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Senior Hurling Championship 2013

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Just wondering what the toughts are for this years championship. With So many Myshall men in the county set up 10/11 i believe, are they the team to beat.

sportsFanatic (Carlow) - Posts: 35 - 17/04/2013 11:58:44    1369083



Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 17/04/2013 12:20:24    1369097


Naomh Eoin have 8 named on the panel not 10 or 11. Surley btown and mlr have to be hot favourites as they have intermediate hurlers on the carlow senior panel

thereferee (Carlow) - Posts: 40 - 17/04/2013 12:49:12    1369126


It definitely shaping up well for naomh Eoin, not alone are so many exposed to a higher standard of hurling but they are also hurling v well with Carlow, usually the best players in each of the league games. MLRs age profile is likely to come against them late in the year.. Too many mid thirties, too old to last championship pace. N Bris led by E Garvey will be the team to beat.. He knows Carlow hurling inside out and knows how to beat Rangers when it counts!

CARLOWTOTHECORE (Carlow) - Posts: 69 - 17/04/2013 13:06:16    1369144


Thats right Carlowtothecore 100% Myshall's flair and expeirence of county expeirence plus Eoin Garveys influence with Naomh Brid, my prediction in county final win so Myshall 2-10
N Brid 1-12

Beaten semi Finalists Saint Mullins with New management & Bagnelstown looking to follow up on last year.

Ballinkillen probably miss the cut like Rory Mcilroy.
Rangers as carlowtothecore says to old not able to last 60 mins :) :) :) :)

YMF (Carlow) - Posts: 21 - 17/04/2013 14:35:59    1369210


Every year before the championship starts everyone is saying Naomh Eoin are the team to beat, here's hoping but I for one won't hold my breath ....

Naomheoin90 (Carlow) - Posts: 24 - 17/04/2013 14:47:23    1369216


Rangers too old ???? Let that be the rock ye perish under. Frank foley 35 Eddie Coady 34 and you have to go back to John Coady and willie hickey who are 30 then the rest of the panel are in there mid 20's. I wouldn't class that as old , it's a bit of experience mixed with youth. Very brave with a ball not picked and YMF has rangers not to make a semi. Same old lads as last year with the same old comments and we will more than likely see the same winners of the championship. The rangers know how to win tight games not like Naomh Eoin. On your point about Naomh Eoin players standing out for county this year , some did as others would not get onto the rangers intermediate team.

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 17/04/2013 14:48:45    1369218


Have you retired Gary Doyle and the legend already! Or are you in denial of their age topfan

CARLOWTOTHECORE (Carlow) - Posts: 69 - 17/04/2013 20:26:39    1369424


Thank's for that " carlowtothecore" Gary 34 and legend 32, sure the legend is hardly tired after taking a year off.

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 17/04/2013 21:00:43    1369438


Ballinkillen will be there or thereabouts. Few lads back this yr that will really strengthen things up along with the young lads coming through.. be warned!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2602 - 17/04/2013 21:13:08    1369448


is it true that that wins the carlow senior championship goes into the leinster junior championship??

hodgson151 (Galway) - Posts: 113 - 18/04/2013 14:08:28    1369779


No hodgesin, they play in the senior like last year when our champions very nearly beat kilcormac who were robbed out of an all Ireland

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 18/04/2013 14:26:11    1369797


On your point about Naomh Eoin players standing out for county this year , some did as others would not get onto the rangers intermediate team.

I'm all for having the craic on here, but be a good chap and don't be talking that silly talk.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 20/04/2013 20:58:51    1370819