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Small clubs play their part in under 21 victory over Limerick.

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Where is Clare hurling going? Eight players started last night from the non hurling tradional side of the county. Where does the future lie with hurling iin the county? Clonlara are county senior champions.What has happened for this to be the situation ? Where are the tradional hurling clubs who provided the backbone of all the successful Clare teams in the past? It does not auger well for the future. How can Clare succeed without them? By the way the result last night must be tempered by the disgaceful perfomance by a poor Limerick side,possibly the worst ever to represent the county.

Traditionalist (Clare) - Posts: 2 - 16/07/2009 12:19:13    348170


Well I wonder what you mean by not traditional clubs? Cratloe had 2 plaers, clonlara had 3 to 4 players. These clubs have always been hurling clubs but because of there small player base haven't been able to compete with bigger clubs. I say fair play to them, they have obviously put in a lot of hard ward at underage level. Personally it doesn't matter where the players come from,if they came from doonbeg I wouldn't care as long as we have a good clare team. If the so called stronger clubs want to compete they know what they have to do, they have up there game and start putting serious work in under age. I'd also say fair play to managment in looking outside the strong clubs and just going for good players based on merit.

conmanxx (Clare) - Posts: 5 - 16/07/2009 16:35:58    348674


There is no tradition of hurling in south east clare which supplied eight players to the team. No future without tradition!

Traditionalist (Clare) - Posts: 2 - 16/07/2009 17:25:04    348772


Probably a WUM but this topic is nonsense. Are Ben and Jerry rejected by cork because they are not from the bars or the rockies?? Are cork worried that the sons of people from Figi and Fermanangh don their jersey? Its all whats done on the pitch. Lest we forget when a Clare King ruled Munster and Ireland it was South East Clare he reigned from !

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 17/07/2009 11:34:43    349505


The u21 victory shows that the clare seniors dont make use of all their resources. There are many good up and coming hurling clubs in the county with plenty of good players but they are being ignored because they are not perceived as being a traditionally strong club. Its time to start taking notice of these clubs and searching the senior and intermediate club championships for players!!

clash09 (Clare) - Posts: 3 - 17/07/2009 16:45:49    350028


agree with clash09 .nothing wrong with hurling in clare plenty of young talent management needed straight away present group not up for it and need to go now before its too late and some of the present players too. griffin gilligan carmody markam gave good service but there young players on present panel better than these guys.who cares where the players come from as long as they win.need a good manager from outside the county to take over.

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 20/07/2009 21:27:17    354166