Ulster Club IHC final: Naomh Eanna win on penalties

November 17, 2019

Terence 'Sambo' McNaughton

Naomh Eanna got their hands on the Ulster Club IHC silverware in dramatic circumstances at Celtic Park today.

The ‘Sambo’ McNaughton coached side won a penalty shoot-out (1-0) to claim the spoils at the expense of Eoghan Ruadh of Tyrone.  

The sides couldn’t be separated after normal time which finished 2-14 apiece.

Both teams each scored six points in the additional two periods of 10 minutes which meant penalties had to be used to determine the winner.

Naomh Eanna goalkeeper Martin Curran frustrated the Tyrone side’s penalty attempts while Cormac Ross’ converted penalty won the title for the Antrim men.

Naomh Eanna - M Curran; N O’Connor, R Gillen, R Diamond; C Ross (0-1), M Donaghy, J Maskey (0-1); R Bogue, R Donaghy (1-3); P Curran, M Mullan, C Jennings; J McGoldrick (1-11, 0-7f, 0-2'65), D Cooper, K Jennings (0-1). Subs: M O’Hare (0-2) for M Mullan, R Crummey for K Jennings, E O’Connor (0-1) for C Jennings, K Jennings for P Curran.

Eoghan Ruadh - J Devlin; C McNally, M Winters, S Donaghy; J Ferguson, S Donnelly, D Marshall; L Devlin (1-0), T Morgan (0-2); M Devlin, T McIntosh (0-2), B Molloy (0-1); M Mulgrew (0-1), D Casey (0-13, 8f, 2'65), K Morgan (1-1). Subs: R Devlin for M Winters, P McHugh for M Devlin.

 Referee - T Conway.

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