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NFL Division 1 - 22 Like(s)

Replying To sourmilk93:  "Anyone able tell me when the last time Meath played a game where McEntee wasnt crying about the officals? Has it ever happened?"
He needs to concentrate on what he can control, there is always someone else to blame. Problems lie much closer to home. Hopefully both management and team will use the harsh reality of the last number of weeks to move forward. In fairness to Meath they have shown great spirit in last two games so things are improving slowley. Couple of handy games coming up, away to Dublin and Monaghan.

seadog54 (National) - 02/03/2020 11:56:18

Meath V Dublin - 17 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "Thanks for your responses Bobkarlgees and Young_Gael. They are always intelligent thought provoking comments that always give me food for thought. Bobkarlgees regards managers not staying long in jobs that is correct we do see allot of managers coming and going. But there is examples of long term managers . Firstly u have sucessful ones eg O Rourke at Monaghan. Then u have managers trying to build up a traditional county in the doldrums. Kevin Walsh and Cian O Neill are in their 4th years and McGeeney is in his 5th or 6th year in.charge of Armagh. When u build a traditional county from the doldrums it takes years and years of ups and downs bad defeats it is not a quick fix, it is slow long term process. No manager in the history of hurling or football has turned a traditional county around from the doldrums overnight eg Jimmy Barry Murphy, Nicholas English , Sean Boylan and Eugene McGee Mick Dwyer all.took years. The only manager to do it overnight was Kevin Heffernan in 1974 with Dublin but Heffernan had a touch of genius. For me when McEntee took the job it was a 5 or 6 or 7 year job to get Meath back and I have seen nothing yet to say any different. I am very historical driven but my general theory is life keeps repeating itself. Times changes technology advances but human needs and emotions are constant. History just keeps repeating itself. Trump is just another ruder cruder version of Reagan. Man Utd are just repeating the same things that happened after Matt Busby left in late 60s as they are now with Ferguson leaving. The faces change but history repeats itself. Its not exact and not a science but I do think u can get answers from the past. I am very repetitive very past driven and very consistent. What I wrote above in my earlier message u responded to, I said that 2 years ago on this forum and I have said it upteen times since. I said 2 years ago on this forum that McEntees first two years were going to be a write off and we would see improvement in year 3 and Meath would make impact in year 4 and 5 . I said at the start of this year we would get promoted get leinster final but fail to reach super 8 losing to Ulster team like Tyrone. I feel today we have great chance of staying in div 1 next year and if we get 4 home games anc I think we will and we will reach super 8 next year and make a good impact at super 8 next year. Again this all based on age profile of players , McEntee staying in the job. For me we r on target but it will take years. If McEntee leaves I think we r in trouble. There is no obvious quality candidate in the county. We would be looking at another Mick O Dowd inexperienced manager with less sucessful CV..McEntee is the best qualified manager available to us and his stock is rising outside the county. On Off the ball a few weeks ago they were talking about manager of the year leaving Jim Galvin to one side , they said if McEntee gets Meath to super 8 after promotion to div 2 he would be there manager of the year. Of course Anthony Cunningham would be better candidate now but it does show how people view what McEntee is doing in Meath. He is no Sean Boylan. But he our best option and truthfully our only option. He is building something at Meath and for me he will be only half way through the job at end of the season. The key is division 1 football. Nearly every year the last 8 are nearly all division 1 teams. Only 1 team in this decade has reached All Ireland final and were outside division 1 eg Donegal 2014. Mayo have reached 8 All Ireland finals in last 23 years , they have spent every one of those years in div 1. Monaghan have been top 6 team since 2014 they have spent every year in div 1. Donegal have won 1 All Ireland and 5 Ulster in this decade. They have spent nearly every year in div 1. If u stay in div 1 for a few seasons it is a certainty u will become a top 8 team. Division 1 is essential to sucess. Since Boylan left I have being very pessimistic the managers I felt their CVs were not great. Coyler was the only manager I felt had potential and in 2008 I was really hopeful but that year became a nightmare for Meath and Coyle. At the start of 2010 and 2014 I was optimistic but every other year and every other manager since Boylan left I had little faith in. But when McEntee came in I felt had the CV and I felt optimistic. I still am. I still feel we r on target. Regards the system is broken. I would say the system the championship has been broken for generations. But I am in the minority I believe Dublin dominance will soon end. Yes they have gone up a level. And will remain very strong but I believe like kilkenny in next few years there will be change. Every county that had their greatest team the following decade there was a steep decline in counties fortunes. Cavan had greatest team in 40s and 50s the following decade a decline. kildare had their greatest team in 1920s the following decade deline..Mayo had their greatest team in 1950s the following decade decline. Cork hurlers had their greatest hurling team in 1940s and 1950s following decade decline. Tippearey hurlers had their greatest team in 1960s the following decade decline. Offaly had their greatest football team from 1972 to 1982 the following decade decline. Dublin had their greatest team from 1974 to 1985 ( up to the current team )the following decade decline. Down had their greatest team in 1960s the following decade decline. Meath had greatest team in 1980s 1990s following decade decline. kerry had their greatest team in 1970s and 1980s the following decade decline. Kilkenny had their greatest team in 00s the following decade they declined. Dublin have their greatest team in this decade , the following decade ????. Time will tell. But when two teams dominated like Dublin their counties fortune declined and in the following era or decade an era of competitiveness was ushered in . Between 1974 to 1986 Dublin and kerry won 12 of 13 All Irelands, Kerry won 8 and there was 2 contenders for Sam every year. Ten years after kerry won Sam in 1986 there was now yearly 8 or 9 contenders for Sam..And 8 teams won Sam in 10 years in the following ten years between 1990 and 2000. In the 00s kilkenny dominated hurling at unprecedented levels. In 2009 there was 2 All Ireland contenders. Ten years later we have 8 or 9 All Ireland contenders. If u said in 2009 that ten years that kilkenny wouldnt be in top 3 or 4 All-Ireland contenders and Clare Galway and limerick would win liam in the following decade people would have laughed at u. An era of uncompetitveness is followed by an era of competitiveness. look at kerry with minor wins theyre is a All Ireland winning kerry team on horizon. Donegal have an All Ireland win in the current team. Galway Cork Tyrone Mayo are all counties u can see pushing for Sam in next ten years. kildare and Meath have got their act togther at underage and minor and under 20 leinster championship is very competitive. Ask anyone who is involved at underage in Dublin they will tell u Dublin are not producing the talent they were 5 years ago. If this continues it will effect Dublin at senior level in the long term. Yes there is 2 to 3 more All-Irelands in this Dublin team but as the next decade progresses and alot of these Dublin greats retire eg Cluxton, Mcarthy, Sullivan , McMahon etc it should impact. My feeling is in the years 2024 , 2025 , 2026 , 2027 , 2028 , 2029 we will see a very competitive championship with allot of contenders. I could be wrong but anytime a team has dominated the following era is always very different. Time will tell."
Tonight, Dublin U20s 4.21 Longford 0.7. Not producing the talent anymore? There are thousands of young lads coming through the underage system in Dublin every year do you really believe they will not find a few each year to keep conveyer belt going? None of the teams you mention had the resources (both financial and numerical) at their disposal to maintain the standard they set, Dublin have a system in place to smooth out these ups and downs. The more successful they are the more young lads are attracted to play GAA, the more sponsoship they attract and so it goes on and on. Good luck with 24-29.

seadog54 (Meath) - 02/07/2019 21:25:20

Meath V Kildare - 17 Like(s)
On a positive note looks like Graham Geraghty will be able to watch the game at home.

seadog54 (Meath) - 14/11/2020 17:56:26

Meath v Roscommon - 16 Like(s)

Replying To ratlag:  "For me Tobin is the Ollie Murphy like player of this team, the sub who comes on with 20-25 mins left and causes havoc, he doesn't seem to be as effective when starting for Meath in any of the games I've seen him play in"
No way Tobin can be compared to Ollie Murphy. Murphy was one of the best corner forwards to play the game.

seadog54 (Meath) - 25/01/2018 11:47:58

Division 2 2018 - 16 Like(s)

Replying To southmeathgael:  "5 points isnt a trouncing but we were 8 to 10 points worse then cavan yesterday. They were very good and tactically streets ahead of us"
5 point defeat flattered us allright, as you say they played good football and got tactics spot on

seadog54 (Meath) - 19/02/2018 19:37:10

Meath V Tipp - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Footnote:  "Ok "the players are not there" but are we getting the best out of what we have, absolutely not!! Not sure yet what to say about the game tonight , much more disappointed than last week. But. One thing , what on Earth was the management at, taking off sean tobin in the first half, who was by far and away our best foward, yes he had got a knock but had told the line he was ok and was furious when he was taken off, absolute amateur hour!!!!"
Poor decision to take him off, said he was fine and only minutes to half time.

seadog54 (Meath) - 24/02/2018 21:20:53

Division 2 2018 - 16 Like(s)

Replying To browncows:  "Royalio11 (Meath) - He is entitled to make his comments and he did give good service to the county team over the last number of years.- Now you and a couple of other keyboard warriors may not like what he says, and I may not agree with all he has said. However, his opinion is more important than anything that you or I (or any other poster), may put on this tread."
It may be more informed having just left the panel, but how can it be more important? After all an opinion is just that, its not fact.

seadog54 (Meath) - 17/02/2018 20:42:27

Tyrone V Meath Nfl Rd 1. - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "I think being longwinded and repetitive and being wrong a few times are not the worst things in the world to be accused off. I will take that. We had good debate last week. You gave your opinion and I gave mine. And we agreed to disagree. There was no insults , it wasnt an arguement , it was good robust debate. Just the final point I did acknwlegde I was wrong with a few of league stats. I dont know everything , for the older U get the less I know and the less I really understand . As I said I do get allot of comments which always surprise me. I am very grateful when people compliment me. You think its a wind up , but I really appreciate it and take allot from the encourangement. And I do also get criticism. This is happened before on 3 other forums I have I pretty much got the same identical reaction anf reception. Some were critical some were full of praise; which is lovely. The others would be music forums and I would be a massive music fan . GAA and music are my two great passions. playing and listening to music and engaging on this forum are great reliefs from having Cancer. I was diagnosed last year with Cancer. So when I write every word here its a relief from reality. Thats why the posts get longer. I am really not writing to respond to people or argue people I am writing fof myself, I really just get a buzz from writijng and writing on and on about GAA and playing my guitar. And along with GAA music is my great relief and great passion. For all the issues on the forum its still a great place for great gaels to engage in grear debate. . For me ite daily interactuon I look forward to where I sometimes participate both most days watch from the sidelines. I look forward to whatse been said on the Meath forum and also whats been said by people on the main forum. Theres allot leople here that I respect and always look forward to listening to. Thats it. I dont if i should have shared that but I feel better for saying that and I dont know why. Thats all I can say."
Firstly apologies, I overacted to your posts. Way too quick to judge, just shows you never know the life another person leads. Easy to sit behind the keyboard and fire off replies. Hope my replies did not add to your woes and I will not be so quick to bite back in future. Hopefully you are on road to recovery and enjoy seeing Meath go from strength to strength in the future. Once again my sincere apologies for my mean spirited comments.

seadog54 (National) - 29/01/2020 22:07:28

Meath V Tipperary NFL Rd 1 - 16 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Now that the obc is over. It's time to get down to the real business. The push for promotion. Game one we have to win, there is no ifs or buts about it, I think we will win , as we seem a more determined, focused and coherent team than last year. Can't wait. Bring it on. Hon the royal"
a more determined, focused and coherent team than last year? This judgement after a couple of pre season games, two of which we lost.

seadog54 (Meath) - 13/01/2019 18:35:01

Meath V Mayo - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "Sorry lads, hate to say it but the final 15 minutes when the game was there to be taken was a shocking indictment of this management team. Leaving aside all the tactical shortcomings discussed daily here, wtf were they doing with O'SUllivan and McEntee going for vital scores from distance frees while Barry Dardis was kicking his heels on the sideline. I mean it was embarrassing to have no free taker on the pitch at such a vital time. Dardis is exceptional from placed balls (yet has not taken one for Meath since kicking over arguably the greatest free I've ever seen a Meath player kick in Croke Park last summer, 70 yards out, way over on the right) and we had the wind at our backs. What the hell are the management thinking standing there looking at James McEntee kicking a 45? (even Menton kicks them over for his club sometimes). And Eamonn Wallace came on of course because that's what we needed, right? And what does he do? I'll say nothing more. As predictable as night and day."
As you say management decisions (or lack of them) is hard to understand. Total inability to read game and make required changes.What is the point of having a good freetaker on panel when there is no intention of playing him. In fairness the players cannot be faulted for effort and midfield was a big improvement on last two games. As usual we hear lame excuses (timekeeping) to cover up failings much closer to home.

seadog54 (Meath) - 09/02/2020 20:17:01

Meath V Kildare - 16 Like(s)

Replying To nobull456:  "I was at the same match.....Eventhough we won i was disappointed . Two poor teams... Yes Meath were better in the last 15 mins after being clueless in the first half. The penalty was fully deserved,well taken , but put a shine on our fight back qualities .Kildare had enough possesion to win even after the penalty...Our midfield poor. Our full forwards never in situ when needed at the end of attack from defence. There is no blind optimism on the basis of this display from this supporter."
how do you judge quality of teams in todays conditions. I am never disappointed with a win, have had plenty of practice been disappointed with losses. Did not read any comments that even seemed remotely like blind optimism, take the win for what it was, a win over Kildare who have had the upper had on us for quite a while and two points on the board.

seadog54 (Meath) - 03/03/2019 18:59:21

Division 2 2018 - 15 Like(s)
Clare,s win today has us in serious trouble.

seadog54 (Meath) - 25/02/2018 15:41:58

2019 NFL Division 2 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To offtheditch:  "I just love this time of year. It's when the Meath supporters get to say all the things there going to do next season, with disregard of how poor they were last season and base it on some god given right because "we are Meath". If only they could back it up with performances. They have to be the most optimistic supporters in the country, although it's a fine line to delusional."
The idea of a forum is that everyone gets a say. negative, realsitic or delusional this concept seems to have gone straight over your head. Stay with us and we will endevour to improve you quality of posts.

seadog54 (Meath) - 06/09/2018 18:40:11

Meath v Carlow 3 Jan 2018 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy320001:  "Beaten by Monaghan in a challenge by 2 points with McDermott and Colgan getting runs in goal"
Hard to believe another season is about to get underway, heres hoping.

seadog54 (Meath) - 29/12/2017 20:15:07

Meath Vs Mayo - 15 Like(s)

Replying To MillerX:  "I agree fully with you but to others in the county it does not seem important, for example in last year's Leinster Final a certain player was penalised for a double hop, fair enough one might say but the same player did a double hop in the previous game v Kildare and got away with it. I then stated in a post after the Dublin disaster that team management don't appear to analyze games because if they did this would have been acted on and the mistake avoided in that awful Leinster Final. Some posters took exception to my remarks and said 'it was just a mistake in the heat of the moment' or words to that effect. So there appears very little chance in the near future of taking on board people for specialist roles. Multi tasking will be around for a while yet."
Reading articles from Andy Mac, Nally and Ronan would suggest an in-depth analysis is carried out after each game using the various technologies at their disposal and suggests we have all required resources necessary. While we may not be in the position to have 29 of a back-room team (every one a volunteer, no doubt) like Dublin, I am not sure this is something we should be overly concerned about. Our shortcomings need no micro analysis, they are plain for all to see, it is the failure of management to address these problems and often as not just continue to do same thing game after game.

seadog54 (Meath) - 05/06/2021 22:45:47

Division 2 2018 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To meath1977:  "down and cork are not great themselves and them games are in navan we can still win the last three games which would leave us on 9 points"
Its in our own hands and as you say Cork,Louth and Down have their own troubles.

seadog54 (Meath) - 25/02/2018 16:00:38

Meath V Clare - 15 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Btw wouldn't it be great to have a stress free game v Fermanagh? Where we could bring flags horns or whatever and have a party atmosphere, to thank the players and management for a great effort. Jesus that' sounds brilliant."
Would be great, however supporting Meath and stress have gone hand in hand over last few years, so won't be surprised if it goes down to last kick of the ball on last day.

seadog54 (Meath) - 12/03/2019 19:22:40

Meath V Tipperary NFL Rd 1 - 15 Like(s)
Even though they are missing a few through injury this is still a strong looking Tipp side, hopefully we get off to a winning start

seadog54 (Meath) - 26/01/2019 12:56:31

Plans For Moving Forward....If Any ! - 15 Like(s)

Replying To browncows:  "Have not seen any posts from Ziggy recently which is unusual, just hope that he is well along with all his family."
Thought the same, maybe away doing a bit of warm weather training before Longford game

seadog54 (Meath) - 18/04/2018 20:18:45

Meath V Tipp - 15 Like(s)

Replying To Loyalroyal17:  "I think Andy is a superb manager and we all know what he can do. Im actually starting to feel sorry for him, we have to have one of the best management teams out there yet our players just aren't playing close to the standard we should be at. Id say Andy is pulling the hair out of his head in frustration, we cant hold him entirely responsible. I do believe he is more than capable of bringing us closer to a Leinster title over next couple of years but if lads are not co operating with him hes p*****g against the wind."
Dont think he requires/deserves our pity, cannot believe all the forwards would move out the field unless instructed to do so. Management seem to be attempting to implement some type of defenceive strategy in first half of games and its not remotely working. If players are not co operating then bench them. The fear of making mistakes must be removed. Hopefully they will play with a little more freedom against Tipp.

seadog54 (Meath) - 23/02/2018 18:37:47