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Is Slowey playing club football in Clare

inniskeenbull (Monaghan) - Posts: 682 - 21/07/2009 17:41:04    355695


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355695 Is Slowey playing club football in Clare

He plays with Lisscasey as far as I know

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 532 - 24/07/2009 11:24:31    359848


slowey hasnt played in last 2 years since winning county final medal with lissycasey

Gael85 (Dublin) - Posts: 1433 - 08/08/2009 00:12:23    383564


It's a long, long way from Clare to here, thank God for that !!!!!!!

upthelims (Limerick) - Posts: 20 - 11/08/2009 11:03:45    387405


I remember a clubmate of mine talking about Slowey.
He says he was an excellent player.
Played a bit with Monaghan seniors as well.
Played with New York in their first jaunt home too i think.
He had a brother Martin, i remember meeting both of them
when i visited my clubmate in New York once.
Two very talented men.

watching (Tyrone) - Posts: 853 - 20/08/2009 10:56:31    397952