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Clare v Tipp

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Clare Vs Tipperary, Gaelic Grounds, Ennis Road, Limerick - 4.00 pm.

Na Piarsaigh GAA Club is providing free parking with food (BBQ) and entertainment in our clubhouse before and after the match. All are welcome. The club is located across from the Greenhills hotel (10 min walk to the Gaelic Grounds). See our website here for more details.

Mc (Limerick) - Posts: 23 - 16/06/2009 10:39:33    313067


lets be honest and save all the bull,tipp are going to murder clare on sunday,they never got out of second gear against cork...sorry banner boys i think Biddy Early or some other witch down there has casted another spell on ye.....

fathermurphy (Wexford) - Posts: 294 - 17/06/2009 22:36:53    315380


i wouldn't write the banner boys off just yet, playing in the gaelic grounds is like a 2nd home to Clare
and they'll be well up for it. However,i do fancy Tipp to win but only by pulling away from Clare in the last
10 or 15 minutes.

POD09 (Limerick) - Posts: 486 - 18/06/2009 11:40:32    315728


Go on the banner I'll be shouting for ye!

Mick14 (Limerick) - Posts: 766 - 18/06/2009 14:24:23    315953


Team named for Sunday:

2.Vaughan 3.McInerney 4.Grado
5.Donn 6.Bugler 7.Markham
8.Boc 9.Griffin
10.Carmody 11.McMahon 12.Ryan
13.Gilly 14.Barrett 15.Clancy

Not a bad team but I would have my reservations about Griffin lasting the 70 at centre field. Also Clancy wont be staying in the corner so it could possibly be a third midfielder role for him.

43463536 (Clare) - Posts: 58 - 18/06/2009 15:29:00    316030


Hard luck Clare. Should have beaten Tipp. Unlucky with the draw but ye have proved that ye are by no means written out of this Championship yet. Good luck against Galway.

Mick14 (Limerick) - Posts: 766 - 22/06/2009 11:12:19    319104