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Tightening the pitch

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Remind me about that. Was it against Galway last year, and how did it help?

alice1 (Clare) - Posts: 86 - 02/07/2009 17:49:29    330198


Alice, it was against Galway in 07 and in my opinion it did n't really effect the outcome of the match.Gers zany team selection methods had more to do with the result.

Barnowl94 (Galway) - Posts: 3150 - 07/07/2009 14:40:28    335681


If the pitch is tightened that only makes scoring sideline cuts for JC a hell of a lot easier!!!!

Supermacs88 (Galway) - Posts: 248 - 08/07/2009 19:49:52    337856