for the forseeable future.and i do hope clare join us very of luck in the championship.

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1680 - 06/05/2010 14:14:15    639557


good boy the doyler there that'll put em in their place!!

Yer lucky we didn't beat yaz by more!! Up Wexford and I hope yee stay down - Limerick for Div 2 next year!!

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 06/05/2010 15:22:40    639694



get a job lad...the recession has hit you spend all day long on the Hoganstand website........i just wonder if you would be a brash in real life.......i am a proud Clare man thats why i have said I AM A CLAREMAN....what a special young fellow you are......i merely live in Fermanagh and therefor listed County Fermanagh when signing up.....can you get your head around that genuis......




Clare have an excellent Championship Hurling record over Wexford and that is were people based their opinions on making Clare favs for the game.....looking going on like Wexford have achieved somthing out of this world and amazing is very silly....your always just one result form a i have found out with your childish remarks....and posts.....your a faceless predator hiding behind a user name just like everyone else....your not special and you comments carry no are winding people up...........



WELL DONE Nuro-Deficiency....I MEAN NUROFEN.....nobody...not one Clare man even the great Steel has denied that Wexford deserved to win and they deserved to win by more.....Clare played very bad and were very poor and Wexford won......Nuro nobody is arguing with you are you special lad and dont realise that......nobody is saying you are wrong............up WEXFORD....GO ON LADS....WIN THE ALL IRELAND.....THERE YOU GO WE ADMIT IT YOUR THE BEST IN THE LAND.......!!!!!!!!!!!! come back down to planet earth and more importantly Wexford and realise....what you have achieved was beat a very very poor Clare side to win the Division 2 League Title....yes you proved to be a better side than the current Clare team on the day...and yes that disapoints me....BUT I KNOW THAT ONE SWOLLOW NEVER MADE A SUMMER......


IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 06/05/2010 15:49:35    639743


ok IrishRover we'll leave it by saying that you promise for Clare to come back, rememberign the last promise you made was that Clare were going to win the league final last Sunday so if you were wrong about that I'm sure you're going to be wrong again.

And now all of a sudden just because Clare didnt win the league div 2 title oh it doesn't matter.....sure I suppose yaz didn't want to win it anyway!!!

I'll be waiting in the long grass for Clare's next slip-up "lad" and I feel privalaged that we have grass down here not rushes. Here's a tip for you - start following Fermanagh a little more!! At the end of the day you're sickened becasue you were so looking forward to rubbing my predictions back in my face......and guess what you are only ragin now coz you never got that opportunity. Take it easy anyway and dry your eyes mate - you should look up that song by the streets - i dedicate it especially to you.

Nurofen (Wexford) - Posts: 249 - 06/05/2010 16:34:55    639806


Nurofen.......i never promised Clare would win......i never used the word promise.....i said....i couldnt wait and you would see....i did not see Nurofen....i am not a deluded like you with serious delusions of grandeur....i dont play for the senior Clare hurling team lad and therefor the only thing i can do as a supporter is go to the game and support my go on and on and on some more coming on the CLARE FORUM and slagg off Clare like your opinion counts for somthing like you are speaking for you play for the Wexford team?????? will be waiting in the long grass will you....haha...there is a word for a man that does things like that...but in the long grass is wher you will stay boy as real life passes you can still have Hoganstand though....and the next time Clare lose you can write an essay....ah the pleasures in life for you Nurofen....the real exciting pleasures..........but you still have the internet and hoganstand dont really are a very sureal character Nurofen.....your funny but sad at the same time.....oh yes...haha..."i told you so IrishRover"....."have we heard the last of the IrishRover as the song goes"...haha...."Clare belong in Division Two with Limerick"....haha....i showed them Clare people that i am always right and never wrong"........just some of the fantastic posts from Nurofen......ok now Nurofen take off your spiderman costume its time for bed......grow up for the love of god.....its gone a bit far now Nurofen......if you get off the computer she told me she might come back to ya......but never mind if she doesnt at leat you will have the Wexford Hurling team and their success...

P.S.....I have never said that winning Division Two doesnt matter......i have merely pointed out....getting carried away with it like its the All Ireland is silly....and slagging of other counties like you are back in the big time is very silly indeed.......the Championship is a real gage of any team....not the league.....and its not becasue Clare didnt win Division Two that all of a sudden its not is important and fair play to Wexford thay have lifted themselves out of Division Two thats the its time to move on and concentrate on more important and bigger challenges that lay ahead......because celebrating like a mad man over this particular achievement is a bit mocked Offaly last year for that very same reason......

I'll be waiting in the long grass for Clare's next slip-up "lad" and I feel privalaged that we have grass down here not rushes. by Nurofen feel privalaged that you have grass not rushes.........haha....please stop those horrible taunts...i am going to got me there......PATHETIC

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 06/05/2010 17:11:04    639878


nurofen is a ledge

anycraiclad (Galway) - Posts: 29 - 06/05/2010 17:37:54    639923



don't mind em man.....we all want clare there or there abouts.and wexford and every traditional county.

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1680 - 06/05/2010 17:47:23    639947


i actually have great admiration for clare because liam griffin said in the "purple and gold" video that clare largely contributed to wexfords success in 96.they showed us the way in the sense that anything is possible with belief,determination and tremendous hard work.

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1680 - 06/05/2010 17:48:45    639949


Well said Doylerwex. Anyone reacting to Nurofen would be worse.

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 06/05/2010 21:16:23    640185