Reporter responds to 'very, very hurtful' Ryan comments

February 21, 2024

Kildare manager Glenn Ryan. ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.

The journalist who was involved in a heated post-match exchange with Glenn Ryan last Sunday has responded to criticism by the Kildare manager of him.

Following the heavy Allianz Football League defeat to Armagh – which was Kildare’s third in as many games – Ryan challenged Leinster Leader sports editor Tommy Callaghan over his reporting of a recent county board meeting where Kildare GAA chairman Mick Gorman allegedly said that "the results are not good enough".

Ryan claimed Gorman's comments had not been "properly reported", but this was refuted by the reporter at the time and in his column in this week’s Leinster Leader.

“It was a very disappointed Kildare manager who spoke to the print media following Sunday's display against the Kieran McGeeney-managed Armagh side,” Callaghan wrote.

“Asked if he felt what was reported from the previous week's Kildare Co. Board meeting when chairman Mick Gorman was highly critical of the results to that point, the manager replied “no” adding that his (Mick Gorman) comments “had not been properly reported.

“As this reporter was the one who was at the county board meeting and the one that reported on it, a verbal spat between yours truly and the manager ensued which, to say the least, was somewhat unpleasant and unnecessary.

“However, when one's integrity is brought into question it cannot, and should not be allowed to go unchallenged. And it wasn't.

“At that particular meeting of the County Board, it may have been unusual for the chairman to, not only allow some discussion on the performances of the county side, but it was he who actually instigated the discussion.

“Mr Gorman informed delegates at that February meeting that not only was he disappointed with the start that had seen Kildare (up to that point) lose their two opening games but that the ‘displays were not acceptable and results must improve.’ Comments he repeated more than once.”

The sports editor added: “For the record just to say that the report of the meeting was ‘not properly reported’ on is absolutely totally inaccurate, totally untrue and to be honest very, very hurtful.

“We'll move on.”

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